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How to Use a Rug in a Child’s Bedroom

You’re finally ready to move your daughter or son into their own room – but it needs a bit of redecorating, first! Adding a rug is one of the easiest ways to personalize your child’s room, while adding some function and comfort as well.

These days, rugs are available in a wide variety of materials and colours. Remember to choose something that is comfortable on your child’s skin, particularly their knees. Consider a rug that has a particular design on it to add an element of fun and adventure to the room – a rug with a built-in roadmap, or perhaps a forest scene. Or you may opt for something classic and quality, like a beautiful wool rug.

For more information on these and other considerations for rugs in a child’s bedroom, see the infographic below from Land of Rugs:

Your Style Guide to find the Best Rug

rugWhen it comes to choosing the best rug for your home, each rug style will offer something unique to help keep your decor focused. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting, wood flooring or tile, adding a stylish rug to your home will not only give your home a finished look but protect your floors too. Below we discuss some of the top rug styles and where they are best placed to help you find your ultimate rug.

Modern rugs

Modern area rugs are a brilliant neutral design element to help centre or focus a living space. Opt for cut-loop rugs or low-pile hook-and-loop in neutral hues and with subtle or solid patterns. The secret behind decorating with modern rugs is to allow the rug to complement your décor and furniture rather than overpowering it. The great thing about modern rugs is their versatility. There are so many variations and styles available from this one trend. Consider, geometric prints, ombre and striped.

Vintage rugs

Vintage and vintage-style rugs are always on trend. From hip bohemian lofts to traditionally styled homes, vintage rugs are making a statement across home interiors. If you want to splurge on a truly vintage carpet, then it’s going to be quite an investment. However, if you’re simply on the lookout for a quality rug that has the allure of an antique to add style and interest to your space, then opt for the budget-friendly option of a distressed traditional-style rug.

Likewise, traditional rugs are a very popular choice, with designs including Persian motifs designed with intricacy such as flowers, vines and scrollwork. Traditional rugs generally have inner borders filled with intricate patterns, which make them perfect for centring and defining spaces such as living and dining rooms.

Bohemian rugs

Bohemian rugs are both stylish and whimsical. They usually include bold designs, vibrant colour palettes, flat woven techniques, distressed patterns and natural fibre constructions. If you want to achieve a Bohemian look with a rug, the key is to layer traditional antiqued carpets with natural, fibre, flat-woven rugs. You should choose rugs with distressed design and fringe details to capture the boho vibe.

Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are both distinct and recognisable and go perfectly with a range of different interior design styles. Search for rugs that feature the authentic zig-zag or criss-cross pattern of traditional Moroccan rugs, or tie in a bolder Moroccan pattern such as latticework or geometrical trellis.

Transitional rugs

Transitional style rugs fall directly between contemporary and traditional design. By incorporating both modern and classic design elements, transitional rugs showcase the perfect balance of both simplicity and sophistication alongside muted colour palette and traditional patterns like large-scale vines and scrollwork, or, distressed oriental motifs.

Southwest rugs

Southwestern rugs are known for their flat-woven and blanket-like texture. The patterns are typically inspired by tribal motifs and patterns which originate in the southwest regions of the United States. These patterns tend to feature rich earth-tone hues and heavy geometrics. Southwestern area rugs are typically used in boho chic design and rustic design. In many cases, they have been modernised with jewel tones and bright neon hues to complement contemporary interiors.

So there you have it, your style guide to finding the best rug for your home, whatever the interior style you’ve gone for!

Mummy On-the-Go: Finding a Floor Rug That Isn’t Your Foe

When living in small rented bungalows, personalising the living space means working within the landlord’s boundaries. My husband and I are to some degree limited with how stylish we can actually make our place. Let’s get real – rental cabinetry, hardware, and middle-of-the-road carpet quality are not really our style. Switching these things would make a huge difference, if rental property rules weren’t so black and white. So when we wanted to make our girls’ bedroom theirs, I had to look for a minimal-effort, easily changed décor ingredient that still delivers a richly textured scheme. I decided to go with a floor rug.

Beside defining a space, throw rugs come in an assortment of colours and textures and are the easiest way to add warmth and style to a room. In a way, area rugs are like cocktails – they are the first foray into a menu and contribute to the overall atmosphere of a party. Knowing that the rug I choose will either make or break the room, I had to choose wisely. However I wasn’t sure whether I should focus on making a grand statement, or if design should take second place to durability. Between my kids eating and playing, and our spunky English Bull Terrier, I knew the rug would take a beating. I needed something tough and kid proof.

After few days of CSI-style online investigating and a Sherlock Holmes-esque intuition (the being-mother talent I’ve mastered over the years), I finally decided to go with a striped floor rug in an array of cool, pastel rainbow colours. It’s hand-loomed and hand-tufted out of 100% Japanese acrylic.

I did first consider natural fiber rugs as they are advertised as the safest and child friendly. I was leaning more towards cotton, mainly because it’s a natural product that is strong yet budget-friendly. Also, cotton area rugs are usually made in a flat wave, toys slide across easily and I thought cleaning would be a breeze. However, after researching, I learned that with time, cotton fibers get matted and tend to accumulate dander and dirt particles easily.

I then thought of wool, but learned these are quite hard to clean. Using a vacuum’s rotary brush is not recommended (fiber may fuzz) and neither is DIY deep-cleaning, because the majority of store bought cleaners are high in alkaline which can damage fibers. Also, since wool fibers absorb more water, they are harder to dry. Wool was therefore off the list as well.

I had to consider what was safest to go below my girls’ feet. Since they spend plenty of time in their room, I wanted something that would be able to withstand rough handling – Sausage’s painting and crafting mishaps and BB’s inevitable spills and potty accidents. After weighing all the options, I knew Japanese acrylic was the way to go.

Although made of man-made fibers, it’s lightweight and made in short pile so it doesn’t permanently trap every crumb. The rug feels and looks like wool, less the staggering price tag and risk of airborne allergies. It is warm, plush, soft and feels springy underfoot. The acrylic helps the rug breathe (absorb and release moisture), and has good resistance to oil and stains. The backing is made of cotton which not only ensures the durability of the rug, but also reduces odours. And best of all, it is actually very easy to clean.

I usually roll it up, put it out in the front yard and clean it with a mild dish detergent (never a laundry detergent) and water. This is the best combination to attack ink markers and chocolate stains. Because I power-wash the rug once or twice a year, every few weeks I deodorize it with baking soda. Between soft drink spills, BB’s potty training accidents and the rare occasions when Chuck drags his hind end on the floor, the funky odours are certain. The power of baking soda helps me avoid the unavoidable. I simply sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the rug, let it sit for few hours and vacuum. Oftentimes, I also shake it to remove dust, because let’s be realistic, vacuums do miss a lot of dirt (even with frequent vacuuming).

What I like more than the easy-to-clean feature is that the rug perfectly defines the girls’ Dulux’s Storybook bedroom design. It adds the just-right pop of colour. Plus there’s that added safety when BB is playing on the floor. It’s thick, sturdy and still, so BB’s feet do not get stuck on the corners and there’s no tripping. It also offers a decent cushioning to BB’s falls and bumps.

Simply put, the rug serves its purpose. Plus, I love the idea of girls having a soft, safe and clean area where they can indulge in reading and envelop in their favourite make-believe coffee shop game.

Can I Buy Unusual Sized Rugs Online ?

537335_10151992666836308_722322202_nArea rugs are a great option when carpeting a room. They are practical because they provide the soft surface that you are looking for on your floor but they also add warmth, cushioning and an artistic value. The size of an area rug matters and the desired size really varies from room to room depending on what effect a person is looking for. A different sized rug is needed for a dining area while a certain shape should be used under a coffee table or in a foyer. Stores typically only offer very traditional sized rugs so many people are left wondering: “Can I buy unusual sized rugs online”? Luckily the internet offers all different types and sizes of area rugs so anything a person is looking to purchase can usually be found along with the style and color they are looking for.

Dining Room

When choosing a rug for a dining room area the size should be perfect so that the rug itself extends beyond the back of each chair while it is pulled out with someone sitting at the table. Most commonly you will find an 8 foot by 10 foot area rug is appropriate for this area of the home. Tables are made differently though so it is always best to pull out the chairs and then measure the area.

Living Room

Typically when you place an area rug in your living room it is to create space in the middle of the floor so you can sit on the floor in order to do some activities. This space can be a bit more forgiving when it comes to size and you can usually arrange your furniture around the size of the rug you choose. You may also want to place another area rug underneath your coffee table or near a door.


An area rug can be a great way to tie in all of the decorative aspects of a bedroom. An area rug can be placed in front of a large dresser or at the foot of the bed. These spaces will dictate the size of the rug that you will need to buy.


The kitchen can benefit from a rug underneath a small eating area that you have. Also, many people place a small rug near their sink or food preparation area but it is more comfortable to stand in these areas when you are on a padded surface. You can usually be a bit more lenient with the size that you need and most websites will have something that you can use.

Hallways and Foyers

These areas vary greatly from home to home so it is always wise to measure a number of times before ordering an area rug. There should be a good amount of space around the border of the area rug; at least 3 to 4 inches. The décor of these areas of the home tend to be simple so you can really add some flare to your home with a unique area rug in the foyer or hall.

Before purchasing a rug of any size you will want to make sure the size you are choosing is going to fit your space properly. It is always best to measure twice and then you can order online in order to get the size and the style that you are looking for. You want to make the most of your space and shopping from a website such as The Rug Seller is a great alternative to scouring the stores in your area for something that you may never even find.

Which horse rug is right for your horse during Winter?

Shires Winter Highlander ComboSelecting the correct rug for ones horse during the winter can be very important. A horse rug will allow the horse to stay warm in the winter as well as provide other protection that he may need. You may be asking yourself which horse rug is right for your horse during winter? Choosing the correct size is one of the most important details to keep in mind. A properly fitting horse rug will cover the horse from his chest to his tail. A rug with straps around the girth as well as the back legs will help to keep the rug securely in place as well as still allow freedom of movement for him.

A Shivering Horse Is A Cold Horse 

If a horse is shivering during the winter months, it means that he is cold and a quality horse rug will allow him to stay warmer and more comfortable. Horses get cold and shiver just as people do so this is a great sign to watch for. If a horse spends time in the pasture or field during winter months a warm rug can be a great way to help protect him.

Older or Weaker Horses May Require A Rug

Horses again can be like people and the older they get the colder they get. Making sure that they have access to a warm rug can provide a great deal of protection to them. Horses that are experiencing illness should also be fitted with a rug for winter. Protecting him with a warm rug can help to prevent illness or keep him warm while he is recovering from an illness.

More Reasons For Warm Rugs

Wondering which horse rug is right for your horse during winter? Consider the age of the horse, a young horse can also find cold winter months difficult and a good rug can help him to experience a more comfortable winter. A horse that has been clipped can also enjoy the benefits of a warm rug as well. A horse that is lacking in a good winter coat can also be protected with a rug. Perhaps a warm rug for a show horse is a great idea as well, not only will it keep him warm but it can also provide a great deal of protection to his coat while helping to keep him clean.

Consider All Winter Elements

There is more to winter than just cold, with the cold comes snow and freezing rain and having a good rug for a horse can help him to be healthier during these types of extreme weather. If the days are warm but the nights are cold the rug can be used during the night and removed during the day for his comfort. Cheap Horse Rugs

Which horse rug is right for your horse during winter? The rug that fits, provides protection from the elements and is comfortable for the horse to wear. Ride 4 Less offers a great selection of horse rugs that are not only affordable but that also protect the horse during the long cold winter months. A large variety of styles as well as thicknesses will allow all horse owners to care for their horses in the best way possible. Shopping is easy and convenient and winter can be more bearable for the horses. Rugs that fit a bit more loosely will provide the maximum comfort for the horse. Protect horses for the harsh winter weather in your area with the most quality rugs available for them.

Moving House

rugs at carpetrightWe’ve known for a while that our landlord would be moving back to the UK and that we’d need to find somewhere new to live, but yesterday we received formal notice that we’ve got to vacate by the middle of July. When you live in a rented house, it can be really tricky to make a space your own, but one thing we’ve found can really make a difference is using brightly coloured rugs. Sausage may not be able to have the bright pink walls she so desires, but she’ll love a huge fluffy pink rug for her room, which is what I’m going to buy once we move.

Carpet in rented houses often leaves a lot to be desired, with landlords understandably wanting to keep costs down, so beige and brown are usually the popular choice, which can make a whole house feel drab when combined with the standard magnolia walls. I absolutely love this floral rug, which would really make our bedroom look like a grown-up space.

floral rug

 There are so many advantages to rugs, not least of all the fact that they’re so much easier to keep clean than fixed carpets. They’re also easier to change, which means that if you decide to decorate, you can change your colour scheme without having to do major work. If you’re really clever, you can choose an accent colour from your rug and match your curtains, lampshades and other touches around the room, which are all moveable if you live in a rented house and can be moved right along with you.

Rugs can also add real warmth to a room which has stone or wood flooring, helping you to avoid having to do that early morning ‘dance across the freezing floor’ that you’ll know all about if you don’t have a plush floor covering. Rugs can also save you money in the long run – you won’t need underlay like you would with a carpet and rugs can also help to prevent damage to laminate flooring, which could be expensive to replace in the long run.

Overall, rugs are an excellent choice for renters (and home-owners, too!) – when you’re at the mercy of someone elses’ decisions regarding your living situation, it’s comforting to know that wherever you move to, you’ll be taking a little slice of home along with you. And even though I’m not looking forward to the actual act of moving house, I am looking forward to an excuse to go rug shopping!