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Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Magical Castle Playset – Review

When we were asked if we wanted to review the Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Magical Castle Playset, despite the fact that Sausage has more toys than is reasonable for a small person, and we’re trying to downsize her stash, I knew I couldn’t say no! We’ve been seeing this advertised on the telly for a while, and although she doesn’t watch much Ben and Holly on the TV any more, she often says she’d like this set.

It arrived this morning, much to her glee, but…well, let’s get the negatives out of the way first – this set comes with about 60 stickers that need to be stuck all around the castle and rooms, and let me say, it’s probably the most fiddly job I’ve ever had when putting one of her toys together. Admittedly, I have slightly larger than average hands for a woman, but I found it almost impossible to get some of those stickers into such tight spaces!

Once the castle is all together, it does look nice, the stickers do enhance the scenes and it’s all very pretty. There are several things I like about this set actually, like the clever little collapsible staircases, which allow you to close the tower in on itself without bits getting in the way. It comes with a magnetic magic wand, which makes various parts of the set move, like a washing line scene in the garden, a cauldron in the kitchen and even rising water in the bathtub!

The figures that come with the set are really cool, the fairies even have delicate little see-through wings, though they are absolutely tiny! I predict loss or breakage, in the very near future!

All in all, we really like the Ben & Holly’S Little Kingdom Magical Castle Playset, Sausage has been playing with it all morning and doesn’t show any sign of stopping, the whole thing has some nice touches and seems to be good quality. I did a Google search and it averages between £25 and £30, which seems a reasonable price for what you get. We also think it’d be good for both girls and boys, which is nice to see as we do get a bit bored of girls stuff being exclusively pink and boys stuff being overtly masculine!

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2 thoughts on “Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Magical Castle Playset – Review

  1. Great review! It is very expensive toys but kids would be happy even in a simple one.
    keep on posting.

  2. Is it sad that the best bit of kids toys, for me, is the stickers? Apart from Lego, but that’s not really a kids toy, is it.

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