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5 Best Globber Scooters for Your Kids to Scoot Around With

5 Best Globber Scooters for Your Kids to Scoot Around With

If you want your kids to go out more and appreciate playtime with other kids, giving them a scooter is probably one of the best things that you can do. Scooters allow your kids to scoot around the neighbourhood and hopefully meet new friends and learn a few things here and there.

Speaking of scooters, there’s no better in the game than Globber scooters.

In this piece, we’re going to list some of Globber’s best scooters so you can decide which one’s the best for your kids!

1. Best scooters for beginners: Primo

If your kid hasn’t played with a scooter before, the Globber Primo scooter might just be the perfect ride to get him or her started. It has a patented locking system that allows the rider to scoot in a straight direction, so your kid won’t lose balance. This feature is activated with just a press of a button.

Once the button is pressed, the front wheels will be locked to limit front and back movement. To deactivate the feature, you just have to press the same button again. It’s safe and it’s easy to use, that’s why it’s the perfect beginner scooter!

2. Best folding scooters: Elite

If it’s portability that you’re looking for, then this Globber Elite is the perfect ride. It features Globber’s patented Elliptic folding system. It allows your Elite scooter to be transformed into a trolley! This way, your kids can simply drag them around and bring them anywhere they want!

Aside from the folding system, Elite also features Primo’s patented locking system. If you still worry about your kids losing their balance, then having a feature like this is a must-have!

3. Best 3-wheel scooter: Ultimum

Once your kids get acclimated to the scooter riding experience, you can upgrade their ride into something like the Ultimum. As the name suggests, it’s the ultimate three-wheel scooter that you can find in town. The Ultimum scooter features a patented steering angle control system that allows the rider to manipulate the turning radius of the T-bar.

This feature allows your kids to set their scooters according to their riding preference. This series is for kids who are already somewhat more advanced compared to other kids. This scooter can support up to 100kg and even has an adjustable T-bar up to six height levels! This is perfect for kids who are incredibly taller than everyone else.

4. Best 2-wheel scooters for kids: Flow Foldable 125

As your kid grows older, he or she will probably want to transition from a three-wheel to a two-wheel. And once that happens, you should get the best one in the game, Globber’s Flow Foldable 125. Why is it the best one? Well. It’s loaded with lots of features. Like the Elite scooter, it’s foldable. It also has a self-standing mode so your kids can park it anywhere easily.

The best thing about it is that its T-bar is adjustable up to 4 height levels so your kids can still use them well into their teenage years!

5. Best electric scooter: One K E-Motion 4

Now we’re saving the best for last. The One K E-Motion 4 scooter is probably the safest and most user-friendly electric scooter out there. Oh, did we mention it’s also an award-winning model? This scooter is designed specifically for six-year-olds and above.  With a simple kick and a push of the throttle button, your kids can enjoy the smooth and safe riding experience that the One K E-Motion 4 provides.

It’s completely safe thanks to its dual braking system. This feature allows a smooth stop so that your kids can avoid accidents every time they’re out riding. These are only some of the best Globber scooters out there. After deciding which one to buy, don’t forget to buy some Globber scooter accessories.

Once you’ve done that, your kids are ready to go and scoot around the neighbourhood!

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