6 Best Indoor Plants for Apartment Gardening

6 Best Indoor Plants for Apartment Gardening

Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

If you want to be a plant parent but you don’t have that much space in your apartment, don’t worry! There are several indoor plants out there that will perfectly fit your small space and busy lifestyle.

Read on and see what suits you best!

1. Anthurium

Give your crib some love with this flowering indoor plant with heart-shaped blooms. Not only will it freshen up your space, but it will also beautify your room, thanks to its gorgeous flower.

Maintenance-wise, Anthurium is right in the middle of low and high. It’s not like other indoor plants that you can leave for days and will still survive. But it’s also not like other plant species that require every minute of your attention.

You’ll have to work a little with Anthurium but trust us, once the flower is in full bloom, everything will be all worth it!

This flower is available in your local nurseries or in your local flower shops that offer online flower delivery.

2. Rubber Plant

If you’re currently living in the city, here’s some bad news: even the air inside your apartment is likely polluted.

The good news is, there are little-known ways to combat air pollution in your crib. And that’s growing indoor plants, especially the ones that have purifying abilities.

That’s why we highly recommend that you try growing a rubber plant. It’s one of those species that will not only beautify your crib but will also help purify the air in your apartment naturally.

What’s even better news is that rubber plants don’t need that much attention. It only requires basic needs like indirect sunlight and some water occasionally.

3. Yucca Cane Plants

If you’re one of the “unlucky ones”, a.k.a. those who live in flats that don’t receive any sunlight, the yucca cane plant is a great option if you want to try apartment gardening.

It’s an indoor plant that can thrive even in dimmer areas so they’re perfect in units where there’s little to no sunlight.

Also, it doesn’t need that much water to live. You can use the dry and drench technique to fulfil its H20 needs.

4. Snake Plant

Snake plants are one of the most common options for beginners in apartment gardening. They instantly provide a sense of warmth to any space thanks to their bright yellow and green leaves.

When it comes to maintenance, it’s easier to take care of rubber plants than most common indoor plants. Just put it somewhere where there’s indirect sunlight and water it occasionally.

If you’re wondering how the snake plant got its name, it’s because of the patterns on its leaves that resemble the snake’s skin. And no, it doesn’t attract snakes.

5. ZZ Plant

If you’ve been wanting to try apartment gardening but are worried that you might not be able to take care of a house plant, then ZZ plant is for you.

It’s certainly something that most beginners like you shouldn’t sleep on. It can survive even in poorly lit areas and will not take that much of your space and your attention.

It also doesn’t need constant watering as it only needs occasional drizzling for it to grow its wand-like stems and oval-shaped leaves gorgeously.

6. Pilea

Pilea is a cute-size indoor plant that’s a perfect desk companion. It’s so little that you can display it on your desk to give it a breath of fresh air.

Since it doesn’t grow big, it only needs a small pot that doesn’t take that much real estate on your desk.

Its cute size and round leaves can elevate minimalist themes on your desk, but it can also match any aesthetic you plan to pull off in your room.

Excited to be a plant mum or dad? Take your pick from this list and buy them from your local nurseries!

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