The Right Way to Scoot!

Our daughters are really alike in some ways but VERY different in others. Where Sausage likes to spend her time crafting, reading and playing Pokemon, Burrito Baby is more of a fan of climbing too high, jumping off of things and making me have a heart attack! When Sausage was little, she had a scooter but it never really held her interest, but BB seems to be getting to an age where a scooter is going to be on the agenda pretty soon.

When I was a kid, stunt scooters were all the rage and rather than the skinny wheels and light frames of today’s scooters, mine had almost BMX style wheels and a really heavy frame. I once rode it down hill at far too quick a pace and slammed my brakes on…only to be flipped over my handlebars at the bottom! I winded myself pretty badly, but it never stopped me from getting back on again once I felt better. In fact, I adored my scooter!

Halfords has put together a guide to show us the right way to scoot, which I thought you’d all like to have a look at:


I can totally imagine BB getting involved and doing tricks like these in no time at all, so we’ll definitely have to get her kitted out with all of the safety gear! Scooters seem more popular than bikes these days and I even see some of the mums and dads from Sausage’s school riding their kids scooters home after dropping them off…although none of them do tricks like these! Do you have a scooting little one (or big one?!) Do you scoot yourself?! Leave me a comment below.

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