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RibenaI’m guessing by now that everyone has heard about Tesco banning Ribena and several other products from its shelves? In fact Ribena is just one brand that the store has axed, also choosing to shun brands such as Capri-Sun, claiming that both are contributors to the childhood obesity epidemic. According to the newspapers, health campaigners are lauding the supermarket chain for its decision and is urging other retailers to follow suit.

Am I the only person who thinks this is absolutely BONKERS?

What happened to parental responsibility? Should it not be down to the parents of these obese children to say “No”, when they try to pour litres of sugary drinks down their necks? Should we not be teaching our children moderation, rather than an outright ban?

Let’s look at other things that Tesco sell – seriously; take a stroll down the confectionery aisle and browse the HUNDREDS of other products which have high fructose corn syrup as their main ingredient. Why is Ribena worse than ANY of these? In fact, let’s go one step further – what about the tobacco kiosk or alcohol aisle? Do we need to eradicate these, lest irresponsible parents allow their kids to drink or smoke? Or, do we rely on the fact that there are people out there with an IOTA of common sense?

The fact that Tesco has chosen to be so specific about one particular product smacks of outside lobbying; someone, somewhere, within a very wealthy company has told Tesco that they’ll make it worth their while if they drop certain brands. How long will it be before we’re bombarded with adverts about some amazing new brand of sugar-free drinks that are ONLY available from Tesco? Something, as they say, is rotting in Denmark.

The fact that Tesco has taken it upon itself to supposedly tackle childhood obesity seems like an overly grandiose gesture to me. Who the hell asked them to make themselves The Juice Police? Especially when they continue to sell other items high in sugar, alongside processed meat, high fat convenience food, confectionary, alcohol and tobacco? In fact, isn’t it Tesco which has a franchise option with KRISPY KREME DONUTS? Excuse the caps, but I’m getting incredulous.

The absolute, glaring hypocrisy of Tesco for pretending to be the shining light in the fight against childhood obesity makes me sick to my stomach and I think it’s a seriously sad measure of modern society when we ban things rather than allow people to moderate themselves or display any sort of personal responsibility. When the litigious culture which prevails in The United States started to creep over here to the UK, anyone with any sense knew that it would lead to bad things, and here we are, in 2015, banning sugary drinks. Is the move so that Tesco can’t be named in lawsuits by parents looking to make a buck off of their wildly unhealthy child?

Am I looking at this all wrong? Should we be applauding Tesco for its responsible action? Or are you with me in thinking that this is a bullshit move and that there’s probably more to it than meets the eye?

Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Tesco Boost Christmas Wish List

We’re big fans of Tesco Clubcard in this house, having used our points in the past to exchange for vouchers for various things, from furniture to days out, so it’s great to see that Tesco is doing Tesco Clubcard Boost for the festive season, allowing you to exchange your vouchers for more to spend on selected items. Every £5 of Clubcard vouchers will buy you £10 of Clubcard Boost vouchers,  and there’s a whole load of great items to spend them on.

Tesco asked me if I’d like to put together a wish-list of things that the Mum’s the Word family would like for Christmas, so here’s what us 4 (soon to be 5!) would like:


Kenwood Chef

I know it’s probably not very feminist to ask for a kitchen appliance for Christmas, but I think feminism is about the freedom to be yourself, so what I really want for Christmas is this Kenwood Chef (£239.00). I love baking and this would be perfect for that and I fully intend for the baby to eat the same as us once she’s weaned, so I’ll be doing a lot of blending next year, making this the perfect appliance for me.


Canon EOS 60D

My Husband has a really good eye for photography – you could give us the same cameras, same lighting and the same thing to shoot and his photos would still come out a thousand times better than mine, so I’d love him to have a really awesome camera to use. I know lots of people who recommend the Canon EOS 60D (£829) and as it’s part of the Tesco Boost deals, this is what I’d choose for him.


Furby Boom

If you’ve got little ones, you probably know that Furby (£49.99) is THE gift of choice this year, and Sausage is no exception. She’s been asking us for a Furby since she saw the adverts a couple of months ago and we’ve been steadfastly using the “Well, you’ll have to see what Santa brings you..” line, so this will definitely be on her list. I remember Furby when I was a kid but it’s a whole different creature now, as it can be linked with a tablet PC and controlled with an app!



When Sausage was little, we had some great toys for her, which aided physical and mental development, and as soon as I saw this Fisher-Price Discover ‘N Grow Jumperoo Bouncer (£85.00), I knew it was something that we’d want for the baby. Sausage absolutely loved being upright as much as possible and was trying to stand up from about 3 weeks old, so the new baby will probably get a real kick out of this toy, and it’s suitable from birth too, which is just fab!



Obviously, Chuck is an important part of our family, so he doesn’t get left out at Christmas. Now that he’s getting older, he needs a comfy place to sleep that’s also warm – he’s a short-haired breed so he gets chilly at night when we turn the heating off. This House of Paws Dog Bed (£74.14) would be perfect for him, giving him both comfort and warmth, and I love the tweed pattern it comes in too.

So, that’s what we’d choose – what’s on your list this year?

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So, You’ve Eaten a Horse Burger?

Horse Meat

If you read the news/go on Twitter/listen to the radio, you’ll no doubt be aware by now that several major supermarkets have cleared their shelves amidst findings from an independent report which showed beef burgers to contain up to 29% horse meat. The chances are, if you’ve eaten a burger from Tesco, you’ve probably eaten horse. Are you horrified?

I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong, the fact that they’ve sold cheap horse meat under the guise of beef is wrong for MANY reasons. The cultural implications are mind boggling, especially as 85% of the burgers also contained pig DNA, so many a kosher Jew are probably feeling rather upset right now. Also, just for the plain old fact that if you PAY for beef and you get horse, that’s morally and financially wrong. It’d be called fraud in any other circumstance, surely?


What I don’t get is this; people are up in arms simply about the fact that they’ve eaten a horse and I just don’t get that mentality.

Why is a horse more sacred than a chicken, a cow or a turkey? With Christmas just gone by, are we not upset about the TEN MILLION turkeys eaten in the UK alone? I understand that people keep horses as pets and we’re all quite precious about not eating animals that are cute or handsome, but if it were a choice between my family needing food and Joey running free in the paddock, it’d be horse casserole for tea, I’m afraid.

I’m not hugely worldly when it comes to food I’ve tried but I’ve eaten kangaroo, deer and veal (though I will admit I wasn’t properly aware of what veal was before I ate it) and I just don’t get this thing that humans have about prioritising one type of animal over another when it comes to meat. Most people probably now know that pigs are as intelligent as dogs and while that’s led to a rise in the number of people keeping pigs as pets, I bet it’s barely affected the number of bacon sandwiches eaten by us Brits.

Perhaps someone could enlighten me as to why a horse is more important than a cow?

Until then, I’m going to be avoiding beef burgers; not because I don’t want to eat horse, but because if I’m buying beef it’s because I want to eat a cow!

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Top of the Class – Mum’s the Word Recommends…Tesco Clothing

The school that Sausage will be attending is a bit of an awkward one, the colours are ‘gold and brown’ (I’m sure that was ‘yellow’, last time I looked?!) and I’ve noticed already that acquiring the correct items for her has been an issue. Yellow doesn’t seem to be too difficult to get hold of, but brown seems to be far less popular. I’m surprised that retailers don’t make a point of finding out what colours the schools in the area wear and make a point of stocking them.

Anyway, today’s Back to School review comes courtesy of Tesco Clothing.

Here’s what we got:

1. F&F Fresh Feel knee-high socks (5pk) – £4

2. F&F 100% cotton v-neck t-shirt (2pk) – £2

3. F&F Basics grey skirt – £1.75

4. Back to School Summer Dress with coordinating hair band – £4 (or 2 for £7)

5. F&F 100& cotton pique polo shirt (2pk) – £2

6 – F&F School girls stripe swimsuit – £4

One thing that struck me about the range available from Tesco is that it seems to cater for every budget. There are more expensive skirts available, but the one I picked out for £1.75 is shockingly cheap and still seems to be good quality. It washed and ironed up very nicely and quite honestly, with the amount of paint, chalk, mud and goodness knows what else Sausage will be smothering herself in at school, I’d be tempted to buy her one for every day of the week! (Although official colours are brown and gold, grey and black are accepted too)

The cotton t-shirts will be for P.E. and at £1 each, you really can’t argue with the price. The material feels really soft and is surprisingly good quality for the price, it’s not thin or flimsy at all. I love the fact that the socks come in a pack of five, giving us one pair for every day of the week and the swimming costume, which Sausage has already swum in, is comfy, covers well and washes up nicely without bobbling like some cheap cozzies.

The summer dresses are a particular favourite. I noticed when browsing the shops that some of the summer dresses around are made of pitifully thin material which would be see-through if wearing patterned undies, but the Tesco Clothing ones are thick enough so as not to be, whilst still being the sort of fabric which will keep her cool. They also come with a matching hair bobble, which is a touch that both Sausage and I love. They’re in a deal at 2 for £7 at the moment, which seems great value to me. The polo shirts are also great value and quality, which seems to be a running theme with all of the items we received.

Tesco also offer an embroidery service, which is not something we’ve used as we’ve not bought Sausage’s cardigans or fleeces yet, but it’s definitely something we’re considering, as it adds a nice touch to uniform.

All in all, Tesco Clothing and F&F offer brilliant prices, great quality and a nice range of colours and options, all of which you can check out here.

Mum’s the Word gives Tesco Clothing an A – narrowly missing out on the A* mark by not offering anything brown!