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Five Jobs That Working Parents Can Do From Home

Five Jobs That Working Parents Can Do From Home

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One of the good things to come from the pandemic is that many more companies are now set up for, and allow, working from home. This means that people who were previously unable to work in a traditional office setting because of the hours or lack of childcare options may now be able to rejoin the workforce. Old attitudes towards productivity and home working have changed a lot in the last five years, which is a relief for a lot of parents. With this in mind, I thought I’d take a look at some of the jobs which are now offering a lot more “WFH” positions than before COVID-19 hit the UK:

Compliance Consultant

I’m going to be completely honest here and tell you that I’m not 100% certain what a Compliance Consultant actually does, but I know that it’s something to do with making sure companies are following all of the rules and legislation related to their field of business. Just recently, I’ve seen a lot more job adverts for Compliance Consultants which offer at least some element of home working, even if part of the week is in the office, making it much easier for working parents who don’t have full time childcare to go back to work. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work with computer software or by hand to create visual concepts that communicate ideas to consumers. They give organisations their visual brand, working on a range of products from websites to posters. Many media, marketing and advertising agencies rely on freelance graphic designers, so it can be a good avenue for remote workers with the relevant skills. Graphic designers can pretty much work from anywhere where they can have a Mac or PC, making it a great career for flexible working and working parents. 

Virtual Assistant

If you’re organised and can handle office duties like replying to emails, calendar management, entering data and assisting with social media, then this job is perfect for you. Being a virtual assistant is a lot like being a PA, except you don’t work in the same place as the person you’re assisting. It’s also possible to be a VA for more than one person at any one time, so the earning potential is quite good. 

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives take calls from customers, handle complaints, process orders and provide information. While many work in call centres, increasingly these roles are being filled by remote workers, with large corporations such as Apple advertising for home-based customer advisers. You will need to be proficient with a computer and also have excellent communication skills. Full- and part-time positions are available; representatives will generally be required to commit to blocks of time working from a quiet, distraction-free space.

Online Teacher

Online teaching is a growing market, as Skype and other such software allows teachers to connect with students around the world. There’s a particular demand for tutors in core subjects such as English, Maths, and Science, as well as those who can teach English as a foreign language. Online teaching can be well paid, and working with students in different time zones allows tutors to create a schedule that fits around them. You don’t necessarily need to be a qualified teacher but will generally need to be educated to degree level. You will also need an up-to-date disclosure certificate if you’re working with children.

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