Marvelous Tips for Dating In Your 40s

over 40 datingIf you’re in your 40s and single again, you may be wondering whether or not you have made the right choices in life. Perhaps you did, perhaps you didn’t, but let’s face it: the past is something that cannot be changed. So, there’s no point regretting over what has been done, and better to focus on moving ahead in your life.

You can still find the right person for yourself, joining online dating site and while it can be hard for you, once you find ‘the one’ it’s likely that you will stay in that relationship for the rest of your life. Now, isn’t that something good to look forward to? Indeed it is! Below we have discussed some effective tips that will help you date in your 40s:

Be Happy With Yourself

You can hit the gym, shed some pounds and buy new clothes to create a new and different you, but is it really worth it? Don’t get us wrong here, being healthy and looking good can definitely separate you from the crowd. However, there really isn’t any point of doing so if you don’t stick to it. If you believe you can’t, you’re much better off sticking to what you already know and being happy with it. Once you’re able to embrace who you really are, you’ll be able to gather the confidence required to succeed in today’s dating scene.

Accept The Chemistry

If you’ve ever met someone and felt that instant attraction, you might be asking “what are pheromones?”. They might not be what you thought was your “usual type” but sometimes that’s for the best. If the attraction is there, see where it goes, even if you’re stepping out of your comfort zone.

Leave Your Baggage at the Door

If you still live in the past, nobody would like to start a relationship with you. While you might share some similar experiences (such as health issues or a failed marriage) if you are looking for someone your age, bonding on negative issues won’t get you anywhere. In much the same way, you should also leave behind the anger you have for your ex.  Assuming that the person you’re dating has hidden motives will only result in another relationship wreck. Relationships thrive on trust, so trust yourself and the person you’re dating.

Know What You’re Looking For

You’re in your 40s now, so forget about what you used to think about when you were in your 20s, and be a bit more realistic. Everyone wants their perfect match (who doesn’t?), but guess what? Most of them are still looking. If you really want a meaningful and lasting relationship, it’s about time you get rid of your list of ‘must-haves’ and replace it with some consideration of how a potential partner will make you feel and treat you.

Take it Slow

Lastly, you should take things slow. There’s no need to jump into a new relationship immediately after you have gone through a failed one. You’re looking for the right person, not the right now person to give you something you cannot provide yourself: companionship. Therefore, make sure you don’t rush into a relationship if you believe there was no honesty, sincerity and not to mention chemistry in the first dates.