5 Unique Ways to Give your Room the WOW Factor!

MirrorWhen it comes to interior design, unless you’re an expert it can sometimes seem daunting trying to envisage what a room will look like when you’re finished decorating. You can have big ideas for the finished project, but when it all comes together it feels like it’s lacking something. Today, I’m sharing five ideas of how to add a WOW factor to your room to give you some inspiration for your decorating project.

Graphic Wall Paper

Long gone are the days when wallpaper had to be a flowery pattern; now, your wallpaper can carry you off to an enchanted land, make you feel like you’re sleeping in the stands of your beloved football stadium or even give the impression that you’re sleeping next to a priceless work of art. Azutura offers a whole range of wallpapers which will really take your decor to the next level.

Wall Stickers

If you aren’t brave enough for a full wall mural of wallpaper, you could always opt for a wall sticker. Wall stickers come in a whole range of designs from shooting stars to trees to your favourite quotes and are super easy to apply and remove.


If you don’t want to make changes to the decoration of the room, you could always change up the accessories and ornaments you have on display. A statement clock in sterling silver will create a focal point in the room which will draw the eye and create a little wow factor all on its own.


A big bold mirror in an unexpected place will visually double your room size, increasing it’s depth and immediately make it brighter. I love them in areas where you wouldn’t naturally expect them and I like them BIG. The only thing you have to remember is that whatever you put directly in front of the mirror will be reflected so make sure it counts (and looks pretty even from the back)!

A Pop of Colour

Everyone has a different colour tolerance level for the amount of bright colour they have in their rooms. Some people want their spaces filled with bold, beautiful colour. Others prefer a quieter, more muted palette. No matter where you fall, consider adding a new pop of colour to your space. I guarantee it will turn heads.

What do you do when you want to add a bit of WOW factor to your rooms? Do leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


Get £5 to spend at!

Sausage is getting to an age now where clothes and fashion are of upmost importance. She loves nothing more than shopping for a new outfit and is never happier than when she’s allowed to choose her own clothes at the beginning of the day. In fact, fashion has seeped into other areas of her life too; she has her own laptop and can often be found playing various ‘dress-up’ games that she finds online, and is always asking me to tie or button something she’s dressed her dollies in.

She’s recently started taking an interest in Mummy’s work, and when I get the chance to do anything fashion related, she’s almost as enthusiastic as when she gets toys to review, so being asked to write about a new kids fashion site seems very appropriate for us at the moment!

Sometimes, being a blogger means that we get cool opportunities to have a sneak peek at new and exciting things, and today I’m able to pass that opportunity on to Mum’s the Word’s readers. The lovely people over at Born to be Young, the newest online retailer of kids clothing, is offering all lucky Mum’s the Word readers £5 to spend on their site, with no minimum spend, just because they’re feeling generous! Here’s what they told me about the site:

We are building something completely new in the children’s e-commerce sector as with Born to be Young mums (and dads ) can:

– save and endorse products they like through the lollipop button (when someone clicks on the lollipop, the product gets more “credit” and is saved in the mum’s profile)

– create a profile : see example here:

–  follow (designers and peers) and get followed

They’ve got some absolutely stunning outfits for girls and boys, plus a whole bunch of baby items, gifts, toys, decorations and so much more. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Born to be Young

There’s lots more to come on the site before its official launch but there’s items still plenty to see between now and then, and what’s already there gives you a really great example of the quality of the items that Born to be Young will offer.

To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is head over to Born to be Young, register on the site and they’ll send you a code to the value of £5 for you to spend on anything you want on the site. Their kids clothes are absolutely to-die-for, but I’ve also got my eye on a few of their gorgeous ornaments, for when we move next month, too.

Once you’ve been over there for a look, do come back and tell me  what you thought of the site and what you bought (or are planning to buy!). I’d love to know what you all thought.

Happy shopping, dear readers!