Days Out

Educational Days Out For You And Your Kids

Having fun days out with your kids is great, but you can make them even better by ensuring they are as educational as possible. Here are some suggestions!

Forest Days Out
Forest days out are great for nature based learning. This allows holistic based development, and you can take your child to a forest school or head out alone. These sessions can take place on any natural environment, and they will help your kids learn more about things like geography and science.

Science Centres
Why not take your kids to a a hands-on science centre? This is so much more exciting than a classroom! You can inspire a passion for science and technology at places like the Science Museum London and the National Space Centre Leicester.

The Zoo
The zoo is designed with families in mind. You can all see animals up close that will have everyone in awe! Make sure you set challenges such as grouping by animal type and seeing how many different animals they can find.

This is one of the most famous historical sites in the world. There are many theories about how it came to be, and some even say that magicians created it. Studies have recently shown that there were parties held here! Some people even think it was used as an astronomical calendar. It’s educational, but there’s not that much to do here other than look, so you might want to plan a trip to explore nearby towns afterwards. You can learn more about it from the infographic below!

credit to Stonehenge Tour from London with Golden Tours