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Mother’s Day with Funky Pigeon

With all the madness that’s going on in the world right now, it’s easy to forget that it’s Mother’s Day this weekend. It’s a bittersweet one for me, because my Mum and I are properly back in contact and enjoying a lovely relationship again, and this would have been the first Mother’s Day since things have been good with us. However, between my pre-existing conditions and my little sister being in the middle of chemotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis, we aren’t going to be able to see each other this Mother’s Day. Huband won’t be able to see his Mum either (we’re even missing our nephew’s 16th birthday today, too), and we’re both absolutely gutted.

One thing that is worth bearing in mind is that, even if you don’t get to see your Mum for Mother’s Day, Funky Pigeon are still working tirelessly to get cards, flowers and gifts out to everyone’s Mums. You can still order something, right up to 6pm on Saturday, so it’s not too late!

Here are just some of the gorgeous gifts that you can have delivered straight to your Mum to show her you’re still thinking of her, even if you can’t be together:

Mother’s Day Personalised Chocolates

Mother's Day personalised chocolatesThese boxes of chocolates aren’t just a delight for the tastebuds – they can be personalised to feature any picture you want, and after you’ve finished the chocolates, it can be turned into a photoframe. I just know that my Mum and Mother in Law would love these, especially if it featured a lovely picture of Sausage and BB.

Mother’s Day Necklaces

Mother's Day jewelleryJewellery is always a lovely way to show someone you care and Funky Pigeon has something for every budget. I absolutely love this rose gold necklace and I think any Mum would be chuffed to receive this on their special day.

Mother’s Day Photo Gifts

Personalised gifts for Mother's DayThe clever chaps at Funky Pigeon can actually personalise a WHOLE range of stuff, from snowglobes to socks to aprons to keyrings and a whole lot more besides. Wouldn’t it be lovely to find pictures of you and your Mum and have them printed on something for her to cherish? You could even make a collage of pictures of you together from right back when you were a baby!

Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother's Day flowersWho doesn’t love receiving flowers? Luther Burbank once said “Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” I know my Mum absolutely loves to receive flowers so this would be a really nice option for her, too. The bouquets from Funky Pigeon start at just £19.99, which is a really great price considering the quality of the flowers.

Mother’s Day Alcohol

A personalised tipple for Mother's DayMy Mum is like me, in the respect that neither of us are massive drinkers, but if your Mum enjoys a tipple every now and again, getting her a personalised bottle of whatever tickles her fancy could be a great way to show her how much you love her. And who knows? If you’re lucky, she might even share it with you!

Head over to Funky Pigeon to check out all of these amazing gifts, and more.

They’re a Little Bit You – Mother’s Day with Joules

Mother's DayIf you’ve read my previous Mother’s Day post, you’ll know that I’m estranged from my Mother and Mothers’s Day was something which I wasn’t massively looking forward to. And then I saw Sausage’s face when she came out of the school Mother’s Day sale, holding her little paper shopping bag full of all of the things she bought me and I decided that I would try really hard to get into the spirit of things.

I may not have a Mum to celebrate tomorrow, but I do have two gorgeous little girls who want to celebrate me and I fully intend to let them! Joules have created a video for Mother’s Day with a very sweet message about how our kids are just like us, and I’m sharing it here for you to see:

It’s funny to think of the ways in which my girls are like me. Husband and I often joke and say that they’re our little opposites – Sausage got her Daddy’s colouring and certain features but has a perosnality just like mine when I was that age, while BB is the image of me as a baby but has Daddy’s temperament as a child. Facially, we always say that they’re Mummy from the nose down and Daddy from the eyes up. A perfect little mish-mash of both of us, really.

Sausage is a reader, which is something she gets from both of us. She loves crafting and cooking like me but gaming and drawing like Daddy. BB is a little firecracker and is always doing daredevil stuff, just like Daddy…and she has a bit of a touch-paper temper like Mummy! I love seeing each of their personalities emerge and grow as they each get older and I feel excited to see what they do with their lives. Above all, I’ll try to be supportive of their choices.

Husband and I have done our best to nurture their differences and allow them to grow into whomever they want to be, which I think is the only fair way to parent. Moulding kids into the image of what you EXPECT them to be will usually end badly, in my experience!

What do you see of yourself in your little ones? Are they exactly like you at the same age or completely different? Are they more Daddy or Mummy? Do you embrace their differences and allow them to grow? I’d love you to leave me a comment below.

And, above all else, happy Mother’s Day to my fellow Mums, especially those who don’t have their own Mum at this time of year, for whatever reason.

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