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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Every Occasion

When money is tight, a woman may find she cannot purchase multiple pairs of shoes at one time. She must choose only one or two styles and make do with them until the budget frees up. Fortunately, there are certain types of shoes that are very versatile and can be worn for different types of events. What types of shoes should a woman choose for every occasion? 


A good pair of flats is ideal for those days when a woman doesn’t have time to change between the office and her evening plans. By selecting a pair of flats, she can ensure her feet don’t hurt from the shoes and she can do more throughout the day. Some women choose to invest in pumps for this purpose, but others find they prefer a pair of oxfords. As there are so many styles to choose from, every woman should be able to find at least one pair of flats she loves at fillyflair.com

Casual Shoes

Every woman, even those who don’t regularly take part in sports, needs a good pair of casual shoes. While many of these shoes are designed for a specific sport, others are offered that can be used for multiple purposes. Pull these shoes out for a day at the mall when a great deal of walking will be done or for those times when the kids have an outdoor activity and mom wants to ensure she can keep up. This doesn’t mean a woman must go with a pair of athletic shoes, however. Select a pair of canvas tennis shoes or those that can be slipped on and off with ease. These are typically more than enough for outings such as these. 

Weather-Appropriate Footwear

Ladies often overlook weather-appropriate footwear when they go to purchase new shoes. Doing so is a mistake, as footwear manufacturers now understand a woman wants to be fashionable regardless of what the weather is like. Rain boots, snow boots, and more are now more stylish than ever before, and every female should have at least one pair of rain or snow boots in her closet. 


For those times when convenience is the top priority, sliders are great to have. Simply slide the foot into the shoe and head out the door. Just because these shoes are comfortable and easy to wear doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish as well. Be sure to try on a number of pairs to find the shoe that is most comfortable and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. Women who take the time to do so find they get more use out of the sliders and enjoy them more. 

Sandals With Heels

Every woman should own at least one pair of sandals with heels, preferably more. This type of shoe is perfect for formal occasions and can be worn to work with ease. A black pair is ideal for either situation, and a white pair can be obtained for weddings and other events during the summer months. The same is true of a nude pair of sandals with heels. The key is to choose a pair with a small heel, approximately one or two inches, as this makes the shoe more versatile. 

Invest in high-quality shoes and feel the difference. Women tend to spend a great deal of time on their feet and need to ensure the right shoes are selected for the occasion. Make use of the above suggestions and you’ll find you always have the right footwear regardless of what is on your schedule. 

What to Wear This Christmas

Christmas FireplaceFor me, there’s no better time of year to indulge in some new clothes than Christmas. The idea of having a bath on Christmas morning and getting into a new outfit for Christmas dinner is one that I absolutely love, and this year I’m on the lookout for the perfect Christmas jumper!

Our Christmas Day usually goes a bit like this:

  1. Get woken by VERY excited children
  2. Open presents whilst listening to Christmas music
  3. Have a nice breakfast (usual involving a lot of bacon!)
  4. Go to Tony’s Aunt’s for Christmas dinner
  5. Spend all day eating lovely food, playing SingStar and board games with the kids and generally having a wonderful, family-oriented day.

As you can see, although I like a new outfit, I’m not expected to be ultra-glam, which means that I can opt for a comfortable pair of women’s flats on my feet, rather than having to teeter around on high heels (which is especially important after a few port and lemons!).

Layers are very important for my perfect Christmas outfit. I like to have the option of a cosy jumper to wear in case I get chilly, seeing as I am what my Husband calls a “chilly bum”! However, a nice t-shirt underneath is essential for when the Christmas glow kicks in (you know, that time when you’re full of turkey, you’ve had a couple of drinks and the house starts to feel like a sauna!). I’ll probably opt for jeans on my bottom half, purely because I wear very little else on a day to day basis, but I am also tempted by all of the Christmas dresses I’ve been seeing lately.

This year, for the very first time, all five of us, including Chuck, are staying at the mother-in-law’s house overnight on Christmas Day night! We’re not able to leave Chuck on his own all day long and now that we live farther away, it’ll mean either me not drinking and driving home or getting a very expensive cab, so we’re grateful for the offer of a place to bunk down. This means that new pyjamas are also going to be a must for me and the girls (what better excuse, huh?!) so I’m looking forward to picking out something cosy to wear in bed.

Do you enjoy picking a Christmas outfit or do you wear something tried and tested on the big day? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Summer Shoes for the Whole Family

It has to be said, I’m definitely a flip-flops kinda girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of winter boots, but I’m never happier than when I realise that the weather is warm enough for me to get my sandals on! I’ve been taking a look at the Reef website, planning a few purchases for the whole family for the upcoming warmer weather and I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you:

For Sausage


I absolutely love these flamingo print flip flops for my biggest girl. She’s totally bonkers about animals and anything nature related, so the print on these would be absolutely perfect, and when paired with the sparkle on the straps, they’d be the ideal pretty yet practical sandal for her. They’d coordinate with almost everything in her wardrobe too, which is a real bonus, especially when kids grow out of things so quickly and buying multiples of everything can be expensive.

For Husband

I was pleasantly surprised to see mens stuff on the Reef site, too. Husband is like me and likes to get his toes out on particularly hot days so I reckon these mens leather sandals would be great for him. The fact that they feature full arch support and a hardwearing sole make them perfect for Husband, and the simple, stylish look is something I know he’d go for.

For Me

I have to say, I struggled to find something for myself…not because there’s a lack of things that I like but because there’s SO much stuff that I wanted! The turquoise flip flops look great for a summers’ day or a stroll on the beach, while the leather flip flops look like the perfect shoe to take on a summer holiday – great for both day and evening wear, allowing you to save plenty of space for duty-free make up in your case! The slightly more closed-in show is probably more befitting of a British summer, when the weather can change at the drop of a hat and would also be perfect with office work-wear.

Sadly, Burrito Baby is still too small for Reef shoes, but as soon as she’s big enough we’ll be treating her, too!

What would you choose for yourself and your family? Leave me a comment below.

Clarks Shoes for Babies

Up until recently, Burrito Baby only ever wore socks on her feet when we left the house; more often than not she was in her snowsuit, which covers her feet and doesn’t allow for shoes, but now that the weather is warming up slightly, she’s happier in a coat which meant that the time was here to buy her first shoes. We didn’t want to just go for soft pram shoes, as they wouldn’t be useful if she wanted to be on her feet, so when Clarks asked is we’d take a look at their cruising range, we were happy to oblige.

At first, I wanted to go for something like the Halcy Pop, which would be pretty and comfortable for BB.


However, Husband being the wise fellow that he is suggested that we go for something with a little more ankle support for our new little walker, so we considered these cute pink desert boots:


In the end we opted for the Alana Erin, which we felt would give the best combination of comfort and support for BB, along with style and practicality. These boots go with pretty much every outfit BB owns and look like they’ll stand up to a good bashing from our toddler!


We were really impressed with how extensive the Clarks range is for babies and toddlers and will definitely be going back for BB’s next pair of shoes. She’s still finding her feet in her new boots, unable to decide whether they’re the best thing ever or the weirdest thing ever, and she does look a little bit like Bambi on ice when she first puts them on, but it’s all a learning process!

We can’t wait to see BB’s proper first steps, where she’s not holding onto anything for balance and we feel confident that Clarks shoes will be a great help to her as she starts her new walking adventure.

The Importance of Comfortable Shoes

img_category3Yesterday, I went to London for a Google Mums event, which meant dropping Sausage off at school, heading straight for the station, jumping on a train, various tubes, walking around in several circles while I looked for the right building an then doing it all again in reverse and getting home in time to collect Sausage from school again. Once I got home, we realised that we didn’t have anything in for tea, so the three of us hopped into the car and went straight to the supermarket for a quick shop (which turned into the inevitable full trolley, hour-long jaunt).

By the time I got my out of my shoes, I realised that I’d been wearing them for over 10 hours and my feet were killing me. The combination of being pregnant and on my feet all day long, meant that my feet were seriously suffering. I’m not sure that I want to replace all of my shoes and boots, so I started looking at the benefits of orthotic insoles. Insoles could provide me with a budget-friendly solution to uncomfortable shoes, which is pretty important given that having a baby can be so expensive! The other benefit is that orthotics actually help to adjust your gait and posture, which will be really important for me as I get bigger, especially as I’m contending with SPD as well.

Womens Vionic shoes are another option if I want to go for a properly constructed shoe to help with comfort and posture and there are some great options out there, both smart and casual for any occasion. They’re all designed by a podiatrist, which means that you can trust them to be seriously kind to your feet and the retro bowling-shoe style casual pumps would look great with jeans or combats.

Now, excuse me while I go and dream about comfortable shoes!

Back to School with Clarks Shoes

A few weeks ago, Clarks asked us if we’d like to go along to our nearest store and have Sausage properly measured for her next pair of school shoes, so armed with our £40 voucher we went along to the Southend branch this week to get started with our back to school preparations.

When we got to the store, I was eternally grateful that we’d arranged an appointment – the upper floor where the kids shoes are housed resembled a soft play centre on a rainy day rather than a shoe shop! The assistants were run off of their feet and it whole place had the electric atmosphere that you get when 2 dozen hyperactive children are verging on shopping-induced revolt!

Thankfully, we found a corner to sit in and we didn’t have to wait long for an assistant to come and measure Sausage’s feet. I was impressed with how thorough the measuring process was, having never been to a Clarks before and was pleased to note that they check width as well as length, which I think is really important for feet which are still growing.

Clarks Feet Measuring

Once the lady determined what size Sausage would need (10G, just in case you wondered!), she presented us with boxes of shoes that came in the right size, which was really helpful as it saved Sausage from getting her heart set on something, only to be told that she couldn’t have them.

Eventually, Sausage chose a black patent leather pair, with a velcro strap which would make it easier for her to get them on and off when getting changed for P.E. and swimming. The fitting didn’t end at the measuring though, as the Clarks assistant then put the shoes on Sausage, checked how much space her toes had, checked for space at the heel and even checked to see that the shoe wasn’t too tight on the top of Sausage’s foot. I must say, it was the most thorough shoe fitting I’ve ever seen, and the woman had no idea that we were there for a review, so it’s not like she rolled out any special treatment for us.

Clarks School Shoes

The shoes themselves seem to be very good quality. The sole is thick and sturdy, the strap looks very well attached and the attention to detail on the upper and inner is very pretty – they even have fairies printed on the inside, which Sausage immediately fell in love with! These shoes were £34, which I thought was reasonable for a pair of good-quality shoes.

Clarks Shoes Attention to Detail

Most importantly, Sausage is very comfortable in her new shoes and I think they’re going to last her very well over the coming school year. Thank you, to Clarks, for having us along to pick out some shoes – Sausage is a very happy girl!

Hotter Shoes – Review and Giveaway

Hi. My name is Jayne. I’m a woman and I like shoes. I’m sorry if that statement upsets you or if this admission takes the sheen off of my feminist-lefty-pro choice exterior, but I can’t help that. I do have a few disclaimers to add though:

1. I like my shoes to look nice

2. Above all, they MUST be comfortable

Gone are the days that I teeter around all day long in 5-inch heels, my ankles just cannot take the pressure anymore and I’m not as…lithe as I was in my early 20’s. The problem I have it that most of the shoes that I find aesthetically pleasing are actually ankle-murdering, toe-binding, blister-forming nightmares and I have an awful habit of buying shoes (hello, 4-inch leopard print pumps bought for 25th birthday evening…) and wearing them only once or twice before vowing to never torture my feet in them ever again.

So, when I was offered a pair of Hotter shoes to try, having heard their reputation of style and comfort, I tried to remain open minded. These are the ones I chose:

The heel on the shoes is enough to elongate the leg and make me feel taller without being a such an oblique angle that all of the pressure is on the balls of my feet, which is a real bonus. I’m a big fan of wearing slightly muted clothes with a statement shoe and these really fit the bill and I have several outfits that I could wear them with too, so they get another 10 points for versatility. The shoes are of a really good quality too, which makes me sound a bit like my Nan, but the older I get the more stock I place on quality rather than ‘BUY ALL THE THINGS’ and have them fall apart in minutes.

The wedges have a cushioned sole, which added to the comfort factor and they’re slightly wider than your average fashion heel too, so there’s room for ALL of your toes, not just 60% of them whilst the others are squished to oblivion. All in all, these shoes are EPIC.

Now, here’s the fun part – You can win your very own pair of Hotter shoes too! Hotter have given Mum’s the Word readers a chance to win any pair of shoes from their current collection. Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance of winning:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ANNNND, as if that wasn’t good enough, Hotter have been kind enough to give Mum’s the Word readers their own discount code, giving new customers 10% off of any full priced pair of shoes from the current range and free P&P on your order!

Just use the code PHAMTW at the checkout.

Good luck!

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