Pregnancy Plans: Know Your Options and Protect Your Balance

If you’re sure you want to get pregnant, but you’re unsure about all of the options available to you, it’s important to sit down and research what could work for you. It’s important to consider what’s affordable for you as well, and often, IVF can be one of the most affordable options available to you. If you’re looking for the most cost-effect IVF services, Advanced Reproductive Medicine in New Jersey is one of the best options available to you. Confused about IVF and how it can help? IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, and it’s the process where doctors manually assist in the reproductive cycle by joining a sperm and egg sample in a laboratory dish. This process is typically used for couples who have a challenging time conceiving.

What is IVF and How Can It Help Me?

IVF is the process of bringing a sperm and egg together in a laboratory dish, and then placing those fertilized eggs into a uterus to increase the chance of pregnancy. The ultimate question for people is usually this: can in vitro fertilization help me? Other questions typically follow as well; how much will this cost? How long does it take to get pregnant? What are my options? According to research done by Attain Fertility, about 40 percent of women under 35 have a success rate; however, women over 42 percent have less than a 4 percent success rate.

The next question is a bit more difficult, as in vitro fertilization can be quite costly. Some cycles can cost over $12,000. But if you’re on the hunt for a cost-effective IVF service, then Advanced Reproductive Medicine is the perfect option for you. Read more below to hear about the options available to women and couples looking to invest in IVF.

 What are your IVF Options with Advanced Reproductive Medicine?

It’s important to understand the options available to you with IVF, especially when the cost of IVF can prevent up to 2/3rs of patients in the United States from getting the fertility treatment they need. In fact, in New Jersey, where Advanced Reproductive Medicine is located, a single treatment can cost up to $15,000.

For a full stimulation of IVF with Advanced Reproductive Medicine, clients will pay only $6,300. More than that, the financial team at the company will help you plan your treatment and help you investigate with your insurance what kind of coverage you can expect.

A full stimulation of IVF is pretty vague, so we wanted to spell out what you can expect in this procedure. You can certainly expect all physician care pertaining to your entire IVF cycle. Additionally, you can expect a full-range of monitoring; such as, all ultrasounds, fertility coaches during your cycle, blood hormone testing, standard embryology laboratory work, education, and your first pregnancy and progesterone tests.

What will your IVF full stimulation treatment not include? Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (if need), assisted hatching, embryo cryopreservation if you have extra embryos available, medications, and anesthesia.

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