Yesterday, I put out a call for help. My blogging mojo is having a week off and I asked my blogging chums if they’d like to step in and write some posts for me and gawd bless ’em, I had lots of offers, which made me love our little community even more. Today, I’ve got a post from the lovely Fi who blogs at¬†Childcare is Fun, who I must confess is one of my secret blogging crushes, I totally want to be her and have her hair and have her be my best friend, all at the same time ūüôā So, here it is:¬†

Parenting. The minefield of mothers and fathers doing their best in a conflicting world of advice.¬†Hands on parenting, comfort parenting, practical parenting, attachment parenting, oh the hokeycokey¬†parenting. It’s a headache before you’ve even popped out your first baby isn’t it?

Having the opportunity to guest write here on the lovely Jayne’s blog, I decided to open up, take off¬†my professional cap, and talk frankly.

‚ÄúYou must have it so easy‚ÄĚ someone once said to me, ‚Äúyou know everything and anything¬†parenting, it must be a breeze!‚ÄĚ

No. It’s really not…

I’ve 21 years experience working in childcare, I have a degree in Childhood and Youth studies, a¬†diploma in Childhood studies, I’m a qualified Nursery nurse, I’ve a gazzillion training certificates¬†from baby signing to special needs practicals, and¬†I’ve¬†a few¬†awards¬†for my work with children, but¬†I’m also just a mum.

I wake up tired. I go to bed tired. I often feel like hiding under the duvet when my two under 3 are¬†wrestling on the bedroom floor over a postman pat van. I cry when things seem too much, I hurt¬†when they tell me I’m ‘horrid for turning off Cbeebies so we can go do something creative’ and I¬†sigh when I have to do mundane household chores daily.

I eat too much cake, drink wine, gossip, moan, sometimes lose my patience and wear baggies and no make-up on days when nobody is coming over and we are having a home day.

Daily I advise parents who ask for my advice through the FREE email service via my website¬†( based on all those years of experience, and qualifications, and I love¬†putting my professional head on to help them. I love writing my ‘Top Tips’ and guest appearing as a¬†‘parenting expert’ on BBC radio and local stations, I’ve even done the odd TV appearance which is¬†so exciting and something I’d like to pursue one day, but above everything, I’m a stay-at-homemum.¬†A mum to a 2 and 3 years old born 364 days apart who rock my world and wipe bogies on my¬†jeans.

I clean up sick, wipes snotty noses, scrub spaghetti sauce off the walls, do the washing, shopping¬†and cleaning. So when you hear the word ‘parenting expert’ and you roll your eyes and think ‚ÄúOh,¬†another know-it-all‚ÄĚ remember I’m actually just a parent like you. I’m still learning all these years¬†later.

I’m a parenting expert. I’m a housewife. I’m a domestic engineer. I’m a mother. I’m me.

Thank you so much to Fi, I love Childcare is Fun and think you should all go and subscribe to her email service immediately! Oh and show some comment love, yeah?!