Easy Additional Storage Options



We’ve all experienced it, there are simple too much stuff for the space in the house. Whether you’re drowning in kids toys, books or clothes then these extra storage options should be a big help for you.

Add some extra shelves

Shelves are great. You can make them so you can hang all your pans for easy access and free up a cupboard or pop your books on them. Wherever you have a spare bit of wall (that doesn’t have electric wires going through it) you can throw up a handy shelf.

Door Hooks

Door hooks are like shelves for doors. By this I mean you can attach them to any door and then you are able to hang anything from coats to dressing gowns on them. They are really cheap and are great if your wardrobes are bulging or you aren’t sure where you should put your nice fluffy dressing gown.

Ottoman Beds

This is one of the greatest space savers ever. The underneath of a bed is an underutilised storage option, but now thanks to ottoman beds that is no longer the case. Companies like Bed Star sell them and the top of the bed, mattress and all, simple flips up like the lid of a box revealing excellent under bed storage. Now you can fit shoes, clothes and pretty much anything else under the bed and access it easily.


Much like the ottoman beds, the ottoman is great storage solution. It is a cushioned box that you use to store things like books or DVDS in. Just like the ottoman bed is works great as it’s primary function which is either a comfy stool or soft leg rest. A great addition to any sitting area.

Additional Wardrobe

Perhaps you’ve tried all these things, but you still need more storage. Then I think it’s time you considered buying a new wardrobe. Whether you opt for a new bigger wardrobe or think a smaller additional one will work, is totally down to you. You want to get one that fits nicely in your room, but I would first consider getting some inserts for your current wardrobe. You can specially designed storage options for inside a wardrobe like special places to put t-shirts so you can maximise the storage. Also did you know that by rolling up closes the use up less space than when they are folded. That’s a pro tip for when you can’t get your suitcase to close before a holiday as well – roll your clothes rather than folding them.


Making Space for a New Baby

Before Burrito Baby came along, Husband, Sausage and I were living in a little 2-bed bungalow. We knew that finding space for a new baby would be tricky but we wanted to wait a little while before moving, so we made do for just over a year, which meant finding space for a whole new human being in our tiny house and utilising every nook and cranny possible!

The infographic below has got some great tips on how to maximise your space when baby comes along and we thought we’d share it with you in case you’re ever in the same predicament as us!
The Best Ways to Make Room for a New Baby

Provided by Alligator Storage

Have you got any top tops for finding space? Share them with us below.

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Life After Birth

One of the things that I’m preparing for already is recovering from my c-section, once the baby is born. Last time, I was in my early 20’s (young enough to bounce back with little effort!) and having Sausage in the neo-natal intensive care unit meant that I was backwards and forwards to the hospital and healing just kid of happened because it had to. I was so single minded about being there for Sausage that everything else took care of itself, something for which I’m really grateful.

This time, I’ll be almost 30 when the baby is born, I’m hoping to have a fairly ‘in-and-out’ hospital stay as my c-section will be planned and I’ll be home and caring for a baby (plus Sausage) in no time. Also, my SPD is worse this time around, as is my back pain, so my ‘changing mat on the floor’ method of dealing with Sausage’s nappies just won’t work! That’s why I’m going to be investing in one of these (from Childrens Bed Shop):

changing unit

As well as giving us some much-needed storage for the new babies’ things, the top is a changing unit,  which means I won’t need to bend too much when I’m changing her nappies. I can keep the top drawer stocked with nappies, wipes, cotton wool, Sudocrem and all the other things I’ll need for keeping her clean and dry, and it’ll save me scrabbling around trying to do it on the floor.

Changing units are also great for after the bath, and I’m a huge fan of baby massage, so I will definitely be using this to lay my new daughter on after her bath to give her some soothing rubs before bedtime. Sausage suffered terribly with constipation as a baby and baby massage is the only thing that helped, so it’s something I’m planning to do from the offset this time.

Once they both get older, we may even think about Steen children’s bunk beds, but that’s a long way in the future for now!

Do you have any tips for me on how I can manage with a baby, a five year old and a second c-section wound? I’d love to hear them!