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Me and My Boobs.

Okay, here’s some background info.

I got my first bra when I was nine. I had to wear a bra for two years of primary school. I remember getting changed for P.E. for the first time after getting it and a girl in my class ran into the boys changing room and told the whole year that Jayne wears a bra. I was mortified, but that was the start of it all.

By the time I started senior school, my boobs were a C-cup. In year nine, I wore a double-D. In fact, my friends called me DeeDee for a while. Until they kept growing. By the time I left senior school, I had G-cup boobs. 16 and a G-cup. There were two Jaynes in my year (actually, one Jayne and one Jane) but if someone said ‘Ja(y)ne’ and they didn’t know which one, I’d invariably be described as ‘The One with the Boobs’. I put up with years of conversations with teenage boys who couldn’t tell you what I looked like from the neck up, but were familiar with every contour that nestled under my shirt.

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Get Running – Day Three

I realised that I should have been cataloguing the actual course of runs, so starting today, here’s the info:

Week One, Run Three

1 minute of running followed by 1 1/2 minutes of brisk walking, eight times with five minutes warm up and cool down. 

You know that expression; “sorting the wheat from the chaff”? Well, I’ve decided that’s what running does to the body (bear with me here, it’s a bit of a strained metaphor but it’s late and I’m having a rare bout of insomnia so my brain may not be on full power). So, the wheat would be my knees, lungs, leg muscles – these are the bits that all seem to be working well, much to my surprise and don’t seem to be giving me any jip. Hips and neck muscles – well, they would be the chaff.

During todays’ run, which is the last one of the first week, my neck went into spasm around 30 seconds into run five and I had to spend the rest of the runs holding my right arm up. I’m actually due to have my first round of physio this week as I have a long-running problem with my neck and back, exacerbated by the weight of my stupidly ample boobage, and although I’m already wearing a Shock Absorber, I may have to look into other sports bras.

Speaking of attire, I was lucky enough to be sent some running tights and a t-shirt by Sports Direct last week. I’ve not worn the t-shirt yet as it’s still a bit snug, but I wore the tights today and they were a godsend. Although they’re full length, they kept me really cool. I’ve been wearing various jogging bottoms up til now and I find myself pulling them up at the waistband every 20 seconds, but I didn’t have to hike the tights up even once while I was running. It’s amazing just how much difference it can make to your comfort to not have to think about silly things like baggy bottoms!

So anyway, the actual running – I have to say, I’m really surprised by how quickly my level of fitness has improved in just three short workouts. Todays run was exponentially easier than the first and second and I found myself less out of breath after each one. I really am starting to enjoy it and I have my route down pat now too, which really helps. I’m actually looking forward to going out for my next run, especially as Get Running is going to move on to week two, where I’ll have to run for a minute and a half each time!

Thanks to anyone who has read and commented on these posts so far, it really means a lot to have support from you all.