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How to Save Money on Summer Activities For The Kids

Filling the long six week summer holiday can be difficult. You don’t want to spend a fortune, but you want to make some good memories and do stuff, so the kids don’t get bored. Check out my recommendations on how to save money while still doing some cool activities.


Paid activities

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Of course, there are at least one or two paid events that you might want to take the kids on during the summer like Legoland Windsor or Alton Towers. A good way of keeping the cost of the activities down is to find a discount code from companies like Groupon. This helps the day become a bit more affordable. It’s worth having a bit of a dig around on the internet as you can even get a Groupon discount code. So you can get a discount, off your discount and save even more money!

Free activities

You can arrange activities outside of the house that cost very little or that are entirely free. Take the kids to your local museum, park or library. There are often free activities at the local library like book clubs for kids or craft days. Once you have visited the museum, you can use it as inspiration for home projects on what the kids have seen.

If it is a sunny day, why not combine these activities with a picnic made at home? You can even feed the ducks in the park if there are any leftovers.




Home activities

You won’t want to go out and about every day, in fact sometimes it’s nice just to chill at home during the summer holidays. You could have a duvet day, where everyone stays in their Pajamas and watches movies. If you want to make, it super relaxing, why not build a fort to watch the movies in?

Another cool home activity that you can do with just a bit of organization is a scavenger hunt. Set up a list of thing that the kids need to find, collect and bring back to you. Make sure they are from all over the house and garden. If you have more than one child, you can get them to work as a team or pit them against each other in a race. Make sure you pick things that are safe, that the kids do have to search through cupboards for and are at their height level.

Or you could have a creative day. Pick a topic like a certain flower or animal. Then get the kids to research it using the internet. Then set up some different craft activities to do based on their research. They can draw a picture, make a model out of paper clay or Fimo and then make a scene out of pipe cleaners and other crafty bits.

Another thing that you can do at home in the summer that costs a minimal amount is to have a water fight. You can get Super Soakers and water balloons or just use the hose and buckets that you have lying around the house. The kids will love it as it will give them a chance to cool off in the summer sun.

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