5 Positive Effects Associated with Indica Strains

5 Positive Effects Associated with Indica StrainsWhether you’re new to marijuana or use it regularly, indica marijuana strains offer incredible benefits like easing pain and anxiety. People use it in a variety of ways, from smoking it to taking advantage of its CBD properties.

We’ll dive into five positive effects associated with indica marijuana strains. But first, before revealing its positive impact, let’s learn a little bit more about the strain and its origins.

Brief Background of the Indica Strain

Indica marijuana originated in the Middle East, in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. They grow close to the ground and often have more CBD than THC.

Besides indica, there are other marijuana strains as well. Sativa and indica are the principal strains, and there are also hybrids.

If you’re looking for an energy boost, sativa is better suited for that. But if you want to relax and enjoy many other medicinal properties, indica may be a better fit. Indica also has less THC, which is ideal if you don’t want to get high.

All marijuana strains offer a range of benefits. So, we’d encourage you to learn about different strains in more detail.

Now that you know a little more about the background of indica let’s dive into its many medicinal benefits.

1. Better Night of Rest

If you struggle with insomnia or need more sleep, an indica strain can help with this. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of recent events and get enough shuteye. Your brain may not shut off, even when you’ve tried things like meditation.

Indica strains consist of a full-spectrum chemical blend. Due to this ideal marijuana blend, when consumed, it tends to make you relaxed and sleepy. So, whether you choose to smoke indica with THC or apply some CBD, it should help you fall into dreamland.

2. Decreases Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety, then you understand the effects of feeling frozen with fear.

Not everyone prefers to take anti-anxiety medication due to its addictive properties. And, for some, antidepressants are not always practical.

Whether you forgo medication or not is up to you. But you should know that there’s the option of using indica as well. Studies show that indica may help with anxiety disorders. And this is terrific news for those who struggle with this challenging mental disorder.

Indica CBD gummies and tinctures are examples of two different ways to take CBD for anxiety. CBD is ideal if you want to stay away from THC, but indica with THC is also effective.

3. Experiencing Less Nausea

Feeling nauseous can happen for many different reasons. For example, you may have an upset stomach or a medical condition that results in nausea. Unfortunately, all we know is when you’re feeling nauseous, it’s hard to be productive!

The good news is that indica strains may also make a person less nauseous. Studies have shown that the scientific reason for this has to do with your brain’s receptors. So when marijuana comes in contact with these receptors, it may result in a decrease in nausea.

4. Relaxes Muscles

Having intense workouts is good for your health, but your muscles may rebel afterward. In some cases, it takes a while for your body to recover. Depending on the recovery time, active athletes may have to take a week off or more!

Luckily, with an indica strain you may experience faster muscle recovery. This is where the CBD from indica comes in handy.

Try applying a full spectrum CBD cream to see if it eases your pain and loosens up your muscles. Chances are it will, and you’ll be back to working out in no time.

5. Eases Pain

Besides assisting with muscle discomfort, you may also struggle with other painful conditions. Whether your pain is chronic or not, indica may be the solution to your problem.

Indica is an effective pain reliever and minimizes inflammation as well. If you want to try easing your pain with the indica strain, use a CBD oil or lotion. It’ll likely work its magic on you by reducing pain and inflammation.


Whether you’re sore after an intense workout or have problems sleeping, indica has your back!

If you’re new to marijuana, it’s okay to take it slow. To get your feet wet, you may want to try CBD first and take it from there. If CBD is effective and helps you relax and get sleep, the next step is to get a marijuana medical card.

Besides helping with the above issues, indica marijuana strains can aid with so much more! For instance, did you know that indica strains are also used to prevent seizures for people with epilepsy?

So, go ahead and give an indica strain a try. Whether you use CBD or an indica strain with THC, you’re going to appreciate its positive effects!

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