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5 Great Luxury Gifts for Your Man

Let’s be honest with each other here, as much as they wind us up, husbands and boyfriends are pretty great (usually). They’re our partners through life, helping us each step of the way! So when it comes to a special event, or when you’re just feeling grateful, it’s nice to get them something super special; a luxury item that they’ll be really thankful for.

These moments of love are great but equally, they come with a lot of pressure. You want to make sure that whatever you gift you choose is amazing and perfect but what are the options? How can you be sure it’s the best one for him? Fortunately, here we have a list of great choices to get your cogs turning, hope it helps!


Watches are a classic choice. Luxurious, stylish and suitable for both casual and formal events, you can’t really go wrong with a quality timepiece. On top of the general elegance, watches also serve a practical purpose that you can use all-year round (a rarity in most luxury items), so not only are you supplying your significant other with an exclusive piece of menswear, you’re also giving a gift they can actually make USE of. Everyone knows that practical gifts are the best ones.


Cufflinks are an essential part of any man’s formal ensemble. They’re subtle, they’re fashionable and they can add that little bit of pizzazz to his look. The best part about giving cufflinks as a gift is that they come in so many different styles, making it easy to pick out unique designs that complement your spouse’s specific tastes. Tateossian cufflinks are some of the most distinctive and impressive available, definitely worth checking out to add that extra wow factor to your man’s outfit.


Cologne is a typical gift option. Nowadays, designer fragrances can cost a fortune, bumping them up to the ’luxury gift’ zone, but boy are they worth it! There are few things as great as when your partner smells REALLY good, it just makes them more irresistible. On top of the great effects of cologne, as you’ll be the one buying it you can make sure you love the scent before purchasing. It’s a fool proof plan that results in a great smelling better half! Just to help you on your mission for the best fragrance, here’s Forbes’ nine best men’s colognes of 2018.


The summer months have passed and we’re slowly edging into winter but that doesn’t mean sunglasses are a bad gift choice. Great for any bright day, sunglasses are versatile and useful all year round. One of the best things about sunglasses is the massive variety available. Everyone has different tastes, different styles and different looks, so why not look through your partner’s wardrobe and get a few ideas of the colours that might work? Alternatively, just ask him what he likes! Use articles that show off multiple styles to help you make an informed decision and you’ll find the perfect pair in no time.


Last but not least, wallets are one of the few items that most men carry around everywhere, meaning they’re always going to appreciate an upgrade. Before you make your purchase though, it’s worth doing a little research. Take a look at what your partner’s wallet looks like already because clearly, they like that style, then find another that emulates it. It’s also worth keeping in mind the features available and the habits of your significant other. Does he carry change all the time? Then a coin pocket would be appropriate. Does he have LOADS of cards? Then make sure that whatever you pick has enough space to fit all of them. Regardless, there are so many styles of wallet available today that you should be able to find a suitable one easily.

These formal menswear gifts are great but there are hundreds of other luxury options, so don’t be afraid to experiment and pick out something your partner would love. Often the most unusual gifts are also the most thoughtful and the most loved.

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Smarten Up Your Man!

man-at-barberBeing a woman in her thirties with two kids means that I spend an inordinate amount of time listening to other women moan about the men in their lives (come on, it’s a fact of life that MOST women moan about their fellas). Obviously, there’s the usual moans about how they don’t do enough housework or they spend too much time with their mates, but I’ve also heard other women moan about how their man is a bit of a scruff! With that in mind, I thought I’d take a look at some gentle ways you can help your bloke to smarten up a bit…so that I don’t have to listen to you moan anymore!! 😉

Send Him to The Barber

A lot of men are growing long hair and bushy beards these days and think it’s an excuse to avoid grooming altogether, but in my humble opinion beards and long hair require just as much care if not MORE if you don’t want to look like a scarecrow. Why not find a local barber who does beard care and buy your man a voucher for a session? He’ll look smarter and you’ll find his beard FAR softer to kiss!

Take Him Shopping

A lot of men don’t invest in their clothes, but buying decent men’s desinger clothes doesn’t have to be a chore. Why not spend an evening looking online and encouraging him to treat himself to some new threads? He’ll get to look better and you’ll get to veto anything that you hate!

Get Him a Gym Subscription

Okay, this one may sound a little insensitive and I guarantee if I read a blog written by a man suggesting other men force their WAGS into the gym, I’d be incandescent. But I don’t mean it in a “tell him to lose weight” way – going to the gym, even if it’s just to give him an outlet for his energy, can be a great way to improve self-esteem and can also work wonders on a person’s mental health.

Send Him to The Pub!

If you’ve got a bloke who goes out every week without fail, I can understand how this suggestion might seem a bit of a joke, but if your bloke rarely goes out, an evening at the pub might be just what he needs to help him decompress. Giving him the change to chat to his mates and forget his worries will win you some brownie points and, more to the point, give him an excuse to get dressed in something other than work clothes or loungewear!

Give Him Some Attention

Just like us ladies, bloke often don’t see the point in getting dressed up or taking care of their appearance if there’s no one to appreciate it. Make sure you remind your bloke how much you fancy him and give him plenty of compliments on occasions when he does get dressed up to make him feel appreciated and he’ll likely make more effort in the future.

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Unique Alcohol Presents For The Man In Your Life!

Buying for men can be tricky. However, if he is a fan of drinking alcohol, you may be able to find him something that he will love. So whether it’s a gift for your other half, your dad, or your brother, here are some unique alcohol presents for the man in your life.

Send him to a winery

If the man in your life is a fan of drinking a glass of wine or two occasionally, you may find he will like to go to a winery as a gift. Research your local area for wineries you could send him to. He will get to see how wine is made and may even enjoy it so much that he might start making it at home. He will get to try different wines and see what he thinks of them. He may end up buying a couple of bottles to bring home. If there are no wineries locally, you could book him a trip to go somewhere there is a winery, so that he can explore the area as well. Or you could host a wine tasting evening at home. We talked before about how to host one at home for your friends, but you could easily do it for the man in your life as well.



Send him beer tasting or to a beer festival

If beer is more his style, you could send the man in your life to go beer tasting. It’s a great chance to try many different beers as he may find one he really likes. Arrange for him to go with a friend or go with him yourself, so that he can enjoy the experience more. Find a brewery locally which offer trips for people to go and try the different beers. He will be able to find out how beers are made as well. You may want to send him to a beer festival as a special unique present. He will get to buy different beers to try, and there is typically a great atmosphere. An alcohol fan would love this gift.


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Buy a make your own cider or beer kit

You could also buy the man in your life a make your own beer or cider set. It’s a great thing for them to learn and they will appreciate being able to make it at home. Be prepared though you will have to try the finished product! It’s easy to use, and they will get it out during parties. Here are some further alcohol present ideas.

Get him a unique bottle of drink

One of the top alcohol presents you could get the man in your life is a bottle of their favourite drink. If they are a fan of vodka or gin, it’s easy to pick up a bottle that you can give them as a present. Try and go for something a bit different that they are unlikely to have already. You might want to get him a bottle of scotch to drink. It’s so popular now with the modern generation, and you can read about why people Love Scotch (as long as you’re over 25). Liquor could also be a popular choice for the man in your life. Check out this site for some bottles of liquor you can get which will be popular gifts.

Buy a beer or wine glass

You can also get an alcohol fan a beer or wine glass as a present. Of course, they are likely to have a few of these. But to make it more unique, why don’t you get their name printed on it? You could also add the date and the age of the birthday on there so they won’t forget why they got the glass. You can also get a special box or bag to put it in so that it keeps it safe.

Buy a personalised bottle opener

Another unique alcohol present for an alcohol fan would be a personalised bottle opener. You could get them a bottle opener which has their name printed on it so that there will be no mistake who it belongs to. Or you could get one they can attach to their keys so they will always have it with them. Go for a funny design to make it more fun for your other half.

Get alcohol filled sweets

You may also want to get the guy in your life some alcohol filled sweets if they have a sweet tooth. There are so many packs around which the man in your life will love. You can also make your own for the man in your life. Here is how to make vodka gummy bears, which are a unique present idea for an alcohol fan.

Remember to make sure you encourage him to drink responsibly, so that he doesn’t develop an issue with alcohol.

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6 Gifts For Sporty Men

sporty menChoosing gifts for men can become increasingly difficult for us women. We finally choose the perfect present and then, before we know it, another gift-giving event comes around and we need to try and find another present that we think they will love.

Before you let the situation stress you out and spend countless hours running around the shops, take a few minutes to think about what the man you are buying for really loves – because then you can’t go far wrong. Is he sporty, for example? There are a wide variety of gift ideas for men with a sporting passion. Here are six ideas that they are guaranteed to love almost as much as they love their team.

1. A subscription to a sporty magazine

Whether the man in your life is a fan of golf, a lover of football or he is more in to cycling – there are magazines to cover them all. Plus, keeping on top of their game is important so a subscription means that they can catch up of the news and events surrounding their sport each month, when it lands on their doorstep.

2. A stadium tour

Your sporty man has probably been to see his team play a number of times but, has he ever been behind the scenes of the stadium? Whether he is cheering for Chelsea, mad for Man Utd or loving Liverpool, a tour will enable him to walk in the footsteps of his idols as he see the stadium from a different view.

3. Sporting essentials

Sports teams update their kit all the time. If the shirt he is wearing is ‘so last season’ then make his day with his team’s most up-to-date shirt! Likewise, he might spend much of his free time playing his sport, but does he have all the items that he needs to do so? Perhaps a new bag for his football boots, wet weather gear for a rainy day on the golf course, or a slogan t-shirt that expresses his love for the sport?

4. Personalised memorabilia

A personalised present is always thoughtful and unique, couple this with memorabilia from their favourite sport and you are on to a winner. How about a personalised dressing room mug, an image that puts them in the frame alongside their favourite players, or the ball of their sport with their name engraved on it.

5. A sporty day out

A day out is the perfect way to spend quality time with the man in your life…plan this around a sporty event – and you have the ideal present. This could be anything from a day playing Zorb Football, a round of golf or something a bit out of the ordinary – such as surfing, archery or coasteering.

6. A novelty sports gift

If you are just looking for a token gift for an acquaintance then you might want to consider a novelty sports gift. There are plenty of quirky presents for sports fans, which blend their love of sport with everyday gifts – chocolate footballs, sport cufflinks, or a sporty print for the home, perhaps.

You definitely won’t receive a red card for these gifts!