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Tips for Mummies on Frugal Car Maintenance

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Forking out for a mechanic every time that a simple bit of maintenance to your car is needed is an expensive way of running a vehicle. Of course, if you simply do not have any knowledge when it comes to car maintenance, then this is what you have to do. Nonetheless, maintaining a car does not require a great deal of engineering skill or mechanical know how, especially when finding the best speakers for car. For the more advanced jobs, then you will need a trained mechanic, but for simpler jobs you can do it yourself. Remember that the more of these little maintenance jobs that you do for yourself, the more you will save.

Spark Plugs

An essential maintenance job to keep your car going is to change its spark plugs once in a while. This is because the metal on the plugs’ electrodes can wear away over time and suffer from carbon deposits which coat them. Spark plugs that are in poor condition tend to have problems igniting the fuel and air mixture in the engine. As a result you will notice a drop in power and the fuel efficiency of the car. Fitting new ones can be done by anyone. Installation of new plugs is as easy. Just remove the ignition wires from the old spark plugs so you can work safely. Then pull the old spark plugs out of their sockets. Before installing new plugs, coat the inside of the ignition wire boots with a little grease to get a good connection.

Tyre Maintenance

Check your own tyres every few thousand miles and make sure that you know where you can find car tyres for sale, should you find that need to get new ones. Checking your own tyres is cheaper than having them inspected professionally each time. Keep your tyres fully inflated to the car maker’s specification because this will lower the amount you spend on fuel. Check your tyres’ tread with a twenty pence coin. If the rim goes in fully, then you have enough tread. However, if it does not, then you’ll need to have new ones fitted by an expert like Point S to remain street legal. Remember to check all over the tyre – not just in one place.


Check all the lights on your car once every few months. You can do this yourself and – if you don’t have someone to help you with the rear lights – place a mirror behind the car so you can see them. Don’t forget the side lights, reversing light, fog light and even the number plate light. Car owners’ manuals tend to not be that helpful when it comes to changing bulbs and – as a result – tend to encourage you to take the car to dealer. Look for advice on your specific model online, because many car owners post instructional videos which can help you do the job for yourself. You seldom need anything more than a screwdriver.

Air Filter Replacement

With the majority of cars, switching the air filter is nothing more than flipping a few clips or undoing a couple of screws to remove the filter box. Then you simply take out the old filter and place the new one in. It should take no longer than a couple of minutes and be conducted about once every 15,000 miles depending on your model.

“My Name’s Mummy and I’m a Stresshead”

(Bear with me while I get through the necessary pre-amble, there is a cogent point somewhere at the bottom of this post!)

Last September, we made the decision to send Sausage to Nursery three mornings a week and I couldn’t, in good conscience, sit at home scratching my arse while she was out, when I could get a job and contribute to the family coffers. Husband had been amazing about me staying at home instead of going back to work after my maternity leave ended and I thought I’d take some of the pressure off of him for a change.

I’d been lucky in that I fell into working from home, managing social media for a few brands as well as a bit of  writing and other bits. I brought in a small wage and still continue to do most of it, alongside my ‘real’ job which is in an Accountants office. Bit of a Jack of All Trades, you could say.

But, I digress. The problem I seem to have is that I find it hard to switch off.

Take today (and I wish someone would…); I had a manic day in the office, I’ve just increased my days to four a week and it was payroll day, so I processed around 30 payrolls in about 4 hours. It’s usually fairly straightforward and most clients only have one or two people on their payroll, but today was just problem after problem. One client wanted his P45 issued..oh, did I mention, he’s moving to Australia TOMORROW so it all had to be processed, scanned, emailed to him, submitted to HMRC etc, and I was informed of this about half an hour before I was due to come home.

The actual work isn’t an issue, I can do it with my eyes shut, it’s the fact that I go into hyper-work-mode to get everything done on time and then after I leave, I can’t seem to manage to shake hyper-work-mode off and get into home-mode. Even when I go home, get out of my work clothes and sit down with Sausage, I’m still thinking about tax returns, payroll and my current side-project of getting a website up and running for my boss.

I’ve been reading Kava Guides to see if there’s a natural way to manage my health and there’s lots of promising stuff to consider.

I’ve not spoken much about it, but I suffer on and off with anxiety. It’s not been getting the better of me as much lately, but it started when I was eleven, carried on through my teens and early twenties and was compounded by Post Natal PTSD after I gave birth. The crux of all of this rambling is that my unspent work-mode energy seems to be manifesting itself as anxiety. I get all hyper at work, come home, feel unable to unwind and by dinner time, I’m having a full-blown panic attack.

So, what do I do, people? Does anyone else get anything even remotely like this, or am I just a big weirdo? What can I do to stop it, if anything? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The Mummy Quiz

The other day, a blog post by Karin over at Cafe Bebe popped into my inbox where she had completed ‘The Mummy Quiz’ and inviting the rest of us to get involved, so I thought I’d give my answers too. Here it is:

Before my child can fall asleep I have to…

Give her snuggles! Even at almost three and a half, Sausage still goes to sleep on the sofa with Husband and I and she tends to alternate between the two of our laps. It’s one of our favourite times of day as a family and I hope it continues until she’s far too big to be falling asleep on our laps!

One thing I do that makes my child laugh is…

Nerps. Yes, you read that right, I said nerps. How do I explain this one? Well, basically it’s tickling but every time I tickle her I say ‘nerp’  in a funny voice. It’s evolved too as now I sometimes tickle her in time with a song or jingle, for example; have you seen the Moxie Girlz advert? We use that one “Nerp nerp neeerrp, nerpy nerp nerp nerp nerp”. Oh and recently she watched Madagascar, so now we do “I like to nerp it, nerp it. I like to nerp it, nerp it.” I know, it sounds mental, but it has Sausage in hysterics!

One thing my child does that makes me laugh is…

Oh gosh, EVERYTHING! My child has some serious comedy chops, she seems to know when she’s being hilarious. She comes out with some priceless little sayings, not all of them entirely appropriate, like the other day when she walked into Husband’s Aunties’ house, stood in the middle of the lounge and shouted “BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS!”. (Thanks for that one, Futurama.)

I’m more lenient than I thought I would be about…

Erm, I don’t know if I am more lenient than I thought I would be about things, in fact I think I’m surprised every time I managed to stick to my guns and be strict with her. I come from a long line of softies (Yes, Mum and Nan, that means you) and Husband and I are pretty chilled out with Sausage because she’s usually so well-behaved that we don’t ever need to be tough with her, but I can be when I need to be. There have been times when she’s ignored warnings and been put to bed for being naughty and even though she’s sitting in her room crying and I feel like my heart is ripping in two, I manage to see it through.

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve said as a parent is…

I don’t know if I’ve said ridiculous things as a parent, I think the majority of the ridiculous things that I said were during my pregnancy. I think most new parents have this long list of ideals that they thing they’re going to stick to stringently and then as soon as the baby comes along, they realise that babies don’t stick to plans or schedules and they start to become more flexible. In fact, I have to say, I think the new parents who really have a hard time and have the darkest bags under their eyes are the ones who don’t catch onto this and adapt accordingly.

The best rule in our house is…

Love. We’re a very close and loving little family and we ALWAYS tell each other we love one another. Snuggles take priority over everything and we always take the time to be affectionate and kind. I tell Husband and Sausage I love them about a hundred times a day and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and make my child…

That’s a very difficult one as I think she’s perfect! She has her stubborn streak, but hey, so do I and I think being strong-willed shows great character. I know it’s a cliché to say that I think she’s perfect but honestly, she sleeps well, eats well, is just as happy to occupy herself as she is to play with others, all in all she’s a really content and well-behaved child…who’d risk changing that?!

So, that’s The Mummy Quiz’! Why not have a go yourself or head over to Cafe Bebe to read where it all began!