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Start Your Christmas Shopping Early

Okay, I realise that I’m being a MASSIVE hypocrite here, by mentioning Christmas during the summer holidays, after moaning on more than one occasion about various press releases mentioning the festive period already. However, I’ve realised that this is actually a great time to start Christmas shopping with so many summer sales on at the moment.

I always have great intentions of starting early with my Christmas shopping and then it gets to the last week of November and I realise I’ve completely missed the boat. The main reason I manage to talk myself out of starting early is that I always think I’m going to end up buying things for people which they’ll already have by Christmas, so I thought I’d do some brainstorming about the sort of gifts you can buy early which will either be pretty unique or won’t matter if they’re doubles…read on to see my ideas!


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Nobody ever has too many pairs of pyjamas and you’ll often find that they’re really cheap at this time of year, because it’s so warm and no-one wears snuggly PJ’s in this heat! There are some great loungepants in the Ralph Lauren sale for the man in your life and they’ll make a great gift as the Ralph Lauren label makes them that extra little bit special.


Underwear is another thing which people always need; don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you buy lingerie for your mother in law or colleague, but buying some nice undies for your nearest and dearest is a great way to fill a stocking (if you’ll pardon the pun!).


Candles and other ornaments are a great thing to buy and put away as they won’t spoil and they’re easy to store. If you shop around, you can often find ‘wintery’ scents at their cheapest at this time of year. purely because nobody wants to smell mulled wine and gingerbread in August, but this makes them perfect to buy now and save for Christmas.



Another classic Christmas gift is slippers and if you opt for a premium brand, they’re a great gift to buy now and put away. The Tommy Hilfiger sale has some great offerings at the moment, which would be perfect for the colder months and will make a great gift for that Uncle who you can never seem to find a decent gift for!


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Anything home related such as throws, framed photos, accessories and cushions all make great gifts, especially if someone you know if moving house or getting married. There are so many premium brands such as Calvin Klein which offer super smart homewares which people would love to receive as gifts and which can be put away until Christmas, saving you a fortune when it comes to December.


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