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Leicester – A City for Families

Five Reasons Why Leicester is Great for Families
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Every now and again, Husband and I get a bit of wanderlust when it comes to where we live and we start to look at other places in the country which would be more suited to us than the South East. As it stands, our first choice would probably be Liverpool, but recently we’ve been reading about Leicester and all of the ways in which it’s a great place to raise a family. With this in mind, i thought I’d share some of those with you today:

Excellent Schools

When you have kids, unless you’re homeschooling, finding an area with good schools is usually at the top of your list when moving to a new area, and this is where Leicester excels. There are some top secondary schools in Leicester and unlike the South East, you don’t always need to live in a hugely expensive area to be able to enroll your kids at them. There is a selection of both private and non-fee paying schools in Leicester which are highly regarded and make the move to Leicester as a family a no-brainer. 

Affordable Homes

Living in Leicester is a lot more affordable than other cities in the UK. According to, London is 62.5% more expensive than Leicester, making the East Midlands a much more financially attractive option, especially if you work remotely. A three bedroom house in one of the city’s suburbs tends to start at around £750 per month to rent, which is almost HALF of what you’d pay for even the cheapest three bedroom property in one of London’s outer boroughs. 

Food in Leicester

With its unique blend of cultures, it’s perhaps unsurprising to hear that Leicester has one of the best food scenes in the country. From Italian to Bengali, Caribbean to traditional British pub grub, a range of cuisines can be sampled throughout the city. More than a third of Leicester’s inhabitants are of Indian descent, so fans of Indian food will be spoilt for choice. Belgrave Road contains a flurry of first-class curry houses that draw foodies from far and wide, and popular hotspots include Sharmilee and the vegetarian restaurant Chai Paani. If you have a vegetarian child who is a fussy eater, like we do, you’re still pretty much guaranteed to find something they’ll like!

Lots to Do

When it comes to entertaining the kids, there’s LOADS to do, in and around Leicester. Stop number one to keep the children entertained is Leicester’s National Space Centre. With six galleries and a domed planetarium, the attraction is always a winner for the little ones. In the summer months, take a trip to Gorse Hill City Farm, right in the heart of Leicester, where the kids can mingle with the animals and have a run around in the play area. Alternatively, Wistow Maze, just south of Leicester, is a great way to spend an afternoon attempting to break out of eight acres of twisting and turning mazes.

Leicester is a City on the Rise

Leicester is an up-and-coming city in the UK, with a lot of growth potential. Not only does the city have a very young population, but it also boasts a unique history and a growing economy – another great reason to choose living and working in Leicester. This combination offers an exceptional quality of life as well as a plethora of business opportunities. Leicester is a city with a bright future, and by choosing to move your family to Leicester, you can help shape that future for the better.

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