5 Tips for Buying Pet Supplies Online

5 Tips for Buying Pet Supplies OnlinePets are some of the best companions that people keep at home. They can sometimes carry some errands for us. Pets can also be a good way to keep lonely people company and this is a healthy way to improve the lives of such people. Other than that, some pets can act as a source of security for you at home. For this reason, we want to keep our pets healthy, clean, well-fed and immunized all the time – we may even use a supplement such as Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive to ensure our animal companions are getting the nutrition they need to stay happy and healthy for many years to come. We also want to ensure that our animals have the right kind of supplies all the time. When you want to buy supplies for The Pampered Pup online, you must do sufficient research so that you can get the best supplies there can be out there. The fact that different companies offer different qualities of supplies means that you must work hard to find suitable high-quality supplies for your pet.

So, whether you need to buy foods, drugs, or toys for your pet online, many factors and tips can guide you to the best supplies. Here are the tips to follow:

  1.   Check product information before you buy

Most pet owners will buy pet food online without getting to know more about such foods. The fact that there are many sellers means that not all of them can be trusted. You should read the ingredients of the foods to ensure that you are giving your pet healthy foods. You should also beware of companies that do not give details of the ingredients on food packaging. This is the first step to ensuring safety for your pets.

  1.   Choose reliable pet supplies brands

The brands of the pet supplies manufacturers matter a lot. For this reason, it is important that one is aware of the various manufacturers and what they are best known for. Even though some of the manufacturers of dog supplies items could be charging higher prices, they could be the best option you have for quality products. Again, research is paramount before one settles for any supplier.

  1.   What is the refund policy?

When you buy any item online, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions of the purchase. What will happen if the supplies you buy are not good for your pet? What is the return policy? After how long are you allowed to return or exchange the products? What about the warranty policy? If you are unsure, it is a good idea to read up on the terms of the website before making a purchase.

  1.   Check for offers from various online stores

We all love good deals. What are the offers that the various stores have? What do these offers say about the various sellers of pet supplies? Are there many people buying from the stores? This is a good way to gauge the quality and reliability of the sellers and their products.

  1.   Consider the prices and shipping fees

This is a very important factor that you should consider when looking for a suitable pet supplies seller online. We always want to make savings and buy the best quality supplies. Does the seller offer free shipping? Or how much will it cost you to buy and ship the supplies? Compare the various online stores and make a choice based on the best deals.

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Top of the Class – Mum’s the Word Recommends…Ryman Stationary

As some of you may know, Sausage starts school next month, which means lots of uniform, stationary, bag, shoe and PE kit buying but as we’re new to this, we had no idea where to start. It occurred to me that if we’re feeling a little unsure then the chances are, other first-timers will be too so here at Casa Crammond, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review and recommend all of the essential back to school kit you’ll need.

First up: Ryman Stationary

One thing you need to know about me is that I love stationary. Probably to an unhealthy degree. But I don’t care, I just adore pens, paper, maths sets…there’s so much promise in an empty notebook and I get giddy at the lovely things on offer in a stationers. Sausage is just like her Mummy in this respect and she’s been seriously looking forward to getting her new pencil case, so when Ryman Stationary sent us a £25 voucher, we were both really excited!

We spent £22.81 and this is what it got:

1. Europa Pink Wallet File – £1.29

2. Pentel R50 Handwriting Pen – £2.29

3. Stabilo Fluorescent Pencils (4pk) – £1.99

4. Ryman A4 100 Sheet Lined Refill Pad – £1.59

5. Crayola Metallic Markers (5pk) – £4.49

6. Pilot V5 Hi-Tec Fine Point Pen in Pink – £2.69

7. Maped Boogy Pencil Sharpeners (3pk) – £0.99

8. Helix Glitzy Folding Ruler – £1.29

9. UHU Glitter Glue (6pk) – £3.49

10. Cats and Hearts Pencil Case – £3.99

Obviously, not all of these items are completely essential to start school with, Sausage could probably get by simply by taking the pencil case containing the pencils, sharpeners and handwriting pen, but I told her she could use the voucher to get whatever she wanted and I think she chose well. The Crayola Metallic Markers were the most expensive item but as they’re branded, that’s no great surprise. Our receipt shows that three of the items we bought qualified for their 3 for 2 offer, though I’m not sure which ones, but we saved £1.29 over all.

I was really pleasantly surprised by how much Ryman Stationary offers, our local store looks quite small but has so much packed inside and they offer a really broad range of brands too. The 3 for 2 is on their Back to School items and you can see the full range here.

A great start to our Top of The Class series, Ryman Stationary gets an A* from Mum’s the Word!