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4 Qualities to Look for In a Moving Company

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If you are moving into a new house, you wouldn’t be able to move all your stuff without hiring a moving company. Movers exist so that you can transfer all your belongings from your old place to the new one safely and without any inconvenience. A good moving company wouldn’t let your stress about anything and will take over the moving process so that you can sit back and focus on more important things. However, when it comes to hiring a moving company, the process is a bit tricky. There are plenty of movers out there, and choosing the one that is best suitable for the job can be complicated. That is why it is highly recommended that you do plenty of research before hiring a property clearance expert:

Excellent Reviews

The first thing you should look for in a moving company is good reviews. If the company is rated well by its customers and people have shared their good experiences openly, then you shouldn’t hesitate to give it a try. Luckily, we live in a modern world where you can access reviews for any business online. To read the reviews about companies you have shortlisted, you can simply go to their website or check their social media pages. Also, you must not just check the overall rating; you should also read the detailed reviews to get an idea of the kinds of services they provide. If the majority of the reviews are positive, then you can move on to the next step.


This is something most people don’t even pay attention to when they are hiring a mover, but that is not how it should be. A good moving company also has plenty of experience in the field and are experts at what they do. A mover that has been active for several years would have definitely learned a lot from their mistakes and would have improved their services over time. They know what things to avoid and how to handle tricky situations when they are faced with one. Your belongings are always safer with an experienced mover compared to a moving company that is just getting started.

Licensed and Insured

Another important thing you must keep in mind before hiring a moving company is whether they are licensed or not. A company that is not licensed is not legally allowed to move your possessions from one place to another. They might be cheaper than the other moving companies, but all they will do is cause trouble for you. Make sure that the company you are hiring is licensed but the relevant authorities and has a trained team of staff working for them. Apart from that, a good mover also has excellent insurance coverage, which can pay for the damages in case of an accident. You must never go for a company that doesn’t have insurance coverage because if anything gets damaged during the process, you won’t get any compensation.

No Hidden Rates

Another quality of a great moving company is that they have no hidden rates and will tell you upfront how much they charge. There are plenty of movers out there who only tell you about the hourly rate they charge, and when it comes to billing, they will add all sorts of extra charges in the receipt. So, it is highly recommended that you go for a company who are upfront about their extra charges and are not fooling you in any way.

What to Do When Moving Your Family Internationally

What to Do When Moving Your Family InternationallyImage sourced from Pixabay. CC0 License

In a lot of families there comes the need to move. Spouses get job promotions, family members need extra care and attention, or a dream of living in a certain location has the potential to become a reality. The biggest change in some of these scenarios is that you have to move to a foreign country. Especially if you work in business and finance, it is quite common to constantly move around the globe. If that is the case for you and your family, here are four things to keep in mind if you are moving internationally.


Your children are going to go to a different school in what is going to feel like a different world. Not only may there be a language barrier that is going to separate them from their new friends, but the culture is also going to be different. Married couples have different customs as you go around the world and so do schools. Before you move, research your new location and what their customs are so that when your family arrives they will be able to assimilate into the new culture and not cause any unwanted problems.


Make sure you have all the documents and visas you need to enter the country and stay there. If you are going back home to care for a loved one or to simply be closer to your family, make sure your spouse is taken care of legally. Your children may have the citizenship of your country because you are their parent, but if your spouse is a citizen of another country make sure they have their spouse visa. This will avoid them only having a limited amount of time in the country and being forced to leave. When all of your papers are in order, your move will be more smooth.


How lucky are you that you are going to get to discover some of the best food in the world? You may think it’s great, but your kids may not. Before making your big move, try learning how to cook some of the local cuisine of your new country. By making it at home and showing your kids the ingredients, they may be more inclined to try something new. As they get used to the new food, when they arrive at their new location, they will already know what to expect and will be able to have the diet they need or want without any trial and error.

Keep Tradition Alive

Just because you are moving to a new place doesn’t mean you have to give up your culture. Before leaving, enjoy some of the customs and traditions of your home country. Having pride in where you come from and how you celebrate will be a great way to keep those traditions alive in your new country. By having your family connected to their roots it may not seem too scary to pick up and move to a place that is completely unknown.

Want To Move Abroad With Your Family? Here Are Some Essential Tips

There are times where you might ask yourself if your home country is really where you want to bring up your children. Perhaps you’re not confident that your country is going to be stable enough to offer your children a bright future. Maybe you’ve always wanted to enrich your child’s lifestyle by exposing them to lots of different cultures and traditions around the world. Or perhaps you just can’t stand your current place of residence and want to move somewhere else.

You’ll find many different reasons to move abroad, but you also have lots of different responsibilities that prevent you from just packing up your bags and chasing a life in a different part of the world. In particular, you’ll probably have to worry about your family and what they think about moving to another part of the world. It can be devastating to their lifestyle and it could be something they’re resistant to, especially if they have commitments or investments already.

So in this post, we’re going to talk about some of the essential tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about moving abroad with your family.

Want To Move Abroad With Your Family? Here Are Some Essential TipsSource: https://unsplash.com/photos/yxwBJjtgtUs (CC0)

Are you financially prepared for moving abroad with your family?

First, make sure you’re financially prepared for a move abroad. Attempting to move abroad when you don’t have much money is going to be extremely difficult. Whether you’re buying overseas property, paying for schooling or even just travel fees, you’ll need to establish some sort of income that you can continue even after you move to a different country. You’ll also want to have a lot of savings so you can afford to purchase a home before you even arrive at your destination country.

What makes you want to move abroad? What are the benefits you’re looking for?

You should also think carefully about the benefits of moving abroad and why you’re considering it in the first place. There are lots of different reasons why you might want to move, such as wanting a brighter future for your children or even to move back to your home country. Whatever the case is, make sure you clearly define your reasons for wanting to move so that you can explain it to your family and justify your decisions.

Moving abroad is a huge commitment, so make sure you do your research

It’s a good idea to do plenty of research before you decide to move. This is because you don’t want to be left regretting your decision a little later in the future. There are many different places to start, such as looking for property in your country of choice. There are many country-specific things that you should look out for as well. For example, if you’re moving to Thailand, then a  house for sale in Had Yai might have a different purchase process to a home somewhere in America. It’s best to work with native companies or organizations that specialize in helping people overseas purchase property in another country.

Will your children have to learn a completely new language?

Perhaps one of the most taxing things about moving to a different country is learning to communicate again. If your children have to learn a completely different language in order to communicate at school then you’ll find it might be best to teach them a few basic words in your own time. This will help prepare them for the eventual move in the future. It also helps if you converse with them in this other language so they can get used to speaking it.

Try and maintain the little things that your family does to maintain familiarity

It’s a good idea to try and maintain some common practices that you and your family use in your current home. For instance, if you typically go out for a family meal on a Friday, you should try to maintain that behaviour to make it easier for your family to adjust to your new location. Even though you’re in a completely different country, doing familiar family tasks will help ease everyone into their new life abroad.

Make sure you establish access to essential services

One of the most important things to establish as soon as you move is health services. There are some top countries for expat health that you might want to consider if health is a top priority for you. Navigating the health services for each individual country can be taxing, so it’s important that you look for some basic information to help you learn more.

3 Simple Tips for Moving House With Babies & Toddlers

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Months of sleepless nights, tantrums that leave you questioning how such a creature came from your own body, finding inexplicably sticky objects everywhere you go – if you’ve got kids under five, there’s no doubt that these things have made you fairly accustomed to dealing with a certain level of stress.

Now, take those day-to-day dramas and add moving house to the equation – an event that’s been rated more stressful than death and divorce. Feel your cortisol rising yet?

Relocating your home with little kids in tow can be tough, but there are three simple steps you can take to mitigate the stress your family experiences.

1. Maintain Sleeping & Eating Schedules

While your normal schedule might be up in the air from house hunting, packing and time taken off work, it’s important that your kids’ routines stay the same.

Make sure that your kids are sticking to their regular schedule of meals, naps and bedtimes as much as possible before, during and after the big move.

And, while it’s a good idea to get them out of the house on moving day, don’t forget to give your kids an opportunity to say goodbye to their old room before they go. A sudden relocation without any warning can cause a huge sense of loss in young children.

2. Don’t Redecorate Rooms Straight Away
It’s tempting to take a two-birds-one-stone approach to redecorating and moving. After all, why not avoid double handling and just swap out old stuff you no longer want with new items for your new home on the same day?

Kids crave normalcy and having familiar furniture and objects around while they learn the layout of your new home is crucial to reducing their stress.

Young children have a genuine fear of being alone, and this can be heightened if you’re moving into a larger house where it’s more difficult for them to find you when you’re in another room.

If you find your kids getting particularly clingy during the first few weeks at the new house, don’t admonish them. Their anxiety is natural, and it will pass as they get more and more used to their surroundings.

3. Take Care of Yourself
No matter how much you try to hide it, when you’re feeling stressed out your children are bound to pick up on it!

Practicing self-care is particularly vital while moving house. A few pointers for keeping yourself (and your children) emotionally balanced during this time include:

Rely on routine and planning: Help yourself relax by budgeting for your move early (with a financial buffer for unanticipated expenses), making checklists with realistic deadlines and having a backup plan in case things don’t go as expected.

Get support: Seek help from family, friends and even organisations early and often. Whether it’s financial, physical or emotional support you’re after, find out who you can count on to be there for you before you start to feel like you need help.

Be kind to yourself: Remind yourself that you are doing your best. Stop the cycle of continually feeling like you can be doing more by planning out your days in advance and talking about your worries with friends and family.

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To Move or to Improve, That Is the Question

Should you move home or improve your current abode? Should you relocate elsewhere or renovate where you are now? This is a huge decision that can impact your whole household, so it should not be taken lightly. There are a whole host of factors that should be taken into account if this a decision you have been thinking about or even faced with of late. A few of these factors can be found below to try and help you make the right decision.

First of all you have to think about the space your current home offers to you and your family. Children may spend the first years of their lives sleeping in the same room as their parents but there soon comes a time when they need their own. This means you have to have the rooms in your home to meet the demand, and to make rooms you need space. Now, your children could certainly cohabit in the same bedroom but there are proven dangers of having children of different ages do this. Because of this it may be prudent to relocate and seek a bigger home. And on the other end of the space spectrum you may also need to downsize too. If, for example, you are of an older generation and your mobility stops you from going upstairs then it may be time to downsize, no matter how hard that may be. It really is a case of considering how much house you realistically need before you invest any of your finances into either moving or improving. There are ways you can make the most out the space in your home, but if space really is an issue then moving is the best course of action.
Packed up and ready to move

But if space is not an issue and you are truly happy in your current abode then why waste your money on moving? Why not just plant your flag even deeper and renovate your current home? Renovating is the perfect way to scratch any itches you have to make a change and is a lot cheaper to do than to relocate. And there are even ways to renovate on a budget. Low costs do not have to result in a poor standard of renovation. But if you want to both relocate and renovate then there are ways you can have the best of both worlds. You could turn a building into a home by purchasing a place that needs a lot work doing on it. If this is your calling you should though be aware that you have to be very careful so as to ensure that you are protected in the venture. You should take a look into building survey quotes so you can have any prospective properties vetted professionally. Municipal reports don’t always dig up everything that is wrong with a home. By having any that you dedicate your finances to surveyed you might be able to have money knocked off the asking price. And that’s only ever a good thing, right?

Renovation needed

So, whether you want to move home or improve your home, it’s completely up to you. You have to feel for which scratch is the most itchy and then proceed to itch it!

How To Move House With Ease

Moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful things we can do, aside from coping with bereavement or divorce. Your home is a part of your identity and a base from which your kids grow up and family memories are made – so it makes sense that setting up somewhere new isn’t necessarily going to be easy. However, it is possible to move house with a minimum of fuss – here we tell you how to set things up so that you can focus on being excited about your new abode…

  1.      Visit your new home several times

You might have been sold on the first viewing, but a second or third visit is really important for helping you to plan your move. Return to the property with a view to finding out what works and what doesn’t. Find out if the current occupants are planning to leave any of their furniture or appliances, as this can save you a lot of money when it comes to setting up your new home. Check what kind of central heating is currently in place – do you need to register with a gas provider, or should you order some oil before moving day?

  1.      Pack like a pro

The way you pack up all your stuff will determine how quickly you can get settled into your new property. Don’t just fling things into bags and boxes – or you will end up living in a chaotic nightmare for weeks on end! A professional movers, like Atlanta Home Movers, LLC, would tell you to pack items on a room by room basis, and label everything so that you can find whatever you need with just a quick glance: invaluable for the settling in period. Make sure your breakables are well protected with bubble wrap, newspaper or foam pellets – your local shop should be able to help you with this.

  1.     Get help

Yes, it would be great if you could do everything yourself without spending another penny – but moving house doesn’t work like that. Unless you already own a large van and muscles that would make any bodybuilder proud – it’s a no brainer to get yourself sorted with an efficient and reliable removals company. As well as professional help, it’s also a good idea to enlist the support of family and friends for moving day – so don’t be afraid to ask!

  1.      Pack the kids off for the day

As any parent knows, trying to organise a house move with children in tow can be a near impossible feat. Make life easier for yourself by arranging to send them to the house of one of their friends or a relative on moving day – you’ll be really glad you did!

  1.      Make essential items accessible

There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at your new pad to realise that you don’t know where the kettle is, and the tea bags could be anywhere. Pack a kit of essential items that you are likely to need when you get there and keep it at the top of the pile.

If your new house is a bit lacking in storage for all your stuff, read this guide on how to resolve the problem. You can move house with ease – it just takes a little planning!

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Moving Long Distance With Your Family

Whatever the reason for moving long distance, it can be a challenge for the whole family. It can be hard to adjust to your new surroundings. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when moving long distance with your family so that it goes smoothly.



How am I going to deal with the kids?

Moving home is one of the most stressful things for children to go through. After all, they are moving away from their normal surroundings and friends. Therefore, you need to tread carefully when you tell them you are going to be moving a long distance. As this feature says, you need to try and focus on the positives that the moving will bring for your family. For example, if it’s down to a new job, you can tell them that it will help your family to be financially stable for the future. Try and make it feel like an adventure for you all to go on by telling them about all the new places and people you will meet. Of course, your kid might react negatively to the prospect of moving away. But it’s best to be honest with them about the situation as early as possible.


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How am I going to move my stuff to the new area?

When you are moving just up the road, it’s easy to find ways to move your belongings to a new home. However, moving long distance means it’s more important to find someone who is happy to travel a longer distance. It would be a good idea to investigate companies such as Shiply who can transport your furniture to a new location. That way, you don’t have to worry about moving the items yourself a long distance. As we discussed before, make sure everything is organised and ready to go before the removals arrive. That way, the process will run smoothly on the big day.



Will my belongings survive the journey?

You need also to check your belongings to decide whether they are in a good enough condition to survive the journey. After all, they need to be transported a long distance, and if it’s already starting to break, it’s unlikely to make it to the other end. Therefore, decide what you are going to get rid off, so you have a list of new things you need for your new home!

How are we going to get to know new people?

Moving to a new area can be a lonely time for families. Although you have each other, not knowing anyone locally can be hard. You might want to speak to your new neighbours and invite them over for a drink. That way, you can get to know them and the area. You can also check online for local groups in the area. You can sign your family up to learn a new hobby, and you will soon get to know new people. Also, speak to the mums at your kid’s new school and arrange a play date so that your kids get to make some new friends!

Remember that you will also need to sign up for a new doctor and dentist when you move a long distance.

A Mum’s Guide To Moving Somewhere New

Moving house is stressful enough at the best of times, but what about when you’re a mum? Us mums are incredibly busy people. We spend our days caring for our kids, cleaning the house, running errands, and more often than not, holding down a job as well. Add house hunting and moving house to the mix and surely you’ve got the recipe for a stress-induced, mummy meltdown.

The good news is that moving somewhere new doesn’t have to be a nightmare and doesn’t have to result in you having a breakdown. It’s just about handling things properly and being as organised as possible. You’ll find that the more organised you are, the easier and less stressful house hunting and moving house with kids in tow will be.

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Think about where you would like to live

If you’re moving house because your growing family has outgrown your current home, you probably won’t want to move far. However, if you’re moving for another reason, such as to be closer to family, you will most probably have some options about where to move to. There are some wonderful places to live near West Knoxville, if you’re open to suggestions! That’s just one idea, but the options are endless.

Think about the type of lifestyle you and your family enjoy. Are you someone who loves being surrounded by people or do you prefer a quieter life? Would a home in a town or city suit you or would you prefer to be somewhere more rural? Everyone has different views on the best places to live; it’s just a case of working out what’s best for your family.

Write a list of your family’s needs

Once you’ve done some research and decided on the type of area that your family would like to live in, the next step is to focus on what your family needs. Not only from the property itself but also from the local area. For example, if you’ve got little ones that love being outside, you’ll probably want a house with a large garden. If you want to ensure your move is a success, it’s important to be aware of what you and your family want and need.

Write down a list of everything that your family needs from your new home – amount of bedrooms, storage space, etc. As well as a list of things that you would like your new home to have. These aren’t deal breakers, but it would be nice to find a property that has them. It’s also important to think about the local area and what you would like/need it to have. For example, you may want a supermarket within a 10-minute drive, a bus stop close by, and a selection of suitable schools for your children close by.

Get the help of an experienced estate agent

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Once you know where you want to live and what you want from your home, the next step is to get in touch with local estate agents. This is important, as these guys at Bridgfords, for example, can make a big difference to how stressful your house hunting process is. If you use a reputable realtor to help you, you’ll find it much easier and less daunting to find your perfect new home.

Of course, there are apps and online house hunting sites that can also be useful. But there’s nothing like having an experienced realtor to guide you. This helps to make house hunting quicker and easier and means that the process won’t be as daunting. Plus, any houses that aren’t suitable, your realtor will be able to warn you about. This means you won’t have to waste time viewing them.

Leave the kids at home while house hunting

It can be tempting to take the kids house hunting with you, after all, it will be their new home too, but don’t. Unless you want to deal with moans of ‘I’m bored’, while you’re viewing properties, it’s best to leave them with a babysitter. When you’re viewing your potential new home, you need to be able to concentrate on what you’re seeing.

If you’ve got little ones to think about, the chances of missing something important are much higher. So it’s best to leave the kids at home and house hunt alone. If you want them to see their new home, you can always take them along to the second viewing. Just make sure to keep the first viewing adults only so that you’re able to concentrate and listen to what the realtor is saying.

Have a tick list

To each house viewing you arrange, take a tick list with you. As you go around the property, tick off everything that it has. Anything that it doesn’t have put a cross next to. At the bottom of the list write down any pros and cons. Do this for every house you see so that when it comes to comparing them, you have a quick and easy method.

Be organised about moving

Once you’ve got your house sorted, it’s time to talk moving. Packing up all your belongings and shipping them off to somewhere else is extremely stressful. This becomes even more strenuous when you have little ones around. The best thing you can do to make moving house with kids in tow easier is be organised. The more you plan in advance and are organised about things, the easier the move will be.

Start off by ordering boxes and other moving supplies on the internet. Then write a list of what needs to be done when. Such as six weeks before the move, hire a removal service. (This is something we’ll talk about more later on.) When it comes to packing up your home, start at the top of the house and work your way down. But don’t forget to have a clear out first, to ensure that you’re not taking any junk with you. Oh, and don’t forget to colour code each box with a sticker corresponding to the room it needs to go in at the new house. This will make unpacking at the other end much easier.

Use a removal service

As mentioned above, use a removal service. On moving day you’ll have children to look after, the last thing you want to be doing is loading boxes into a self-drive van. To make your move easier and less stressful, hiring a removal service is a must. It might be a little pricey, but it will mean that on moving day you can focus on your kids and won’t have to try and do a million things at once.

If you can’t afford a removal service, don’t have your children about while you’re loading the truck and cars. Send them to a playdate or to spend time with their grandparents. So that you can concentrate on getting your stuff out of the house as quickly as possible.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about moving house with kids in tow.


Moving Day – Free Printable Checklist

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Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences that you can face, this is why it is essential for you to have a solid plan to make the experience as enjoyable as possible! Another great way to calm down is by getting a punch cutter, and a good cigar to chill out. Luckily London Man and Van company, Eco Movers have put together this handy checklist that you can use to mark off as you go along to make sure you don’t miss any key steps!

15 SEPTEMBER - Moving printable checklist

If you need any more advice, then Really Moving has some great tips, covering a wide range of topics! So you’re sure to find something to help.