Do You Bribe Your Kids?

My lovely friend Helen over at Kiddy Charts┬árecently conducted a survey to see just how many parents bribe their children with various things to ensure good behaviour. I was very surprised to see that a massive 83% of parents admitted to using some form of bribery with their kids – maybe I’m just lucky to have a very chilled out Sausage, but I’m not sure that we’ve ever had to bribe her!

Helen has produced an infographic showing all of the results and I thought I’d share it with you so you can see the full results:


Click on the infographic to be taken over to the Kiddy Charts site, where you can see the range of kids’ reward charts they offer, which are a brilliant incentive to help kids achieve any goal, without the need for bribery!

2 thoughts on “Do You Bribe Your Kids?

  1. do I bribe or do I reward? hmmm. I am rewarded for working, my boss pays me. I don’t think i t odd that I sometimes reward my child or offer a reward. Would I bribe to stop a tantrum? no siree! We have used star charts and DD has grown up learning that she can earn money for doing ‘extra’ chores or great homework so that she can save for things she wants. We usually ‘bribe’ (reward) with money or a toy/magazine. Never sweets, we don’t really ‘do’ sweets in our house and as a result DD doesn’t really desire them that much.

  2. Hands up, I have been guilty of bribing my daughter though I don’t it much these days, if ever! Anything for an easy life. I don’t believe anyone has NEVER bribed their child in some form or another – there is no such thing as a perfect parent out there. We all cave, however miniscule, at some point or another!

    CJ x

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