5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Haggle Over

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Haggle Over

There are certain traits which are quintessentially British. Generally speaking, we are known for all good manners, our insistence on queueing, and Enjoying fish and chips, amongst other things. Something else that Brits are prone to do is paying full price for something without even considering haggling over the advertised cost.

Haggling is something that is done in many places around the world, and it’s expected from many vendors. Here in Britain we don’t tend to haggle as it is seen as impolite, however there are lots of goods and services where haggling is perfectly acceptable and you could save yourself a fair amount of money by plucking up the courage to do so. Here are five things you can haggle over that you might not have considered:


When buying a car, whether it is brand-new or secondhand, you should never accept the ticket price without even attempting to haggle. You may also be surprised to learn that haggling over your leasing deal with Yes Lease, whether it be over the monthly cost or what’s included in your lease is also perfectly acceptable. When it comes to leasing, it’s very common for people to take prices at face value but that needn’t be the case.

Mobile Phone Deals

Many people will stay with the same mobile phone provider for years on end either through loyalty to the company or not wanting the fuss of finding a new provider. However it’s possible to save a lot of money by shopping around for your mobile deal and haggling with mobile service providers is also perfectly acceptable. If you find a handset that you want and see it cheaper somewhere else, it’s always worth letting your current provider know as some of them will price match to keep you as a customer. This means that you will get the deal you want at a price that is suitable for you.

TV Packages

Just as with mobile phone deals, companies that offer cable or satellite TV services are also often open to negotiation and it’s possible to get a reduction of price or a better service for your money if you haggle. One of the best times two negotiate on price is right before your contract is due to end, not least of all because this is often when they will put your prices up. Contacting your current provider and telling them that you intend to leave at the end of your contract is often a good way to get them to contact you with more attractive prices as they will need to keep you as a customer.


Another surprising service for which is insurance. Thanks to things like price comparison websites, it’s common for people to accept the prices that they see before them on the computer screen as the best price that a company will offer you. However it’s always worth speaking to a real person at the company to see if there is a better deal that they can offer you. In fact, many consumers report that haggling with their insurance companies is one of the most successful ways to reduce prices. 

Taxi Rides

Here in the UK, there are over quarter of 1 million taxi and private hire vehicles currently in service. According to government statistics in 2019, the average person in England made 11 taxi or private hire vehicle trips and travelled 59 miles. Most people will get into a taxi and assume that the price they will pay at the end of their journey entirely depends on whatever is on the meter. However some taxi drivers, especially when making a much longer journey, happy to agree on a set price at the beginning of the journey. It’s always worth asking, and even though they may say no, you haven’t got anything to lose by trying.

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