How to choose eye protection for travel

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We all love to travel to new places and gain new experiences that fill us with energy and vitality. But during the trip, our eyes are in significant danger from their exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. So protecting them is just as important as the rest of your travel planning because your eye health should always be at your forefront at all times. So you need to know what that eye protection option is during your trip. Keep reading to discover all the features you need to find in the sunglasses you will choose during your trip to a sunny destination.

Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories because they protect our eyes from UV rays and weather conditions and because they shape our personal style. They are a necessity and not a luxury. There are many designs on the market that we can choose from in a variety of colours and prices. In comparison, sunglasses are launched by the most famous brands abroad and brands more unknown to the general public. It is up to us to finally decide what we will choose to buy.

Lenses of glasses

It would be best if you bought sunglasses with high absorbency, without bubbles or foreign bodies. The skeleton rests only on the nose and the back of the ears. Avoid metal frames: metal oxidation can cause contact dermatitis.

Lenses colours for every season

Brown for intense sunshine, yellow or “mirrors” for winter sports, grey and grey-green for everyday use, while purple for the city and water sports. Very dark lenses significantly reduce the visible range. Gradually dark ones are suitable for driving.

Special Certification of your sunglasses

Every pair you buy should be accompanied by an Information Note, a Special Certificate and a CE mark. Look for these indications to ensure the quality of your sunglasses, and be sure that you have made a quality purchase that will effectively protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Special modifications for sunglasses and eyeglasses

Glasses for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and multifocal with particular order are transformed into sunglasses. The extra sunglasses above the glasses, although economical, offer poor quality of vision, with reflections.

Children’s sunglasses

When buying children’s glasses, you should look for sunglasses that offer full absorbency, are light in weight and unbreakable, as most children are careless and often cause damage to their sunglasses.

The appropriate shape and size of the sunglasses

Sunglasses should be placed comfortably without putting pressure on the nose and ears. When we wear them, they should sit at a short distance from the face (without touching the lashes), while the sun’s rays should not reach the eyes from above. The size of the skeleton should be proportional to our body type.

We should pay special attention to the above-mentioned characteristics because they concern the protection of our own vision. In order to be able to enjoy our journey, we must have ensured the safety of our eyesight throughout the day, making the appropriate purchase long ago. In this procedure, obviously, choosing a suitable ophthalmologist will give you the right solution. So by visiting the page, you will be able to make an appointment with the specialist ophthalmologist Aris Konstantopoulos, who will advise you appropriately for your purchase, which will meet the special needs of your eyes.

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Panama Jack Review

A couple of weeks ago, we were sent some products to review by Panama Jack, the beach and suncare company, to try out in the last weeks of the summer holidays. Being the mother of a very fair skinned, red-headed child, suncare is of the utmost importance to us, however the fact that Sausage also has very sensitive skin doesn’t make this task very easy. Even some of the well-known brands, which claim to be kind to sensitive skin, bring Sausage out in an acne-like rash all over her body, so switching brands is something that makes us very nervous.

The first product we tried was the Continuous SPF 50+ spray for kids, which is an aerosol-style spray and made the process of giving Sausage full coverage super easy. Although we’re religious about covering her, she does still hate the daily process of smearing thick cream on; standing still while I sprayed her all over took about 10 seconds and made the process a whole lot easier! The spray smells really nice, doesn’t feel too oily, gave excellent coverage and best of all, didn’t make her break out in the usual rash, so this product gets a full 10 out of 10 from us!

 photo 51xTzyHXXcL_SL1147__zpse7e98dcd.jpg

The next product we tried was the Sunscreen Stick for face, lips ears and nose, which again offered SPF 50+ protection. Ears are a place that people often miss when sunscreening, but this little stick made it really easy to cover the more delicate places and it was small enough to stick in a handbag in case we need to top up. And again, no rash.

 photo 31A-lOcBmmL_zps7e17b55f.jpg

Finally, we were sent two Panama Jack Lip Balms with SPF 45, in Vanilla and Tropical. Both of them had nice scents which didn’t overwhelm and neither felt too greasy, which is something I hate in a lip balm. Having extra protection for this lips is great, as they’re another place that people often forget when protecting the rest of their face and having a handy stick that can go into a pocket is brilliant.

 photo LIP-SEAL_zps0fb431fb.jpg

Overall, as a family we’ve been very impressed with the Panama Jack products we were sent. Having the peace of mind in knowing that the products don’t affect Sausage’s skin whilst offering good coverage and easy application has made the last few weeks of the summer holidays less stressful and has allowed us to enjoy the nice weather without any worries about sun damage.