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Guest Post: I’m a parenting expert…

Yesterday, I put out a call for help. My blogging mojo is having a week off and I asked my blogging chums if they’d like to step in and write some posts for me and gawd bless ’em, I had lots of offers, which made me love our little community even more. Today, I’ve got a post from the lovely Fi who blogs at¬†Childcare is Fun, who I must confess is one of my secret blogging crushes, I totally want to be her and have her hair and have her be my best friend, all at the same time ūüôā So, here it is:¬†

Parenting. The minefield of mothers and fathers doing their best in a conflicting world of advice.¬†Hands on parenting, comfort parenting, practical parenting, attachment parenting, oh the hokeycokey¬†parenting. It’s a headache before you’ve even popped out your first baby isn’t it?

Having the opportunity to guest write here on the lovely Jayne’s blog, I decided to open up, take off¬†my professional cap, and talk frankly.

‚ÄúYou must have it so easy‚ÄĚ someone once said to me, ‚Äúyou know everything and anything¬†parenting, it must be a breeze!‚ÄĚ

No. It’s really not…

I’ve 21 years experience working in childcare, I have a degree in Childhood and Youth studies, a¬†diploma in Childhood studies, I’m a qualified Nursery nurse, I’ve a gazzillion training certificates¬†from baby signing to special needs practicals, and¬†I’ve¬†a few¬†awards¬†for my work with children, but¬†I’m also just a mum.

I wake up tired. I go to bed tired. I often feel like hiding under the duvet when my two under 3 are¬†wrestling on the bedroom floor over a postman pat van. I cry when things seem too much, I hurt¬†when they tell me I’m ‘horrid for turning off Cbeebies so we can go do something creative’ and I¬†sigh when I have to do mundane household chores daily.

I eat too much cake, drink wine, gossip, moan, sometimes lose my patience and wear baggies and no make-up on days when nobody is coming over and we are having a home day.

Daily I advise parents who ask for my advice through the FREE email service via my website¬†( based on all those years of experience, and qualifications, and I love¬†putting my professional head on to help them. I love writing my ‘Top Tips’ and guest appearing as a¬†‘parenting expert’ on BBC radio and local stations, I’ve even done the odd TV appearance which is¬†so exciting and something I’d like to pursue one day, but above everything, I’m a stay-at-homemum.¬†A mum to a 2 and 3 years old born 364 days apart who rock my world and wipe bogies on my¬†jeans.

I clean up sick, wipes snotty noses, scrub spaghetti sauce off the walls, do the washing, shopping¬†and cleaning. So when you hear the word ‘parenting expert’ and you roll your eyes and think ‚ÄúOh,¬†another know-it-all‚ÄĚ remember I’m actually just a parent like you. I’m still learning all these years¬†later.

I’m a parenting expert. I’m a housewife. I’m a domestic engineer. I’m a mother. I’m me.

Thank you so much to Fi, I love Childcare is Fun and think you should all go and subscribe to her email service immediately! Oh and show some comment love, yeah?!

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: I’m a parenting expert…

  1. Great post and I love the way you’ve admitted to being ‘just a mum’ – this is so important. I think people see those with all these child care qualifications as fairy god mothers, but their feelings towards their own children are so intense, the qualifications and experience on a professional level don’t often mean very much when dealing with your own flesh and blood.

    CJ x

  2. What a fantastic guest post!

    I offered to do something similar but I can’t live up to that. Mine will be about something insignificant like how my small dog can produce so much poo when we do our evening walk

    1. Oh the irony of that comment, I’m actually in the process of writing a post for a pet insurance company about my dog having wind! I TOLD you I liked to be a bit subversive! ūüėČ

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