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5 Reasons Bralettes Are Good For You

5 Reasons Bralettes Are Good For You

Bras are every woman’s friend when it comes to the support they provide. However, after a long day of wearing one, all we want to do is take it off and set our busts free. It’s ironic how we need to wear it even when we don’t want to. This is why bralette is the perfect solution in combining good support and comfort.

A bralette is a comfy alternative to conventional underwired bras. It has soft cups, which makes it breathable and easy to wear. Finding the perfect one for you might even make you want to ditch the wired bra forever.

Let’s talk more about why bralettes are good for you.

  • Comfort

Bralettes are known for the comfort it offers. They are commonly made with lighter materials, so they’re breathable. Plus, they don’t have those underwires that usually poke you if you’re not careful enough.

The comfort of wearing a bralette can sometimes match the feeling of going braless. Picking a bralette that’s appropriate for your daily activities can help you move freely. Now you have no more restrictions and no more itchy bra band marks after a long busy day.

Another great benefit of wearing a bralette is it can provide relief for pregnant and nursing women. Lactating makes the breasts feel sore, hindering you from wearing anything tight. To alleviate the stress this new chapter of life brings, you have to wear something comfy.

There’s a wide variety of bralettes that offer the best quality for every woman’s needs. You may find ones from lacy and daring, to lightweight and comforting. You may check out bralettes by Natori to find the comfiest undergarments that will complement your wardrobe.

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  • Support

There had always been doubts on whether a bralette can provide enough support. The short answer is yes. The key is to find the bralette suitable for your size and lifestyle.

For women with bigger cups and those who like to stay active, go for bralettes with wider straps for added support. You may also choose contour sports bralettes made with stretchy and breathable fabric for a secure yet comfy fit.

One thing to take note of is the material of the bralette. You can’t expect lace bralettes with thin straps and lightweight fabric to hold the same as scoop-back, cross-back, and racerback ones with wider straps and stretchable fabric. The key to finding your perfect fit is to identify what you need.

  • Style

Bralettes are stylish like underwired bras. There are ones you can wear as crop tops, as a silhouette under see-through tops, or under everyday wear like sweaters and T-shirts. They are easy to wear and easy to pair with any outfit.

A piece that can effortlessly be your go-to is a contour bralette. With a thin stretchable foam, it’s worn even under tight outfits as it perfectly hugs your body. Plus, it can also be an activewear for its support.

If you want something a bit daring yet still breathable, you may try a lace bralette. It can be a perfect sleepwear for moments when you need to wear a bra, but you don’t want to feel like wearing one.

How to style your bralette purely depends on how you want to dress up. You can wear it during lazy days and busy days. You can hide it or show it off.

  • Coverage

A bralette can provide the perfect coverage when it’s the right size and cut. Certain cuts of bralettes can be the best alternative to wired T-shirt bra—coverage and breathability-wise.

Again, the key is finding your size. For women of smaller cups, coverage isn’t always an issue. High-neck and overlay bralettes are recommended for those with larger cups, though. They are highly fashionable and have greater coverage on the sides and chest area compared to other cuts like triangle-cup bralettes.

If coverage is your top priority, there are different types and styles of bralettes to choose from. The options are almost limitless.

  • Easy To Wash

Moulded cup bras are often too delicate when it comes to washing. They’re only allowed to be gently hand-washed because putting them in the washing machine could easily do damage.

In comparison, bralettes are easier to wash, especially those with no foam or cups. There are also washing machine-friendly bralettes. This means you no longer have to spend more time doing the laundry.

However, if your bralette is made of delicate fabric, it might still require handwashing. Don’t worry, though, because bralettes made with thin, lightweight materials are easy to hang dry especially if you’re in a place with a warm climate.


Wearing a bralette that perfectly suits you can give all the benefits of a conventional bra, but with less effort. It can provide support and style without compromising on comfort. It’s like a friend you can go along with any day.

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