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4 Mistakes People Do When Designing Their Patio with Outdoor Furniture

4 Mistakes People Do When Designing Their Patio with Outdoor Furniture

Some people may think of their patio as an extra space outside of their home. That’s why they don’t bother putting that much thought into redesigning the space.

While it’s not entirely bad, don’t be one of those people and make the same mistakes that they do when designing an outdoor space.

Below are only some of those mistakes that you’d certainly want to avoid to make your patio renovation project a success!

Designing without a theme

If you want your patio to be a place where your family or your buddies can hang outside without leaving the comforts of your home, renovating it is the best way to go.

And this project, like any other interior designing endeavour, starts with a theme. Don’t make the mistake of impulsively buying supplies without knowing what theme you want for your space.

A theme will help you visualize what your patio could look like. Once you’ve nailed on a theme, everything else will fall into the right place.

Having a theme will also help you narrow down your options for furniture, accessories, and other supplies that you’re going to need for the project.

If you don’t have a lot of experience designing a space, you can look for pegs and sample designs on the internet, You can visit social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram or simply scour Google images.

If you like to go old school, you can also look for inspiration from the design and architectural magazines.

The important thing is that you choose a theme that you think best fits your personality and matches the vibe of your space. We also advise that you go for designs that you think is workable considering your experience, skillset, and time constraints of the project.

Once you’ve done that, just follow that theme from start to finish. But also, don’t be afraid to play around a little!

Not choosing the right colours

Colours can make or break any space. Sometimes, a too-bright shade of orange or too dull grey tones can largely impact the vibe of the space.

That’s why when designing a space, we suggest that you revisit the colour wheel and choose a colour palette that will liven up your patio.

When choosing the right colours, you must also consider the main function of the outdoor space.

If the patio is dedicated to special family gatherings, opting for light and natural colours like white oak is the best way to go. These types of colours exude a sense of warmth which is perfect for intimate settings.

But if you’re planning to transform your patio into a bar or an outdoor lounge setting, a colour palette with darker colours like mahogany and black and grey tones will help you achieve the vibe. These colours give off a sense of elegance and maturity to a space, which is perfect for a hang out place.

These are just some examples. There are more colour combinations out there to play around with. Just be sure to choose the ones that work well with you!

Not measuring the whole space

Another common mistake that most homeowners do is that they buy patio furniture first then worry about the measurements later. Which is a mortal sin in designing a space.

Every time you’re renovating something, it’s important that you always get the exact measurements of the whole area that you’re designing. Make sure not to include every nook and awkward bumps that are present in the space.

These measurements can help you decide what sizes of furniture you need to buy or whether you’ll need a customized set or not.

If you disregard this step, it can cause a world of headaches as the process of returning bulky furniture can be a bit of a hassle. Lucky you, if the shop you bought the piece from even has return policies. If not, you’re doomed.

When buying a piece of outdoor furniture, make sure to buy the size that will not only fit but will also leave enough space for people to move around.

Keep in mind that your patio is not just for couches and tables, it’s for your loved ones and friends as well.

Not opting for durable furniture

If you’re finally ready to buy your furniture, make sure to buy only from furniture shops that are known for the durability of their products.

Durability is the name of the game when it comes to outdoor furniture. Since patio tables and chairs are the most exposed to outdoor elements, they’re also more likely to deteriorate faster than regular ones.

But if you buy durable products from trusted shops, your outdoor furniture will last longer than expected.

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