Getting Organised for the New School Year

I don’t know about you, but September always seems to be a time when I vow to get organised for the year and autumn always leaves me feeling super inspired about how to do it. I don’t know if it’s an overflow from when I was at school and September meant a new academic year but I love the process of getting everything in order, especially ahead of the busy winter months where the whole family seems to have something going on.

One thing I’ve promised myself is a new family planner board like these ones fromĀ Teacher Boards:

white board pin boards

There are loads of brilliant methods of setting up a whiteboard and I’ve already been scouring Pinterest for ideas of how to do ours. A mixed board with half whiteboard and half cork would be perfect for us as it would allow me to pin all school letters, hospital letters and club letters to one side whilst using the white side to write reminders and make notes.

Sausage is going into Year 4 this year which means a more intense homework schedule as well as the fact that we’re planning to get her an 11+ tutor in readiness for next year, so setting up her own dedicated section of the board like this one below would also really help us to help her keep on top of things:


I also love the idea of having a dedicated whiteboard to allow me to make meal plans and store recipes in the kitchen. It would give the whole family a clear view of what’s going to be happening with meals and would also allow me to make a shopping list for the week so that I stop overspending on groceries we don’t need!


Do you have a whiteboard or a chalkboard in your house? Do you have a hard and fast system which works really well for your family? I’d love to see your examples and get advice from any pros on how you make it all work!