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Closer to Nature – A Photography Linky

After I put this up two Tuesdays ago, I had a really healthy response to the idea and had 14 or 15 people link up, which I was completely thrilled with, so as promised I thought I’d do it again. Welcome to Closer to Nature!

As with last time, there are no real hard and fast rules other than your photo must be something nature related, but that leaves a heck of a lot of scope for your imagination to go wild (pardon the pun…!). Also, don’t forget to visit the others and leave some comment love, we all like a bit of that 🙂

There’s a linky widget below and button code in the sidebar, I can’t wait to see your photos, here’s mine:

Wild flowers.

This was taken on the day that Husband and I decided to take our daughter to Hadleigh Country Park, home of Hadleigh Castle and now the site of the Olympic Mountain Biking track. While we were there, there were loads of fenced off areas and mysterious portacabins dotted around the place, so I’ll be curious to see what it’s been left like after the Olympics. It’s been a site for mountain bikers for many, many years, Husband and his friends have spent many a happy hour hurtling down those hills, but apparently once the Olympics has buggered off, people will have to pay to ride the trails, which I think is a bit of a cynical move by the council, to be honest. Hopefully the flowers will all still be there to enjoy for free…

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8 thoughts on “Closer to Nature – A Photography Linky

  1. Really loving looking at all the other pics, such a great way to find blogs that I might not otherwise have stumbled across. Thanks for the linky 🙂

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  3. That’s a lovely, summery picture and I do really like this linky. l I keep meaning to join in and then something always gets in the way. Making a note to post and link something up TODAY!

  4. Beautiful buttercups, lovely picture! Not sure how I managed it but I put the wrong bit in the linky and have ended up with one picture, rather than the whole post… Sorry about that! 😀

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