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Awesome Things To Do In Cambodia With Kids

At first glance, Cambodia might not seem like the most obvious holiday destination for families with kids. Once you delve deeper, it becomes apparent that there is a whole host of cool activities for both adults and children. The tourism scene is at an all-time high at the moment, so it’s become a lot safer to travel there. From temples to trains, there are so many opportunities to inspire your child’s (and your own) sense of adventure, here are just a few ideas.

5837015193_f60a8d474a_zPhoto source: Dennis Jarvis


Cambodia’s temples, such as world famous Angkor Wat at Siem Reap, are beautiful and mysterious constructions that will awaken a child’s imagination. Visitors are encouraged to be respectful of the monuments but also to get hands on – many temples allow children to climb and scramble, and play hide and seek.

Floating Villages

For those who don’t suffer with seasickness, take a boat tour around a traditional floating village that line all of Cambodia’s waterways. See how native Cambodians lead their lives and experience the sights and smells and the water markets. Children will love to spot the differences in their own way of life with the lives of the natives.

16596034478_b00035083a_zPhoto source: Basile Morin

Dolphin Watching

Cambodia is rich in wildlife, both on land and in the water. It isn’t every day that kids get to see real life dolphins in the wild. A cruise along the River Mekong through the jungles is a sure-fire way to get them excited. Click here for more information on the Meekong River cruise.

Landmine Museum

For older children, a day trip to the Landmine Museum at Siem Reap is an immersive and interesting way to learn about the history of the people of Cambodia and their struggles. It tells the stories of locals who had to clear landmines after the conflict, and the people who cared for the injured. A very educational day out.

Elephant Rides

What child wouldn’t love a ride on the back of an elephant? Once they’ve had a go, they’ll definitely want another. These experiences are available all over the country, and most hotels will be happy to book them for you.

14452474445_97e9d9f102Photo Source: Shankar S

Bamboo Train

Near Battambang is a disused French railway that people now use as a sort of train system to move personal belongings, and for locals to ferry tourists around. Platforms made out of bamboo are loaded with goods and people, and a small motorbike engine is used to power it along the tracks. It makes for a very exhilarating experience for anyone who is brave enough to give it a go.

Street Markets

The street markets of Cambodia are bustling hubs of the cities. There is so much to entertain here, from skewered fried spiders to crazy fruit and vegetables. The markets at Phnom Penh are particularly famous for the huge range of things to see and eat.

Just remember, it gets really hot in Cambodia, so a hotel with a pool and shade is recommended so that you can retire in the midday sun and cool off.

Travel Sickness and How to Deal With It

travel sicknessDizziness, cold sweat, and vomiting are the main symptoms of travel sickness, also referred to as motion sickness. According to the Telegraph, it affects more than 20 million people in Britain with children, aged between 2 and 12, particularly prone.

Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth, a GP from Cambridge, explains what causes this nasty sensation: “If the driver throws the car around, tiny particles of chalk suspended in liquid in your inner ear push against microscopic hairs. This tells your brain that you are on your side. Meanwhile, your eyes are sending different information and it’s this that makes you feel sick.”

But what can you do to prevent travel sickness from occurring? We’ve put together a list of different cures, which might help to alleviate the problem.

Choose the right seat and keep still

People suffering from motion sickness should try to find a seat where the motion is minimal. On a plane the calmest seat is in the middle near the wings. On a ship you usually experience less motion in the lower cabins near the centre. When travelling on a train, make sure to sit facing forwards and if you’re travelling by car, then it can help to sit in the front seat rather than in the back.

Relax and keep calm

Focus on your breathing, try to remember poetry, listen to music or engage your brain in other mental activities. Try not to worry about getting travel sick as this might end up making it worse. This also means avoiding contact with other people suffering from travel sickness as hearing them talk about it can make it worse.


In severe cases, you can get medication from the drug store. Most medication has to be taken a few hours before the journey begins. The NHS lists hyoscine (also known as scopolamine) and antihistamines as often used cures. It’s essential that you talk to your GP first before using them or giving them to your children as they have to be used with caution.

The right food

Avoid eating anything “heavy” prior to and during your journey and ask your fellow travellers to avoid eating food with a strong odour when you’re around. Snack on some pumpkin seeds or ginger products such as ginger biscuits or ginger tea. Ginger is sometimes used to treat nausea and although no scientific studies have been conducted yet to verify its abilities to cure motion sickness, it has been used to treat vomiting and nausea for centuries.

Fresh air

Open a car window or stand on deck if you’re travelling by boat – taking deep breaths of fresh air can stop you from feeling hot and stuffy and can prevent motion sickness.

There’s no guarantee that travel sickness can be cured by these tips. Many children simply just have to grow out of the age where they experience this nasty feeling. However, by being prepared, you can at least have an influence on the severity of the condition

We’re BRITAX Mumbassadors!

Since becoming pregnant, we’ve had some brilliant opportunities arise, with lots of reviews and experiences coming our way, but the one I’m most excited about is becoming an official Mumbassador for BRITAX! When BRITAX got in contact as asked if we’d like to represent their brand in 2014, we jumped at the chance to work with such a well-known and well-respected company and were super impressed with the range of products that they offer.

In terms of the new baby, (who’ll be here 3 weeks today, with any luck!) BRITAX are sending us one of their beautiful Affinity travel systems, which looks like this:


Isn’t it pretty?!

There were 6 different colour options and we let Sausage choose, so she went for the ‘Cool Berry’ option above and Husband and I decided we liked the silver chassis option. We’re also lucky enough to be being sent a second colour pack, and we’ve gone for ‘Cactus Green’, which is a nice, neutral option (you know, in case we ever have a little boy…) which I reckon will be ace at concealing all the inevitable muckiness that a toddler can do to a buggy!

Britax Affinity Cactus Green colour packThe Affinity has so many little features that I love, such as the anti-theft coding system, which gives your pushchair a unique code that stops it from being sold illegally. Another thing I love is the fact that the seat unit can be parent facing our outward facing – Sausage’s pushchair only had an outward facing mode and while I think it’s good for kids to see the world whilst out and about, it’ll be nice to have the choice. Once it arrives and we’ve had a chance to have a play, I’ll be writing about it a lot more.

BRITAX also wanted to get Sausage in on the act, and will be sending her one of their Group 2-3 car seats. At the moment, she just uses a booster cushion in the car, which we thought was adequate for her age, but the folks at BRITAX explained that a proper car seat should give side impact protection and spinal support. Their range of seats is actually suitable for kids up to the age of 12 and I’m really looking forward to having that extra peace of mind when we’re out in the car. Also, who doesn’t love a ZEBRA print option?!

BRITAX KID plusWe’re SO excited about working with BRITAX next year and cannot wait to start testing out all of our new goodies!

Visit Limerick

Today’s guest posts gives some great inspiration for things to do when visiting the gorgeous city of Limerick. 


The Markets of Limerick

No visit to Limerick would be complete without a visit to the array of markets it plays host to. In both Limerick itself and the surrounding countyside of the same name, there are plenty of markets to enjoy. From food markets to flea markets, there’s something for everyone in Limerick.

Limerick Milk Market

The Milk Market hosts the Friday City Market, which features an eclectic mix of artisan foods, crafts, fashion and the flea market, and the Saturday Food Market with amazing fresh organic food, including cheeses, chutneys, locally caught fish, freshly pressed juices and artisan breads. The Milk Market also hosts the Sunday Variety Market which offers antiques, food to take away and arts and crafts.

Artisan Craft Fair

This monthly craft fair held in Cornmarket Row is hugely popular. Bringing together Ireland’s talented craft makers and their wares, it’s a great place to visit and one where you’ll always be sure to find something new.

UCL Farmers Market

Allowing the campus community to buy fresh local produce, this farmers market features amazing locally produced food. From bread and pastries from Nenagh, home made chocolates and salads from East Clare and organic meat and fish, this is a fantastic foodie market to visit while in the area.

Red Door Market

Behind the huge red doors you’ll find everything from organic fruit and veg to tapas. Plus delicious olives, fresh soup, fresh free range eggs, a crepe stall and locally roasted coffee, as well as local crafts, plants and flowers. It’s a great little hub of activity where locals come to meet and buy amazing fresh produce.

Choose from one of the great value Limerick hotels for your stay in this vibrant and welcoming city, before heading off to sample some of these fantastic markets for yourself.

Moshi Monsters Trunki Review and Giveaway

Recently, we took Sausage on her first weekend away and suffice to say, she absolutely loved it. We stayed in a hotel for one night before going to watch a football match, and she was probably the most excited I’ve ever seen her about sleeping in a room that wasn’t her own, which had a TV on the wall and a bathroom attached to it.

What she loved most of all was being able to pack a bag of things that she’d need to take with her for the weekend; Sausage is MAD about bags and cases – there’s a running joke in our house that if something goes missing, the first place you should look is inside Sausage’s handbag collection. Ever since she was little, one of her favourite things to do was pack her toys inside a bag and pretend to be going on a trip, so when the people at Trunki got in touch, I knew we’d be on to a real winner with Sausage. Here’s the case we chose:

Poppet Moshi Monsters Trunki

Moshi Monsters are definitely the ‘in’ thing at the moment, Sausage has a huge collection of Moshi merchandise and toys, so we knew that the Poppet Trunki would appeal to her. Here’s the blurb:

Poppet is every bit as cute as her name suggests. With twinkling eyes and bright blue boots (wheels!) she’s the ultimate travelling companion for little monsters! Trunki was created to beat the boredom so often suffered by travelling tots. Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite belongings whilst parents keep them in tow. It’s made from the same lightweight, durable plastic as adult cases, and has a generous 18 litre capacity for toys, games and spare clothes. Trunki comes with its own passport, which you can register online and fill with fun, travel friendly activities for the journey.

This would make a gorgeous gift for Christmas for any Moshi-mad kid, and even if they aren’t as Moshi crazy as Sausage, there’s a whole range of cases for kids to choose from.

Now, here’s the good news – we’re giving you the chance to win your very own Moshi Trunki! You can choose from the gorgeous Poppet case above or the equally awesome Katsuma Trunki.Katsuma Moshi Monsters Trunki

To be in with a chance of winning, simply complete the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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Peppa Pig Minis – A Review

We’re big fans of Peppa Pig in this house – I think I get more exicted than Sausage  when new episodes come out! A little while ago, we were asked to review some Peppa Pig mini games and we’ve been sent three different items to play with.

Mini Stick on Felts (RRP £9.99)

These were a big hit with Sausage, she loves being able to make a million different scenes and then start all over again by simply peeling the felts off of the board. I don’t know if I’d recommend them for travel as I reckon you’d be finding Peppa shaped felts down the back of your car seats for years to come, but they were still very popular with Sausage.

Mini Sketchy Fun (RRP £5.99)

This was the biggest hit of all with Sausage as she’s MAD about drawing and writing. It’s a product with so many uses too, she uses it for drawing by herself but Husband and I have also been using it to test her on her words and letters in as many inventive ways as we can think of. I’d recommend this for any kid, but especially if they’re learning to read and write as the novelty value makes learning even more fun.

Mini Dough Set (RRP £6.99)

If you’ve read this, you’ll know how I feel about play dough.


In terms of the moulds and tools that came with this set, they were lovely, very cute little toys. Again, I’m not sure of these as travel toys, play dough and cars is just asking for a royal mess. I’m not a fan of dough and, as predicted, one pot dried out within about 48 hours from being left open and the other one is currently in the process of being scraped out of my carpet, but if you have a slightly older kid (or one who is unusually tidy) this is still a nice set.

“I’m so optimistic I’d go after Moby Dick in a row boat and take the tartar sauce with me”

Yesterday was a bit of a ranty day. My Tots100 rating went down, despite me thinking I’d made a bigger effort with it all this month, I was feeling rough from the beginning of another cold and various things had pissed me off in the course of the day. Somehow, despite having had the worst night’s sleep ever, I’ve woken up with a happier head on and I though I’d write a list of all the things I have to be happy about.

1. Husband and Sausage, obviously. They’re my whole world, the reason I get up everyday and they make me laugh, dance, sing, generally rejoice on a day-to-day basis. Plus, today is my last day of working full-time hours, which means I have the next three days off with them and then back onto part-time next week.

2. As of 30th March, I have two weeks off of work and I’m going to do as much crafting, baking, day tripping and playing with my darling Sausage as we can possibly fit into that time. I cannot wait! 

3. I’m part of an exciting new project that I can’t say anything about right now as it’s just at its seedling stage, but I get to do something with some people which is going to be amazing! Cryptic I know, but trust me, it’s going to be gooood.

4. I’ve just been invited to an event that has me so amped, I think I might wee myself with excitement.

5. This weekend, I get to see my Mum on Saturday and then my in-laws on Sunday who will be cooking us a chilli. My mother-in-law Lori is from Arkansas and makes the best damn chilli I’ve ever eaten. And no-bake cookies. And chicken taco casserole. And cornbread…needless to say, I’m a BIG fan of her cooking!

So there you have it, things that have turned me from an acerbic bitch back into the lovely, optimistic-but-mostly-cynical, happy person that I am *snort*.

Peace out.

Around the World in 80 Words – Southend on Sea

My lovely Husband left this as a comment on my Around the World in 80 Words and I just think it’s miles too good to remain a comment, it deserves it’s very own post and entry into SAHD and Proud’s linky!

Wet. Miserable. Grey skies make me feel claustrophobic and the kids hocking up grollies outside the chippy add to the overall feeling of winter misery. I trudge down to the shops, carefully avoiding the dog shit that clogs up a pavement for which I’m charged a king’s ransom in tax every month. I make my way through the alleyway, across the estate and into the park, careful to avoid the crackheads on the swings. Oh! Southend. I do love thee.

Bloody brilliant!

Around the World in 80 Words

SAHD and Proud has a new Linky up on his blog called ‘Around the World in 80 Words’ and although I’m not the most well-travelled blogger around, I’ve been to some places that have made an indelible mark on my soul. I found it so hard to choose between these places but, ultimately, paradise won. As it often does.

Around the World in 80 Words – The Maldives

Plane, plane, sea plane, boat…we finally set foot onto the island, the white sand literally too hot for our bare feet. August, 2006. Two young people, impetuous and in love. The sea is clear by your feet, graduating into darker hues of blue as it reaches the reef, tiny fish and sharks swim around your ankles. The sun never leaves a place like this. Night time is the darkest of dark, with a billion stars to guide your way. 

I hope I’ve done justice to my favourite place on the planet, although I fear my words will never be enough.