Orchids Flower Delivery: What Orchids Mean in Different Places

In and around the world, the most popular type of flower is Orchids. Its popularity makes it a very ideal gift for every special occasions and celebrations. Sending Flower Delivery is, in fact, a perfect way to show sentiments and to convey emotions. According to the Florist, this flowering plant symbolizes a whole lot of things in different places. Check this out:

To the Greeks – Orchids mean Fertility and Virility

Based on the mythology, the gods and goddesses of Greek myths used Orchids to symbolize fertility and virility. They were known to eat the flowers of Orchids before making love to determine the gender of their child. A hand bouquet of Orchids was also a common gift given to the Greek women to mean romance and love.

To People who lived during the Victorian Era – Orchids mean Affluence

The Orchids during the Victorian Era were used to complement the suit of tight corsets and the hats, as well as to symbolize affluence. Having special flower arrangement of Orchids in the home or a little Orchid flower worn on clothes speaks of luxury and status of wealth.

To the Americans

Orchids were also used in the old days as symbol of strength and power. To the Americans of the modern day, this flower is symbolic of love and romance, beauty and femininity, and affection and admiration. You can send Orchids as birthday flowers for mom or as graduation gift to a friend.

To the People in the East

Orchids were used in China as medicinal and health remedy. The flowers were believed to contain medicinal and healing effects to the body. In the modern day, the flowers of Orchids are symbolic of inner peace, healing, and purity that make the soul happy and free. If you are thinking of giving Orchids as gift to a special person on special day, you can ask Little Flower Hut as the florist in Singapore to assist you with the right design.

Orchids are very distinct from other types of flowers that you can get from a Flowers Delivery Rowville service. This is because of their shapes, colors, varieties, and patterns, not to mention the level of care they require in order to flourish. The orchid’s popularity and uses, as well as symbols seem to set it apart as a very special flower in the flower shop. More than just a gift for someone dear, to commemorate special occasions, events, or purposes – this plant makes everyone feel wonderful and special. Lastly, Orchids are among the few flowering plants that are suitable for indoor and outdoor house planting. You could keep one forever if you so desired.

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