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Five Ways to Save Money When Moving House

Five Ways to Save Money When Moving HouseEverybody who’s ever moved house knows that it can be an expensive business. Aside from the actual cost of either buying or renting a new property such as surveyors fees or deposits, the actual act of moving all of your things into a new home can also be very pricey. Husband and I have moved house so many times now that we’ve got it down to a bit of a fine art with this in mind we thought we’d share five tips to help you to save money when moving house.

Hiring Help

While many people opt for using a moving company who can do everything from helping them pack up their belongings to unpacking it all in the new house, this is the single most expensive way that you can approach the moving process. Saving money in this area, however, doesn’t mean that you have to do it all yourself. There are services out there where a man and a van will come, drive the vehicle for you, and help you load and unload at either end. It’s a significantly cheaper way to do it and in big cities like Edinburgh, man and Van hire takes a lot of the stress out of the process.

Secondhand Boxes

One of the things that Husband and I discovered is that there are lots of people out there willing to give you their packing boxes for free once they’ve used them. Last time we moved I put a request on Freecycle to ask if anybody had any moving boxes that we could use, and we had several offers of boxes which were a strong and sturdy moving box type that would’ve cost us a significant amount of money had we bought them ourselves.

Cleaning Services

For some people the idea of moving into a house which hasn’t been professionally cleaned is not the most appealing, especially with rentals where some tenants aren’t the most fastidious of housekeepers. While it’s tempting to hire the services of a large industrial cleaning company, shopping around and finding one-man band operations is usually a much cheaper way of getting your house cleaned. The standard of cleaning will be just as high but you won’t be paying overheads for a large company or an extra percentage that they’ll need to skim off the top once their operatives have been paid.


Manye moving services, whether you opt for the full service package, or just a man and a van service, will charge you based on the cubic feet of how much stuff you’ve got to move. One of the easiest ways to save money here is to have a brutal decluttering before you move. Aside from the fact that it means you’ll only be moving what you really want into your new property, it’s likely to cut the cost of the actual moving ahead of time.

Move on a Monday

It’s commonly known that the most popular time for people to move is on a Friday or over the weekend as, for many people, this means they won’t need to take time off of work. You may be surprised to learn, however, that many of the services that you need to employ to move house will be significantly cheaper if you do it on a Monday or another day during the week. It might mean taking a day’s holiday from work, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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