Designer Lighting Trends

Lighting is a prominent feature in 2016 design trends and it can be used to help lift a space and is a relatively easy way to incorporate some designer flair into your home.  A wonderful way to make an impact, lighting is now being used much more as a focal point rather than just as a way to light a space.  Whether you are in need of a statement or a clever way to light a certain area, this trend hit list is sure to give you some ideas.Lighting

First up, we have statement suspension lighting that combines two design trends this year: metals and fifties glamour.  Brass and rose gold are the hot metals at the moment and they create beautiful soft rays of light in a space, making it warm and cosy yet it still retains a feeling of elegance.  These rich metals paired with a black or a white high gloss finish would seem over decadent if they were not carefully mingled with mid-century design silhouettes.  It is this combination, the luxury materials matched with relaxed shapes, that makes for some truly elegant lighting.  Portuguese brand Delightfull has done just this and their Ike collection is a stylish representation of these trends.

Next, we have a style that has been prevalent in the last few years and still remains strong.  Pendant lighting is here to stay and has found itself to be so versatile that design has been able to constantly evolve or change to suit the current space layouts that are fashionable.   For example, cluster 3 or 4 pendant ceiling lights together and hang them low over a dining table for an intimate effect.  If that isn’t interesting enough then hang them at different heights or mix and match colours or styles to go wild.  Just in this one space there are so many possibilities.  Instead of clustering, line three in a row above a kitchen island for a more formal, uniform effect.  And if you are feeling particularly inspired, talk to your electrician about having a pendant light hang either side of your bed for some contemporary flare.

Last but certainly not least, we have beautiful, hand-blown glass.  These Nordic and minimalist-inspired designs are the perfect example of striking simplicity.  Each piece is completely unique in some way as they have all been individually blown and this really adds to their charm.  The clear or coloured glass allows the viewer to notice the bulb inside and so it is a great match for coloured or Edison bulbs to inject a little nugget of interest within.  Czech brand SkLO have an exquisite collection of hand blown lights and accessories and their statement Float 20 floor light is a lovely example of this growing trend.  Find it at The Longest Stay and use as a feature lamp to create low-level light in a snug, reading corner.  The craftsmanship of hand blowing is a skill that ensures true quality in designer lighting.