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Getting Prepared for Your Holiday

Now that the weather is getting warmer, many of us are finally starting to wind-down and think about our yearly holiday. The problem with holidays is that all the prep can be such a stress that it’s hard to unwind once we finally get to our destination, so I thought I’d share with you a few tips that can make your life easier while you’re preparing for your trip.

Order Medications Online

From regular prescription meds that we need to take every day, to basics like paracetamol and antihistamines, most if us take a few different medications on holiday with us each year. Using an online pharmacy like UK Meds to order everything you need well ahead of time can save you the stress of picking up prescriptions as everything you order will be delivered straight to your door.

Weigh Your Bags

Is there anything more annoying than getting to the airport, realising your bags are too heavy and you’re going to need to pay a hefty fee to take excess baggage on the plain with you? We highly recommend getting a suitcase scale and weighing them yourself before you go so that you can be double sure you’re not going to get stung for fees.

Online Check-In

I’m stilled awed by this one, but the ability to check-in online means less time waiting around in airports and going through all of that aggravation. Doing online check-in means that you can spend your time in the airport enjoying a pre-flight cocktail and perusing the duty-free at your leisure!

Buy it There

Often, we spend SO much time and money shopping before a holiday, when waiting to buy things when you’re there can be beneficial in many ways. Most places you’ll go will have a supermarket nearby (we saw someone online the other day saying they did a Lidl shop in Tenerife!), so you could buy toiletries, nappies, sun cream and other items. They’ll probably be cheaper than they are in the UK, and you’ll also save space and weight in your suitcases if you aren’t lugging these heavy, bulky items along with you. Oh, and don’t forget to pack your holiday cash into a Versapak money bag, just to make sure your money is safe when abroad.

Book in Advance

If you’re planning excursions and day trips while you’re away, there will be lots of things that you can book in advance, like water parks and coach trips. This will save you the bother of doing it while you’re there, can help to navigate a language barrier and means that any money you take with you will be for luxuries and treats!


Visit Limerick

Today’s guest posts gives some great inspiration for things to do when visiting the gorgeous city of Limerick. 


The Markets of Limerick

No visit to Limerick would be complete without a visit to the array of markets it plays host to. In both Limerick itself and the surrounding countyside of the same name, there are plenty of markets to enjoy. From food markets to flea markets, there’s something for everyone in Limerick.

Limerick Milk Market

The Milk Market hosts the Friday City Market, which features an eclectic mix of artisan foods, crafts, fashion and the flea market, and the Saturday Food Market with amazing fresh organic food, including cheeses, chutneys, locally caught fish, freshly pressed juices and artisan breads. The Milk Market also hosts the Sunday Variety Market which offers antiques, food to take away and arts and crafts.

Artisan Craft Fair

This monthly craft fair held in Cornmarket Row is hugely popular. Bringing together Ireland’s talented craft makers and their wares, it’s a great place to visit and one where you’ll always be sure to find something new.

UCL Farmers Market

Allowing the campus community to buy fresh local produce, this farmers market features amazing locally produced food. From bread and pastries from Nenagh, home made chocolates and salads from East Clare and organic meat and fish, this is a fantastic foodie market to visit while in the area.

Red Door Market

Behind the huge red doors you’ll find everything from organic fruit and veg to tapas. Plus delicious olives, fresh soup, fresh free range eggs, a crepe stall and locally roasted coffee, as well as local crafts, plants and flowers. It’s a great little hub of activity where locals come to meet and buy amazing fresh produce.

Choose from one of the great value Limerick hotels for your stay in this vibrant and welcoming city, before heading off to sample some of these fantastic markets for yourself.