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Back to School with Smiggle (review)

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid if there was one thing which could make me feel better about going back to school it was new stationery, so when Smiggle got in touch and asked if we’d like some goodies for Sausage to make the back to school transition a bit nicer, of course I agreed! Her bundle arrived today to MUCH excitement. We were sent the following:


Smiggle Glitter Markers – £10

milk-shake-carton-scented-pencil-caseSmiggle Milkshake Carton Scented Pencil Case – £11.50

neon-watchSmiggle Neon Watch – £13.50

smiggle colour change pencilsSmiggle Scented Colour-Change Pencils – £1.50 each (£6)

smiggle scented lipstick eraserSmiggle Scented Glitter Lipstick Eraser – £2

I’m not going to lie; the levels of stationery-related hysteria were at an all time high last night. Sausage spent about an hour testing out her new gear, drawing with her pencils and colouring in with her pens. I swear, she even made deliberate mistakes just so that she could use her eraser. She was sad that her class has a no-pencil case rule so she couldn’t take them in to school with her but she wore her watch and proudly showed off the touch-activated face to anyone within earshot.

From a parental point of view, all of the stuff she was sent was really high quality (and the pencil case smelled good enough to eat!). It’s probably a little more than we’d usually spend on stationery items but the unique designs means that they felt quite special compared to ‘normal’ pens and pencils. I think they’d probably make really nice gifts for kids of Sausage’s age, especially the watch which comes in various different colours. Smiggle vouchers would probably also go down really well as just the name “Smiggle” seems to instil excitement in kids (and me, if I’m being really honest; I’m a sucker for stationary).

Without wishing to use the “C” word too much, I think a lot of the smaller items like pencils and rubbers would make really nice stocking fillers at Christmas, and I believe Smiggle also does an advent calendar which I just know Sausage is going to want.

All in all we were really pleased with Sausage’s Smiggle goodies and I know we’ll be heading to the Smiggle store, next time we’re in Lakeside. Thanks to Smiggle for our stationary stash.

Top of the Class – Mum’s the Word Recommends…Ryman Stationary

As some of you may know, Sausage starts school next month, which means lots of uniform, stationary, bag, shoe and PE kit buying but as we’re new to this, we had no idea where to start. It occurred to me that if we’re feeling a little unsure then the chances are, other first-timers will be too so here at Casa Crammond, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review and recommend all of the essential back to school kit you’ll need.

First up: Ryman Stationary

One thing you need to know about me is that I love stationary. Probably to an unhealthy degree. But I don’t care, I just adore pens, paper, maths sets…there’s so much promise in an empty notebook and I get giddy at the lovely things on offer in a stationers. Sausage is just like her Mummy in this respect and she’s been seriously looking forward to getting her new pencil case, so when Ryman Stationary sent us a £25 voucher, we were both really excited!

We spent £22.81 and this is what it got:

1. Europa Pink Wallet File – £1.29

2. Pentel R50 Handwriting Pen – £2.29

3. Stabilo Fluorescent Pencils (4pk) – £1.99

4. Ryman A4 100 Sheet Lined Refill Pad – £1.59

5. Crayola Metallic Markers (5pk) – £4.49

6. Pilot V5 Hi-Tec Fine Point Pen in Pink – £2.69

7. Maped Boogy Pencil Sharpeners (3pk) – £0.99

8. Helix Glitzy Folding Ruler – £1.29

9. UHU Glitter Glue (6pk) – £3.49

10. Cats and Hearts Pencil Case – £3.99

Obviously, not all of these items are completely essential to start school with, Sausage could probably get by simply by taking the pencil case containing the pencils, sharpeners and handwriting pen, but I told her she could use the voucher to get whatever she wanted and I think she chose well. The Crayola Metallic Markers were the most expensive item but as they’re branded, that’s no great surprise. Our receipt shows that three of the items we bought qualified for their 3 for 2 offer, though I’m not sure which ones, but we saved £1.29 over all.

I was really pleasantly surprised by how much Ryman Stationary offers, our local store looks quite small but has so much packed inside and they offer a really broad range of brands too. The 3 for 2 is on their Back to School items and you can see the full range here.

A great start to our Top of The Class series, Ryman Stationary gets an A* from Mum’s the Word!