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Rug Doctor – The Results

Last week I blogged about my¬†disastrous¬†experience in trying to acquire a properly working Rug Doctor carpet cleaner, after being sent a voucher for 24hrs hire and a 1l bottle of cleaning detergent. I won’t rehash what I said, just know that it was a massive embuggerance.

After writing said post and tweeting the Rug Doctor team, I got this reply:

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Rug Doctor – Not a Very Good Start

A few weeks ago, I got a press release from the people who handle the PR for Rug Doctor, so I got in touch and asked if they had any review opportunities available. When we moved into this house our landlord, who was in full possession of the facts that:

a) We have a dog

b) We have a pre-school child

c) The ONLY means of entry to the garden is through the French doors in the lounge…

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