Race for Life

Today is the day. I’ve spent weeks badgering friends and family, posting on Twitter and Facebook, generally shaking my virtual collection box in the direction of anyone who’ll listen. My aim was to raise £200 and at last count my total was sitting at £205. I know I have a few more sponsors to collect too, so I’ve well and truly smashed my total. All I can say is thanks. If you know me and what my family has been through in the last few years, you know how much this means to all of us.

I know £205 isn’t much, in the grand scheme of things, but it could help to make all the difference. To help find a cure for this horrible disease and stop people from suffering and dying unnecessarily. What I’m doing is nothing, a minor blip on cancers radar. But I’ll put on my trainers and my pink vest and hope that by walking a few miles in the Sunday morning sunshine, I’m doing something to help.

Denice, Rob, Grandad, Lorraine. This is for them.

There’s still time to sponsor me, just go to


Six Months

My Dad texted me today. It said “It’s exactly 6 months today since I lost my sweetheart”.

How can it possibly be six months already?

But I checked and it is. Six long months since we’ve heard Lorraine’s voice or seen her face. Six months since we held out hope, right until the last second. It’s sunk in now. Or at least, 99% of the time it’s sunk in. Then I’ll be sitting there and it’ll hit me like a ton of bricks. I can’t believe she’s gone.

I’ll always regret not spending more time with her, not getting to know her better, not putting in more effort. I feel guilty that I told my Dad that Sausage couldn’t call her ‘Nanny’ as she had two nannies already and it might confuse her, a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction of loyalty to my Mum. I feel guilty for not visiting more when she was ill.

I know that guilt is an empty and futile emotion, but it’s one that’s stuck with me over this past six months.

There have been times that I’ve worried about my Dad, worried about how he’s coping. There have been other times when I’ve looked him in the eye and been overwhelmed by sadness. Most of the time, I’m just so damn proud of the way he’s coped and the way he made a dying woman comfortable and happy. I can’t begin to imagine how he must feel, but I think his text speaks volumes.

“My Sweetheart”.

We miss you, Lorraine.

I’m doing Race for Life next month to raise money for Cancer Research. I want to do everything I can to be able to say that I contributed towards the effort to ridding our planet of this disease, once and for all. If you’d like to sponsor me, you can do so at Just Giving