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Is Your Bathroom Top of the Trends?

Is Your Bathroom Top of the Trends?Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

How did you choose the colour scheme, fixtures and fittings for your bathroom? Did you plan a bathroom that is comfortable, cosy and designed to your own taste? Or were you led by trends you spotted in the shops or on social media? If you’re in the midst of planning bathroom makeover, maybe you’ve been soaking up what’s in style to help you plan what your future bathroom will look like? 

Whether you’re planning a bathroom makeover or have the bathroom of your dreams already in place, how does it measure up against the biggest trends of the past, present and future? Let’s take a look.

The New Trend Predictions

According to experts at The Times, autumn/winter interiors for 2019 are all about darker tones, bold hues and eco touches like bamboo furniture and houseplants. These all make for a perfect storm look in the bathroom. If you prefer things a little less dramatic, you might have fun with Pantone’s tipped trend for 2020 – all things nautical. According to the colour specialists, the interiors sector will immerse itself in all things sea-related next year. 

The nautical look is a perfect match for bathroom spaces and there’s never a shortage of beach hut emblazoned blinds or lighthouse, seagulls or anchor printed fabrics or accessories. If you’d like to avoid nautical decor tropes such as red, white and blue stripes, there are lots of great looks in stores to help you head down a path that’s a little less well-trodden. Choosing seashells, coral and seaweed prints will introduce some beautiful relaxing colours and give you interesting patterns and shapes to work with.

Trends Getting Love Right Now

Hands up who follows an unhealthy amount of interiors accounts on Instagram? Having inspiration at your fingertips can be a great thing when you’re planning updates in the home, but can you guess which looks and features people are hitting the like button for right now? And more importantly, have you channelled any of these trends into the design of your bathroom?

Harvey Water Softeners recently analysed the top twenty posts on Instagram across five different bathroom trend related hashtags to uncover the biggest bathroom trends. Top of the trends were classic choices like white tiles, dual sinks, hanging plants and freestanding oval baths. Also clocking up the likes were geometric tiles, circular mirrors and luxurious rainfall showers. 

Taps of all different colours are apparently catching the eye, with gold taps, black taps and silver taps all named among the top trends. Similarly, gold and black-framed mirrors also made a mark. Black bathroom fixtures are most definitely enjoying a moment, with black shower doors and towel rails also proving popular. 

If you fancy heading to the dark side, you’ll find black bathroom fixtures and fittings such as sinks, radiators, shower hoses and basin mixers at the Bathroom Discount Centre. Recessed shower shelves are another lusted after feature along with glamorous marble or floating sinks. Those looking for an instant update may want to try popular and pretty boho rugs, practical pine shelves or woven baskets.

Best Ever Bathroom Trends

We’ve looked at what’s next for bathroom design, but do you have a favourite trend from the past? There are plenty of traditional looks that have stood the test of time and if you’re decorating your home to put it up for sale, adopting styles and trends that appeal to the masses can be a smart approach.

Dunelm recently dug into the best and worst ever home decorating trends and highlighted a lot of love for many interiors trends that lend themselves to bathroom spaces. Among the most loved trends here in the UK are en suite bathrooms, wet rooms, freestanding baths, LED lighting, and underfloor heating. Stripped wood floors, shabby chic furniture and vintage revival items are among the other enduring trends that would look right at home in the bathroom.

Can you take a guess at the trends of past decades that were the least liked? Unsurprisingly, many of those surveyed said they weren’t fans of fluffy toilet seat covers (33%) or had an aversion to avocado coloured suites (33%). Putting carpet down in the bathroom was also a pet peeve for 29% of respondents.

 So, how does your bathroom fair when it comes to trends past, present and future? Is your bathroom space top of the trends or in a league of its own when it comes to popular colours, fixtures and features? Is your sense of interior styling more on-trend than you thought or are you happy to find that your own unique approach in the bathroom is what’s made it the perfect space for you?

Upgrading our Bathroom on a Budget

A few months back, our landlady visited to take a look at some things around the house that we were having issues with, and while she was here she said a sentence that sounded like music to my ears:

“You could probably do with a new bathroom, couldn’t you?”

Don’t get me wrong, our current bathroom is functional, but there’s nothing nice about it, and I’d be ecstatic to have a newer one fitted. She’s planning to have it done over the summer which gives me plenty of time to fantasise about shower doors and other things I’d love to be done. Here are a few of them:

New Shower

Our current shower runs off of the taps, which is fine, but the water pressure isn’t hugely high and our heating relies on LPG deliveries, meaning that when we ran out in the dead of winter we were stuck for two weeks over Christmas without being able to have a shower or bath! I’d love her to replace it with an electirc shower, so it wasn’t reliant on gas, and I’m hoping her plumber will compare a range of shower pumps at Pump Sales Direct so that we end up with decent amount of pressure!

Re-Enamel the Bath

Our bath is actually a really decent old cast-iron bath and while there’s nothing wrong with the structure, it could really do with a new coating of enamel as the surface has gone a little patchy. Re-enamelling a bath is a great way to update an old model without needed to spend masses or do tricky plumbing work.

Tiling the Walls

At the moment, we have tiling around the splash-back of the sink and on the wall that the bath adjoins to, but I’d love for the tiling to cover all of the wall surfaces in the bathroom. This would make it super easy to keep clean and looking nice, and would also help to hide the problem we have with mould in the rooms upstairs. I also have a huge thing about white tiles with grey grouting, so if I could manage to convince her to do this, I’d be one happy tenant!

Replacing the Floor

At the moment, we have carpet in the bathroom, which means it’s pretty warm in the winter but I find it a really impractical as it gets wet all the time. Also, who wants to vaccum the bathroom?! If I had my way, I’d go for some beautiful blakc and white checkerboard tiles on the floor to give it a classic, clean look which can be dressed up with accessories of any colour.


At the moment, we have one, very small, bathroom cabinet which offers very little in the way of storage and I spend my life trying to find places to discreetly stack the masses of bathroom products that we seem to accrue. I’d love a cabinet around the pedestal of the sink or even a sliding bath panel so that we could utilise that empty space under the bath.

What would you add if you had the chance to design your dream bathroom?

Bath or Shower?

245776_R_Z001When it comes to bathroom furniture, everyone has their preference. Husband and Sausage love to wallow in a nice, deep bath while I prefer standing under a hot shower after a long day. I’m a huge fan of the traditional roll-top bath with big brass taps, while Husband likes the sleek lines of an ultra modern suite. In an ideal world, we’d live in a house big enough to have bathrooms of our own, to suit our needs (and I wouldn’t have to pick up soggy towels and empty shower gel bottles, either!).

I wondered what my blogging friends had to say about their ideal bathroom, so I asked around and this is what they told me:

Angie from Cakes, Photos Life said: “I love a shower, always makes me feel clean and refreshed. Husband on the other hand refuses point blank unless none available, a full bath every morning. I have a basic bathroom but would love an ultra modern large power shower”

Helen from The Crazy Kitchen said: “I prefer a shower, hate having a bath & only like white suites with no fancy scalloped edges or gold taps! I would love a wet room or walk in shower….”

Laura from Tired Mummy of Two said: “I would love a large deep bath but tend to have showers most days”

Mummy is a Gadget Geek said: “My ideal bathroom would have a bath that’s great for reading in, mixer taps with a shower attachment so I don’t need to stand up to wash my hair, underfloor heating and a heated towel rail full of snuggly fluffy towels. More modern than traditional but as long as the water is hot and the bath is relaxing I’ll be happy!”

Charlotte from Winegums and Watermelons said “My ideal bathroom would have a shower and a bath. A nice big bath to relax in (maybe with the spa jets?) and a power shower for when I need waking up. Underfloor heating and tiles, definitely not carpet!”

Aby from You Baby, Me Mummy said: “My ideal bathroom would have underfloor heating and a heated towel rail. I would love a rainforest type shower with the massive showerhead and a free standing bath – obviously with an amazing view!”


My Dream Shower

As you may or may not know, Husband and I eloped and got married on the tiny, tropical island of Vakarufalhi in The Maldives. We spent two weeks living in a beach-side bungalow, surrounded by white sand, reefs filled with tropical fish and sea that closely resembled bath water. The island was as close to paradise as I could ever hope to witness and our accommodation was seriously swanky, too. My favourite feature was our bathroom – accessed through a door in the bedroom, it actually only had three walls; part of it was entirely outside! We had the normal bath/shower/toilet/sink combination, but then in the outdoor section we had a shower that, although closed in from prying eyes by a tall wall, was completely out in the open! You don’t know liberation until you’ve walked out of the sea, across hot sand and then stood completely starkers in your own private tropical garden having a shower under the sky!

Outdoor showerNot hugely clear, but this is the view from the shower in our bungalow!

I’ve been a bit obsessed with ‘The Perfect Bathroom’ since then and Eau Couture have got some fixtures and fittings which come pretty darn close. I’ve accepted that, in a UK climate, I’m never going to get my open-air shower, but I do love the idea of a huge rainforest-style shower head which is less luke-warm trickle and more full-on waterfall effect! There’s nothing worse than a shower where you have to choose between allowing the water to get really hot but coming out like a dribble, or proper powerful jets which you can only ever have lukewarm.

I’m generally more of a shower girl, but that’s because our bath is too damn small to allow for proper soakage. If money were no object, I’d have a tub like this:


In fact, I’d probably never get out of the bath at all if I had a tub like that, however I’d have a fight on my hands as both Husband and Sausage LOVE the bath!

What would your dream bathroom look like?