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Five Benefits of Invisible Hearing Aids

Five Benefits of Invisible Hearing Aids

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Whether you’ve had issues with your hearing for some time or have recently noticed a decline in your hearing, you may be considering the use of a hearing aid to help. When I was a kid, my Grandad always had hearing aids which were made of some sort of beige plastic and were quite apparent. These days, however, hearing aids can be almost invisible, meaning you can use a device without needing to feel self conscious. With this in mind, here are five benefits to opting for invisible hearing aids:


As I mentioned above, the most important advantage of the invisible hearing aid is its small size. Some people avoid using hearing aids because of the visibility factor. These people can now comfortably use an IIC (Invisible in the Canal) hearing aid. Since the hearing aid fits beyond the second bend of the ear canal, it is not visible.

Self Adjusting

The small size of the IIC means that they are automated, with no buttons or dials that need adjusting to change programs. Instead, they are self-adjusting, which again adds to another level of discretion. Without the need to change programs in different hearing environments, there’s no need to draw attention to the device.

Less Interference

Invisible hearing aids sit deep in the canal which allows your outer ear to do its job of shielding your hearing from wind noise. The deep location of the hearing device also means you can comfortably hold a phone to your ear in a natural position. And another bonus is there is no external tubing to tangle with your spectacles, if you wear glasses.

More Comfortable

Most invisible hearing aids will be custom made as they’re designed to sit within the ear canal. This means that they will fit more comfortably inside your ear as they are shaped for your ear, not just made to a generic shape. You’ll be able to wear them for longer with little to no discomfort and it’s also very rare for them to become dislodged because they’re designed to fit snugly. 

Natural Sound Experience

One of the things that users of invisible hearing aids report is that the sound they receive through the aid is much closer to a natural sound. This is because the deeper fit helps filter the natural range of sound straight to your ear. 

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