It’s Not Too Late For 2017 Resolutions

We blinked, and now we are in the early months of 2017 is upon us. If you’re like most people, you’ve set some standard resolutions in the past, such as the ever so popular weight losing and money gaining goals, and unfortunately if you’re like 92% of them, you quit. Not you, not this year! It turns out that small, fun, resolutions are the cure to a life-changing and successful new year. Below are the top Four suggestions. – free stock image 🙂

1.) Affirmations

Many of us fail to realize we are constantly having conversations with ourselves. One major reason for quitting, is that we have the horrible ability to talk ourselves out of goals by saying “I can’t”. Replace your mental dialogue with a few affirmations to say as many times as possible throughout your day, there is truly no excuse to give up on this one, it costs nothing and can give so much. A few examples:

– “I can achieve my dreams.”- “I am a happy and confident person.”- “2017 is my year to transform.”

2.) Extreme Makeover

Have you ever heard the phrase “Dress for Success”? This isn’t something that one does simply for fun, in the privacy of their own home. A wardrobe makeover can transform the way you feel from the outside in. A few style tips:

-Ask yourself what you want to be, for example, if you would like to be a high-powered executive in a successful company, a dress suit is a must.

-Play with your look, many clothing retail stores offers a variety of styles for men, women, and kids, there’s even an “inspire me” section on their site, so you can explore fresh looks. Don’t rule out a certain style, it may be just what you need in 2017.

-Save on Style- Many people have a goal of building their savings account, revamping your wardrobe should never cut deep into your pockets. Most online retailers such as House of Fraser have voucher codes and promo codes, in addition to huge promotional savings on their sites. If you don’t see a discount, do a quick google search before buying, there are often codes for free shipping and seasonal discounts.

3.) Drop the Digital and add to your time

This day in age, cell phones have become such a huge time trap in our lives, we often don’t even notice it. The average person spends anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours on their cell phone per day. Think of what could be accomplished by dropping the phone and incorporating something more enriching into your life. A few suggestions to get the most out of this disconnect:

-Put your phone out of sight, not just in your pocket, cell phones are highly addictive, as is social media.

-Begin a routine with your new-found time, walk the dog, organize one area of the house, read a chapter of a book, workout, take a long bath.

4.) Meal Preparation

Instead of focusing on eating healthier every single day, choose one day out of the week to “meal prep”, this can be simplified: 

-Make enough food on Sunday to divide into lunches and dinners for Monday through Wednesday. Repeat the preparation on Wednesday for the remainder of the week. This takes the guesswork and excuses out of healthier choices.

The truth is, if anyone has ever made positive changes in their life, then you can too. You are capable and determined (otherwise, you wouldn’t have read this far) to succeed. A new year is a new start, and can bring with it a brand-new story. Cheers to the positive momentum you are bringing to your life.


The Resolutions That I Wasn’t Going To Make…

This year, I decided that I wasn’t going to make any New Years Resolutions. Nope, no sir-ee, not me. I figured, if I don’t make them I can’t break them. I’ll just keep them as a vague idea in the back of my head and I certainly wasn’t going to blog them for you lot to see, lest one of you should spot me talking about chocolate on Twitter and remind me that I’m supposed to be dieting.

But that lovely Mummy Barrow has tagged me and she’s not the sort of person you just ignore, so here goes with a list of somewhat coherent resolutions for 2013.

Get in Shape

Yeah, alright, I can hear  you yawning from here. I say it EVERY YEAR. I never do it. My belly gets bigger and my yearn for biscuits gets greater. But this year, I am serious. I’ve got to do this. For my health, for my family, for my sanity. I’m sick to death of allowing food to rule my life. I start my new job in a couple of weeks and I figure that’s as good a chance as any to help me stick to my diet. I’ll be packing Cup-a-Soups and salads to take for lunch, I’m going to start running again (I have about three running bras that I need to review too) and I’m going to take my health rather more seriously than I have done up until now. If I ever get around to trying to have another baby, I need to  make sure I’m as fit as I can be before even trying.


One of the things that contributes to my overall bad health is stress. A combination of the weight I’m carrying and my inability to cut shit loose is causing a permanently painful neck and back because of muscle spasms and postural problems. My shoulder muscles are tighter than a duck’s bumhole and I really need to learn to not let external factors affect my mood so much. The last couple of years have been pretty tough in a lot of ways and this year is about me, Husband and Sausage getting things in order and enjoying ourselves.

Generally Sort My Life Out

This one seems like a cop-out but there are so many niggly little things that Husband and I want to do. Aside from sorting out the house we’re in now, moving the rooms around and making the space work for us, eventually we want to move so 2013 is about saving, saving, saving. Hopefully, as I spend less money on the junk food and SHIT that’s partly responsible for my poor health, that’ll be a lot easier. Obviously I’ll be bringing in a lot more money once work starts and if I’m at work and out of the house during the day, the opportunities to get bored and snack will be almost non-existent, which helps with number one and the saving money part, which will all help with moving. See, there’s method to my madness!

Blog, Blog, Blog

Mum’s the Word has gone from strength to strength and this will be my third year of blogging. I’m pretty darn proud of the collection of writing and photos that I have here and I want to try and make sure it continues on with its steady improvement. I also want to put more effort into Maternity Matters, which sustains itself as a resource pretty well but could be amazing if I made a bit more effort. I also hope to attend more conferences this year. BritMums is a MUST and I’ll be treating myself to a ticket as soon as I have the cash, or if anyone reading this wants to sponsor me…(worth a try, eh?!) and it’s on the weekend after my birthday, which is lovely timing. I want to try and get to some of the others too, but we’ll have to see about that!

I also have some minor resolutions like getting back into my dressmaking and improving my cooking skills, but they’re too little to have a heading all to themselves.

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(Little-known blogging community fact – Jamillah, Nicola and I were all in the same form group at senior school!)