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Child Car Safety for the New School Term

Commissioned Post

It’s that time of year again. The bliss of the summer months have flown past in an unforgivable blur and here we are at the beginning of the new school term. Uniforms to buy, pencil cases to fill and of course the dreaded school run.

The rules and regulations of child transportation are somewhat more complex now than they were when we were children. It may be wise to check up on some of the current advice and guidelines in place ahead of the new school term.

The Rules and Regulations

Children are required by law to sit in a booster seat until they are over the age of 12 or 135 cm in height, whichever comes first. In addition, the driver is responsible for ensuring that the youngster is wearing a seatbelt until they reach the age of 14, as at that age they are considered liable for their own safety. The reason behind these rules are to protect a child from being injured in the event of an accident.

All child seats used must adhere to EU regulations, this will be indicated by the presence of a capital E inside a circle on the labelling. A detailed account of the kinds of car seats available can be found here: http://www.childcarseats.org.uk

There are also some exemptions to these rules that are worth checking out to keep your child and any other children in your care safe.

Driving with Children

It’s easy to concentrate on the children rather than keeping your eyes on the road, particularly on familiar journeys. However, driving safely should take precedence over all other concerns. It might help if you give your child something to keep them occupied.

Your driveway is an area where you would be well advised to take extra special care when children are concerned. It’s easy for a child to wander in front of, or behind a car particularly when you are reversing (you may not see them). Make sure all manoeuvres are at very slow speeds to give yourself time to react and where possible ask another adult to help you.

Child Safety Inside and Out

Carshop.co.uk explains to us that car doesn’t have to be moving for it to be a safety hazard. In an ideal world we should never have to leave children alone in a car, but the world is not always an ideal place. Make sure you are aware of the dangers, including:

  •  Keeping your keys with you at all times and locking your vehicle.
  • Where possible you should turn the wheels so that should the car start to move, it will be prevented by the curb.
  • Leave windows open on warm days so the children do not become too over heated.
  • Keeping all dangerous objects out of reach.

 Car Safety Features for the Wise Parent

Cars are getting more and more complex and while there are a range of safety features available that can make cars more child friendly, there are some innovations that may be less beneficial. You would be well advised to think carefully when making your choice.

A car with a push button start, may not be a sensible choice. Particularly if the engine will begin while you and the keys are a short distance away. Alternatively, a vehicle that relies on you pressing the clutch to start the engine could be a better choice.

One of the best features available are electric car windows that have an automatic shut-off when they feel any pressure. This can go a tremendously long way toward protecting little fingers and even heads from getting trapped.

All you really need is the right information and with that, the rest becomes a matter of using your common sense. With the right foundations in place and awareness of the potential hazards, you should enjoy happy motoring with (hopefully) happy children.

What to Buy The Kid Who Has Everything! – Bean Bag Bazaar Review

This year, Christmas present buying hasn’t been quite so simple. Sausage is getting older now and is at a bit of an in-betweeny phase – lots of stuff seems either too young or too old for her and she has quite a lot of everything already. Plus, don’t you find that you spend a few months caching ideas of what to get your kids for Christmas, only to be asked by lots of relatives what they’d like and you end up giving all of your ideas away?!

One thing that has saved us a bit, in terms of ideas, is that we’re giving Sausage’s bedroom a bit of a makeover to bring it up to her new ‘big-girl-who-goes-to-school-now’ standards so we’ve been thinking of things that we can get her to make it into her very own girl-cave! For one of her big presents, we’ll be getting her her first TV so that she can watch her DVDs in her room and have her Wii console in there too. We had wanted to get her a small armchair to go in there too but all of the ones we liked were astronomically priced, so we looked at beanbags instead and found Bean Bag Bazaar.

Bean Bag Bazaar doesn’t just cater for kids, they sell bean bags for adults too for both indoor and outdoor use, bean bags which are ideal for gaming and some beautiful kids ones to boot. They also have a range of Jacqueline Wilson bean bags which are brightly coloured and perfect for a reading corner or a spot of TV watching, and we’ve been lucky enough to be sent one to review.

The one we chose was the Jacqueline Wilson™ Kids Classic Bean Bag – Bookshelf (£49.99 pictured above) and although we’ve put it away for Sausage to have at Christmas, Husband and I have given it a through once-over and the quality is really very high. The material that the bag is made of is not only bright and beautiful but feels incredibly hard-wearing too and I can imagine it taking a real battering without any problems! The blurb on the site says:

“This Jacqueline Wilson™  style bean bag is officially designed by BeanBagBazaar. It has a pretty bookshelf print and is the perfect accompaniment to the latest Jacqueline Wilson™ book. It is made from strong and sturdy water-resistant fabric and features double zips, to keep all beans secure inside the beanbag.”

It’s suitable for ages 3-10 and the he best part about the beanbag is that it can be used indoors and outdoors, which means it will be perfect for Sausage to sit on in the garden and read her books or do some drawing when the weather starts to improve. We can even imagine taking it camping or to the beach in the summer as a handy seat too!

If you’ve got a kid who’s hard to buy for, I can highly recommend any of the Jacqueline Wilson range and judging by the quality of this beanbag, the rest of the ones on the site would be a great buy too! Oh and all kids beanbags are buy one get one half price at the moment. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from The Crammonds!