4 Common Eye Care Myths Among Travellers

4 Common Eye Care Myths Among Travellers
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On the internet there are a lot of articles telling you what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to every aspect of your life, including taking care of your eyes. But is everything they say true? Unfortunately, there are some lies that have gained popularity for some reason. It is time to clear the air and make sure that you follow accurate advice when it comes to the health of your precious eyes.

Myth 1: “Wear sunglasses and you are safe to look at the sun.”

It is true that you shouldn’t look at the sun directly because its ultraviolet rays can damage, or even completely obliterate, your eyes. This is why wearing sunglasses when you want to gaze at it is extremely important. However, not all sunglasses can protect you from the sun. Most cheap sunglasses provide no protection at all. You should make sure that you buy a pair that has got solar filters which provide a total protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Myth 2: “Laser eye surgeries are dangerous.”

If you have poor vision, you can make your life easier by having laser eye surgery. This means that you don’t have to pay for glasses and contacts or having to bring them with you wherever you go. The sound of the words “laser” and “surgery” might scare a lot of people and make them think that it is a dangerous procedure. Opthamologists in a vision clinic in Southampton and all around the world confirm that it is a safe procedure since the doctor does not interfere with any inside part of the eye but the procedure is carried out outside the eye.

Myth 3: “Eating carrots can improve your eyesight.”

Following a nutritious diet can help you improve your overall health as all the healthy foods contribute to keeping your body functions working as well as they can. Carrots and other foods which have got high amounts of vitamin A, like broccoli, fish and dairy products, can keep your eyes healthy. However, none of these foods can improve your vision. If you have got a good or poor vision is an innate trait that you have from the moment you are born. Thus, by eating carrots you cannot improve your eyesight, but you can make sure that it doesn’t get any worse.

Myth 4: “Spending a lot of time in front of a screen can harm your eyes.”

Computer, tablet or mobile screens do not harm your eyes. It is the fact that, when we are in front of a screen for long periods of time, we tend to blink less frequently that can lead to dry eyes, blurry vision and eye strain. Eye doctors suggest taking frequent eye breaks in order to make sure that your eyes get to rest and to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Now that the most popular myths have been debunked, you can take good care of your eyes, and you don’t have to worry about postponing or cutting a trip short because you have got problems with your vision.

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  1. I don’t look directly to the sun even if I wear sunglasses. About watching the screen on smartphone, computer or tab for too long, my eyes would be dry and a lil bit hurt. Of course I close my eyes for a few seconds before I continue look at the screen.

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