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Sausage and BB Design Their Dream Home

It’s been pretty rainy and rubbish here for the last few days and after the madness of last week (Sausage turned 11 on Tuesday, so we’ve had playdates, sleepovers, shopping days as well as a barbecue at the weekend for our friends’ 40th) we’ve opted to spend some time chilling at home. You know what kids are like, though, and even chilling at home means finding pretty constant ways to entertain them, so I thought I’d ask them to tell me what their dream house would be like, and write about it here!

A Personal Lift

While brainstorming their ideas, both girls decided that their dream home would have bespoke passenger lifts – Sausage to transport her dozens of dogs and BB to get her pushchairs upstairs because she wants a dozen babies!  I can see my retirement years being spent doing a LOT of baby sitting and dog sitting…

Walk-In Wardrobe

Despite neither of my kids being massively girly girls, they both LOVE clothes, and another thing they agreed on (I can’t believe they’ve agreed on so much to be honest!). When Sausage mentioned that she wanted a massive walk-in wardrobe, BB decided that she definitely wanted one of those, too. They’d better both have good careers for all this stuff!


I’m not sure what it is about the women in our family, but we all love a conservatory. Maybe it’s the feeling that you’re sitting outside but manage to be warm and dry at the same time? Either way, both girls decided that a conservatory would be high on their list of demands when designing their dream house.

Theatre Room

In all honesty, we’re only just at a point where BB will sit still for long enough to watch a whole film. She’s okay at the cinema because she can’t get up and wander off but at home, it’s a struggle. However, she’s recently decided that she does like watching movies with us (even if we have to spend ten minutes convincing her beforehand!) and both girls agreed that a theatre room would be a great addition to their dream house.

Indoor Swimming Pool

They might not be overly keen on school swimming lessons (who likes being given two minutes to get your school uniform back on to your still-damp body?!) but both girls love being in the water. My dad kindly bought them a pool for the garden this summer and they’e had great fun using it so far, so they agreed that an indoor pool that they could use all year would be a must-have in their fantasy house.

What would your kids have in their dream house?

5 Reasons Why You Want a Rooftop Swimming Pool

rooftop swimming pool

Many hotels are famous for their rooftop pools, so why can’t you have one on your home? Well, the answer is: you can! Talk to the folk at http://www.alliancepoolstores.com.au/ about how to make this fantasy a reality.

Oh So Luxurious

One of the main reasons you might want a rooftop swimming pool is for the sheer luxury of it. Imagine spending languid afternoons sunbathing beside the pool, cocktail in hand, stunning views and gorgeous blue skies above. It doesn’t get much better than that.

For inspiration check out some of the beautiful roof top hotel pools online. Try staying at one of these hotels and see how much you enjoy the luxury of a rooftop pool; an afternoon of drinks by the pool and a relaxing evening under the stars. You may well find yourself convinced that this is a luxury you most definitely need.

And So Very Private

One of the key advantages of a roof top pool is the privacy it affords. You will not have neighbours looking out at you as you enjoy your roof top pool. You can relax and enjoy yourself in complete and total privacy without having to give a thought to being watched. You can add beautiful gardens and shrubs and be in your own little oasis right on top of your roof. The normal rules about fencing do not apply to rooftop pools so in place of a fence you can enjoy glorious walls of green plants.

A Novel Idea

It is really hard to come up with a feature that gives your home a unique point of difference. The roof top pool will do just that. It is definitely not the norm. It will make your property stand out from all the others in your neighbourhood and maybe even your city. This uniqueness will add economic value to your property due to its aesthetic appeal and also the promise of lifestyle benefits a roof top pool offers.

Clever Use of Space

Utilising the space on top of your home is a really clever idea. Space is often limited in urban blocks and a swimming pool can be a luxury that you simply don’t have the space for. Enter the roof top pool! Not only does it allow you to enjoy swimming and lazing luxury, it also means that your backyard is still available for backyard projects, gardens, a game of backyard cricket, and some lovely green plant life in the midst of the noise and cement of the city.

You will need to organise separate plumbing and handling of water can be more difficult, but the advantages are well worth it. Shallower pools are often installed on the roof top so that the building can withstand the weight of the water.


A roof top pool allows you to enjoy the water and your roof top view at the same time. Properties with a view are more valuable. Add a swimming pool into that mix and you have a winning combination.