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Men’s Armani Jeans at (review)

Not to be too reductive, but I think there are two types of people in the world – those who love clothes shopping and those who hate it. My Husband falls firmly into the latter category. He loves to buy new things, especially jeans, but spending hours trawling the shops is a personal horror for him so he does the majority of his clothes shopping online. I do think that shopping for clothes online is a LOT easier for men because their sizes tend to be a lot more standardised. As a woman, a size 16 in one shop can seem more like a size 12 in others, whereas for men, a 36″ waist is pretty much the same wherever you shop.

Just recently, Husband discovered Infinities, a shop which has 11 stores around the UK, as well as a big online presence, and sells all of the best labels for men, from Armani to Stone Island to Adidas Originals, Victorinox, New Balance and many more. They asked if Husband would like to choose something from their range to review, so he chose some new jeans (everyone always needs jeans!) from the Armani J21 range (click on the image to be taken to the website):

Men's Armani Jeans

In terms of men’s fashion, Husband is really not keen on a lot of the current styles of jeans as they all seem to be skinny in the leg, which makes them impossible to wear if you’re a lifelong cyclist with decent thighs, so he was really pleased to find a jean which was a regular fit with a straight leg. Obviously, being Armani, they were exactly as good quality as you’d expect them to be with a really dark wash and thick fabric. Husband is 5″10′ and these came up about an inch too long in the leg, but that’s not too much of a problem when your wife is handy with a sewing machine. They were a great fit in the waist though, exactly the ‘true-to-size’ fit we’d hoped they’d be.

Another thing Husband liked about these jeans is the lack of logos. There’s a tiny silver Armani logo on the pocket and a black leather belt patch sewn on the waistband, but other than that they’re very low key- Husband likes nice clothes but he hates feeling like a walking brand advert, so these were perfect.

Delivery was really quick and the website was really easy to navigate. There’s tons of bargains to be had on the site and there’s loads of stuff on there which would make lovely Christmas gifts for the males in your life.

Head over to for more information and to look at their ranges.

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Review: Simply Be Women’s Clothing

For me, clothes fall into categories; things you need and things you want. Just recently, having found myself down a dress size, a lot of stuff has ended up in the need column because lots of my old clothes are now a little big. I’m not a natural shopper for SO many reasons; I don’t really like actually being in shops because I just get more and more disheartened when I can’t find anything I like and I never seem to be able to find anything I like when I’m under pressure so shopping from home is far easier for me.

Just recently, I’ve been trying to find a pair of well-fitting sports leggings to wear when I exercise and it’s been tougher than you’d think, probably because I’m a bit fussy. I can’t stand it when leggings aren’t elasticated enough to stay up properly when you’re moving around or when they get baggy knees after a few hours. I also, compared to the rest of my body, don’t have massive legs, so lots of brands come up okay on the waist but baggy in the legs – not a good look! A while ago, Simply Be asked if I’d like to try a pair of their leggings and also choose a few other bits from their range, and obviously I said yes! If you’ve seen my Instagram this week, you’ll have seen a few of the garments I chose:

Simply Be Ripped Skinny Jeans

Simply Be Light Grey Split Back Top

I also chose a shirt and some basic vests:


Weirdly, I haven’t got a picture of me in the shirt…I say “weirdly” because I’ve basically worn it to death since I’ve had it! Husband and I went to London last Friday to see one of our favourite comedians, Bill Burr, at the Hammersmith Apollo and the ripped jeans and t-shirt were the perfect outfit; comfy enough to sit in for a couple of ours (plus 4 hours driving and the stress of car trouble, but that’s another story!) but the little details like the ripped effect on the jeans that the split back on the t-shirt made it feel a little bit more than just a jeans and t-shirt.

Miraculously, the leggings are also a really good fit. They stay up without needing to be constantly hauled up at the waist and I wore them all day long without ending up with baggy knees, which is basically all of my boxes ticked!

I’m really impressed with the quality, sizing and also the prices of Simply Be clothing; all of these bits came to £92, which I don’t think is bad at all for 5 tops and two pairs of bottoms. I’d definitely recommend Simply Be if you’re looking for a good shopping experience from the comfort of your own home, high quality clothing at decent prices and some really pretty choices.

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Treating Myself with MandM Direct

One thing that I’m not very good at is buying clothes for myself. There are several reasons for this:

  1. I never feel hugely confident that I pick things which suit me or are very flattering. When I was younger I had a fairly distinct sense of style and knew what I liked and what looked good. Since having kids, my shape has changed and I always feel like I’m dressed all wrong.
  2.  I always feel guilty about spending money on myself when I could be spending it on the girls or the home.
  3.  I HATE going into shops and trying things on.

All of these things tend to add up to my wardrobe looking pretty tragic at the best of times and me never feeling like I’ve got anything to wear. So when MandM Direct got in touch and asked if I’d like to pick an outfit for myself, I FORCED myself to choose something for me! Here’s what I chose:

Brave Soul Women’s Shirt in Charcoal – £17.99

Levi’s Womens Classic Rise Demi Curve Slim 5 Pocket Jeans in Glacier Grey – £39.99

Havaianas Womens Top Flip Flops in Pistachio – £12.99

Husband will be immensely proud of me; he’s ALWAYS telling me to buy Levis and other quality brands, instead of supermarket own brand jeans. I know he’s right; you do get what you pay for with these things and it’s better to spend more on good quality items that will last longer than buy cheaply and need to replace it more often.

Havaianas are a bit of an addiction for me and a yearly treat, although I usually wait until my birthday in June and ask someone to buy them for me as a gift – I’ll have to think of something different for my birthday list now…or be REALLY indulgent and get 2 new pairs this year! To be fair, MandM Direct is one of the UK’s leading off price retailers, with up to 75% off big brands 365 days a year, so their prices mean that I CAN treat myself! What’s not to love about guilt-free shopping?!

I love the fact that the items I’ve chosen can be dressed up or down and will good just as good for a casual afternoon lunch or accessorised for an evening occasion and worn with high heels instead of flip flops. Apparently, my skin and hair tones mean that I’m a summer pallette and I should wear soft greys, blues and other colours which tone down the pink tones in my skin. What do you think of my choices? I’d love to hear what you think so leave me a comment below.

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Buying Clothes for Father’s Day

When it comes to clothes, my Husband has a pretty good system going on. Rather than buying lots of items cheaply, he tends to buy fewer items and spend more on each one. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not dripping in designer gear, but he tends to opt for quality rather than quantity. As a result, he’s still got items of clothing that he’s had since he was a teenager, which means that when special occasions come around, I do like to buy him something nice as I know he’ll look after it and enjoy it for years to come.

In the past, I’ve been known to buy him the odd Lacoste polo shirt, to add to his collection and he’s also very partial to a new pair of boots or trainers, although more often than not he buys these for himself as he has very specific taste!

He doesn’t dress ostentatiously, choosing instead to go for t-shirts and jeans, usually with trainers or boots, but you always know that what he’s wearing will have been carefully chosen. One weakness of his is a lambswool jumper – he’s got a couple in muted navys and greens and layers them when the weather gets colder with a shirt and jacket. He;s also a huge fan of anything made of merino wool. Merino is an amazing fabric, especially if you’re a walker, like Husband, as it tends to keep you warm when it needs to, whilst also managing to wick away sweat and help you stay cool in warmer weather.

The girls and I have chosen a lovely sweatshirt to get for Husband for Father’s Day and I thought I’d put together an outfit board to show how we’d style it, if Husband let us choose his clothes for him. Take a look and let us know what you think!: