Five Ways to Increase Your Privacy at Home

It would be easy to assume, now that we live out in the countryside, we had more privacy then when we were living in a busy suburban area. However, we actually find that living out here means we get far more people who are out for a lazy amble in the surrounding walking paths who will quite happily peer through windows rather than purposefully walking onto the destination! With this in mind we have been thinking about ways that we can increase our privacy levels without having to make major structural changes or move house altogether. Here are five of the things that we’ve come up with:

New Gates

Our property is accessed by a side gate at the end of our driveway and our only door in and out is tucked behind this gate. At the moment, the gate is a metal lattice gate and doesn’t afford us any privacy whatsoever. We’ve been looking at solid wooden electric gates from Get in Access Solutions which would not only make the property look much smarter but would also give us a much greater level of privacy in our garden.

Window Films

We currently have blockout blinds and curtains in all of the windows but they don’t often allow both natural light and a good level of privacy. We’ve recently been looking at installing window film at the very least onto the front facing windows of our property, as these are an inexpensive solution which will both obscure your windows, giving you privacy, but also still let a decent amount of daylight into your rooms so that you don’t feel as though you are sitting in a crypt. 

Trees and Bushes 

Another way to increase your privacy levels is to plant various trees and shrubs to help obscure your property. They’re practical and cost-effective for increasing privacy both inside and outside of your home. A tree planted at the right angle can help obstruct views from your neighbours’ windows into your home. While tall shrubs create the same effect as a privacy fence, they do so in a less obvious way. No, you’re not trying to keep your nosy neighbour’s eyes off your home, you’re just expressing your sudden love of greenery!

Room Dividers

Something clever is to use room dividers. With these, you don’t have to block the windows but rather block the area in a room that you’re in or using. That way you can still have your windows open and allow in natural light while still giving yourself privacy. I’ve been doing some research on room dividers myself, lately, as they also make a good backdrop for vlogging, and you can pick up some gorgeous vintage dividers on eBay. 

Rearrange Your Rooms

While it may seem like a bit of an extreme suggestion to replot your whole house, sometimes it can be really beneficial to think about the way you spend your time at home and how important your privacy is. For instance, if you have a home with both a living and dining room, with living at the front of the house and dining at the back, could it benefit you to swap rooms? Having your lounge looking into your garden can be a great way to increase your privacy without having to spend a fortune.

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