Learn to DriveI’ve often said that learning to drive was one of the best things I’ve ever done; I passed my test (first time!) when I was 18 and the freedom that it gave me changed my life. I think I was so determined to get my licence because I’d spent so much of my life on buses and public transport. I went to school about 15 miles from my home which meant being up and out of the house before 7am, from the age of 11. By the time I was old enough to learn to drive, I was more than ready to never use buses again!

Skip forward 12 years (HOW can it have been that long?!) and Husband is thinking about learning to drive. He’s always been an avid biker and never really saw the need for a licence, but now we’ve got two kids he’s considering jumping on the motorised bandwagon. I’ve no doubt that he’ll be an absolute natural behind the wheel as riding a bike arguably gives you better road sense and hazard perception, so he’s well armed with some of the important skills that he’ll need.

I was lucky that I took my test when I did. Sure, I had to take the theory test, but there are other elements to a test now that I narrowly avoided; the hazard perception and practical knowledge parts of the test were introduced roughly a year after I took my test and I was grateful not to have had the added pressure, but I also think they’re a really important part of driving knowledge.

My first car after passing my test was a tiny little Fiat Cinquecento. She had an 899cc engine and did 0-60 in about 25 seconds but that car was my pride and joy. I named her Ruby Racer, because of her metallic red paintwork and I even had a pink furry steering wheel cover AND pink fluffy dice (to be ironic of course!) These days, I’m a proper grown up and I drive a large family car. It’s a huge estate so that I can fit a folded down buggy AND a weeks shopping in the boot, plus Chuck is quite comfortable laying on a cushion in the back if we ever want to take him on a journey with us.

When I think about the differences in the two cars, it does make me chuckle. My Cinquecento, a tiny little roller skate where my only real concern was fuel economy and low insurance, compared to my current vehicle, a huge tank of a car which we bought because it’s safe for the kids, has plenty of space for car seats and is reliable and hard-wearing. 12 years and such a change in priorities!

Being able to drive has meant that I’ve been able to do so many things that I’d have been unable to do had I never learned, so I’m really glad that I did and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to sharing the driving with Husband once he passes his test, so here’s hoping he’s as natural at it as I think he will be!