Use Your Garden to Make Extra Space

Our GardenAs you can see from the picture above, our current garden is pretty vast (paddling pool for scale!) and although it has a huge amount of potential, there’s not really a lot going on out there at the moment. Our house has three bedrooms and when we moved in Sausage and Burrito Baby were determined that they wanted to share, but how long this will continue, I don’t know! This means there’s a good chance that Husband and I will need to use his office as a bedroom and give one of the girls our room.

Having a home office might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but when you’ve got two freelancers in the house, it becomes pretty essential. I tend to bash my work out amongst the chaos, but Husband is definitely in the “no distractions” school of thought, so sacrificing the office altogether isn’t really an option. Oeco Garden Rooms are a fantastic way of adding space to a house without needing major building work or planning permission, and if you’ve got the space are a really excellent option. cuberoom1

One thing I love about the Cube Room is that it’s actually really beautiful – a lot of “added space” looks incongruous and not hugely attractive, but Oeco Garden Rooms have clearly made it their mission to make practicality and looks an equal priority.

The best part of all is that all of the rooms are designed specifically so that you don’t need to obtain planning permission, cutting costs even further:

“All our garden rooms are specifically designed and installed to meet the requirements of the current planning permission permitted development rules and building regulation requirements. Our garden rooms comply with the 2.5m maximum height requirements. Garden rooms up to 15m2 internal floor area (5.5m x 3m) are installed 0.5m from any boundary. For construction purposes the installation teams require a minimum of 0.5m around the garden office. Garden rooms over 15m2 internal floor area (5m x 3.5m) and up to 30m2 (8m x 4m) internal floor area are installed 1m from any boundary. It is our responsibility to install our garden rooms to the above guidelines.”

To be honest, the idea of having a space to retreat to, not just for work, but for five minutes of peace and quite is lovely too! I’m already imagining myself sitting in our garden room, reading a book, watching the bird coming and going and enjoying the view. Having read more about them, it seems that Oeco Garden Rooms are idea for use in winter too, as they’re fully clad and insulated, meaning that it’s not like a draughty old shed, but a proper room which will keep you warm.

And the best part? When we’ve got a 12 year old and a 17 year old in the house, we can banish one of them to the garden room to stop all the bickering!!

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